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25 Great Hidden Features Of Apple iOS 12, Which You May Have Not Used Till Now

25 Great Hidden Features Of Apple iOS 12, Which You May Have Not Used Till Now Posted On
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The latest Apple event hogged headlines for 2018 iPhone lineup, but it was also noteworthy for the unveiling of the much-awaited iOS 12. The new OS comes with oodles of useful updates and some of the new features are yet unknown to the users. Read on to find the hidden but amazing new features of iOS12!

25 Best Hidden Features Of Apple iOS 12

Let us have a look at some of the most amazing hidden features of iOS 12 which you may have missed:

Enhanced Do not Disturb

Now with the setting ‘do not disturb’ for your iOS device, you can choose the new location awareness option. It can be pretty useful when you are attending an event at a location and want the phone to be in silent mode as long as you are there.

Second face for Face ID

Now, you can enroll a secondary face for Face ID authentication on devices with iOS 12. This can be helpful when your facial appearance changes drastically for a reason. You will not get locked out then.

All iOS devices getting Trackpad feature

Earlier only 3D Touch-enabled iPhone owners could make an on-screen keyboard to trackpad through a firm press. Now that facility is available to all iOS 12 device users. It is a real handy update.

New 3D Touch shortcuts

The 3D touch feature is something that has received a mixed response. The iOS 12 update makes a few new shortcuts available like Notes revealing scan a document option and camera offering QR codes viewfinder.

Screen Time widget

one of the new features in iOS 12 is Screen Time. A new widget for screen time is there and it can be activated by right swiping the home screen. You will know how much time you have been using the device.

More Siri Accents

So far Siri offered only 3 accents in English – British, American, Australian and male and female options. After iOS 12, Siri gains South African and Irish voices. Apple wants Siri not to be outshined by Google assistant.

Lockout for USB accessories

Apple has added a new option for USB devices that can be connected to iOS 12 devices. By enabling it, you can prevent such USB devices from accessing the iOS device after one hour of lockout.

Search Apple Music through lyrics

This can be handy when you want to know a tune’s name but have just some truncated lyrics. It can be done with Google, but getting the feature within a streaming app is handy.25 Great Hidden Features Of Apple iOS 12, Which You May Have Not Used Till Now

Automatic updates

Courtesy Automatic updates, your iOS 12 device will download software updates in the background automatically. The setting, however, has to be set enabled by users. However, it is still unclear how this feature actually works on the iOS 12 devices.

AirDrop for password sharing

Apple has spruced up the password-management system significantly in iOS 12. You can also use AirDrop for passwords. You can share your passwords with family members by using AirDrop, like sharing images.


You can now transform your AirPods to hearing aids. You need to navigate to Settings > Control Center > Customize. Then, select ‘Hearing’ option and it will magnify people’s voices to a large extent.

Battery enhancement features

iOS 12 comes with several battery enhancement features. The new 2018 lineup of iPhones, for example, comes with a special battery reserve feature. It is yet to be made available in all countries.

Camera enhancements

Apart from several camera enhancement features, iOS 12 comes with new Feature Parity. It was only limited to iPhone, X earlier. In iOS 12, all iOS devices get support for the myriads of stickers and filters.

New gestures for iPhone X

Now, the iPhone X owners can use swiping to close apps in multitasking view. Earlier, they had to tap on a small cross mark-which was not practical.

New iPad Gestures

After installing iOS 12, iPad owners swipe down from the screen’s top right corner to activate the Control Center. Previously, they had to swipe up from the screen’s bottom section. Swiping up from dock brings the Home screen.

Messaging updates

iOS 12 brings along a number of messaging enhancements. iOS 12 can now be used to automatically scan the text messages to detect one-time login codes which can be copied. It is already available on Android. Now you can send animated words, phrases to videos and images shared by you.

Safari enhancement

There is a minor but useful enhancement for Safari browser. You go to Settings > Safari > Show Icons in tabs. This enables icons for the bookmarks in the tab bar. This is nifty beyond doubt.

More Siri additions

Now you can use Siri to locate other iOS12 devices at home easily. You can ask Siri to play alert on an iPad for example. This is handy to locate devices lying somewhere, but you can’t locate them easily.

Low power mode support

Have you been annoyed that Siri does not work in your iOS device when it enters low power state! Not anymore! With iOS 12, “Hey Siri” works as it does normally even in low power state.

Screenshot accidental prevention

Before iOS 12, many iOS device users were annoyed by seeing their devices took screenshots accidentally. It happened when Volume Up and power buttons got pressed in pocket unwittingly! Now, the screen has to be on for it to work.

Voice memos

It is a useful new feature in iOS 12. The new UI is there and the memos can now trim audio.

Auto ‘strong’ passwords

Apple is keen on iOS 12 users using stronger passwords. In Safari and iOS, users will be prompted if they use weak passwords.

Critical alert

This feature ensures certain apps can override the Do Not Disturb barrier. Specific contacts and healthcare apps can override the barrier, for example.

RAW image support

Now iPad and iPhone support the RAW image format. On iPad Pro, these can be edited without fuss as well.

New dictionaries

Through iOS 12, users get access to new dictionaries as well. You get an English and Arabic bilingual dictionary, a Hebrew dictionary and an English and Hindi dictionary.


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