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5 Best Ways To Download Torrents Anonymously

5 Best Ways To Download Torrents Anonymously Posted On
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Torrents and torrenting software are extremely popular among internet users across the world and there are valid reasons behind the encompassing popularity of these services. However, with increasing instances of online surveillance by governments of certain nations and several watchdog agencies, the torrent users are going through difficult times. Thankfully, there are some ways to bypass the throttling of torrenting services. You can use any of these anonymous torrent streaming services and override online surveillance.

5 Best And Safest Ways To Download Torrents Anonymously

Listed below are some of the top ways to access and download torrents in an anonymous and safe way:


VPN has been used by thousands of internet users who want to remain anonymous while accessing the web and using various online services globally. Choosing a VPN service is the best way to use torrent services in an anonymous manner. VPN services hide your real IP address and whatever data you download or upload remain inaccessible to anyone else. However, it is also important that you pick a suitable VPN for using torrent services. Not all VPNs offer the same level of efficacy and online anonymity, as it is. If you use torrents regularly-opting for a paid VPN service will be the best thing to do. The free VPN services usually keep user data logs which are not ideal for online anonymity! Compare the top few paid VPN services to pick the best VPN for torrenting.


Torrentprivacy is one proxy service used widely by the BitTorrent users. It has a tweaked uTorrent client and the best thing is that you will not need to spend time configuring the settings. However, it is only available on Windows platform. It is offered by team. When you use it, you can be assured of total online anonymity and data encryption is available.


Anomos is an encrypted, pseudonymous multi P2P file distribution service. It is used a lot by BitTorrent users who prefer hiding their IP-addresses. However, it is known for having reduced download speed. The redeeming aspects are supported for multiple platforms and you need not pay for using it.


Seedboxes are dedicated high-speed servers using the BitTorrent protocol, used for downloading and uploading torrents in anonymous ways. Using these you can download really large files very fast. The IP address is hidden when you use this service. These can be accessed through web browsers and the UI is simple to use.


Usenet is possibly the oldest and widely sued technology used for downloading files. However, it lacks a free version. It makes use of maximum available bandwidth resulting in fast download speeds. If you do not use anonymous torrenting VPN, Usenet is the way to go.


BTGuard is a wonderful proxy service used for torrent download and it hides your IP address successfully. It is a torrenting VPN service that supports most platforms and comes with encryption tunnel software for added safety. The good thing is that it is made to work with Bit Torrent. It is run by Netcrawled LLC, a Canada based company. There are 2 other servers and all servers use 256-Bit AES protocol and OpenVPN and PPTP. On the downside, it takes a tool on internet access speed.

Which one to pick

There are quite a few options when you want to use torrent services while staying hidden online from prying eyes. It ultimately boils down to your needs, and budget. Not all of these options come for free and each option has pros and cons. However, considering everything- opting for a paid VPN solution is the best and safe choice for anonymous torrent service usage.



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