A coffee delivery drone could predict when you need caffeine and delivers it

A coffee delivery drone could predict when you need caffeine and delivers it Posted On
Posted By Amit Samaiyar

If you’ve ever been too tired (or sleepy) to get up and pour yourself a cup of coffee, and want someone to get it for you, this drone could be the answer to your hot beverage prayers.

Yes, folks!!! The days are near when you don’t need to move your ass for a cup of coffee. Rather it would be handed you over by a drone and that too when you need it the most.

Imagine you are busy at work and there’s not always time to get up for a cup of coffee. Thanks to a recently filed patent by IBM that won’t only be handing the coffee via drone, the drone could possibly predict who really, really needs that brew the most. The drone will spot the person whom to deliver whether in a group or alone.

The patent is based on spotting the cognitive state of an individual by the drone with artificial intelligence. Some of them include examing certain body indicators like drooping head, closing eyelids, blood pressure and biometric data using a camera. It can connect to your FitBit to get your sleep patterns and schedule and could possibly be present with a hot cup of your favorite type of coffee just when you are in need of it.

The drone is designed to operate in workplaces, indoors, coffee shop or event places and will be equipped with a GPS monitoring system ensuring your coffee lands into your hands only. The patent claims that over time, the drone will learn and deliver the coffee to the individual at its favorite place and time.

There will be the provision to tame the drone for not delivering coffee to those on medications as caffeine might interact with it poorly. And speedy delivery to asthma patients, since it can ease them with their breathing.

source: FOOD&WINE

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