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How to Watch American Netflix in Mexico?

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Netflix is a popular subscription-based streaming service for people fond of movies and television shows. Instead of watching TV series on the cable, you can sign up for Netflix and start watching your favorite content online at your convenience. You only need to take short breaks for food, water and nature’s call during your binge-watching sessions.

Which VPN is the Best for unblocking US Netflix Content?

It’s quite hard to get the best American Netflix VPN. But there are many VPN providers available in the market to unblock American Netflix in Mexico and they claim to provide access to Netflix US from anywhere. But the number keeps on getting smaller with each passing day. However, there are some VPN providers that can really make Netflix US accessible for the people living in Mexico.

If you want to unblock American Netflix in Mexico with a VPN, then your best bet is PureVPN. They offer an excellent American VPN service that supports 4K HD streaming. In case you run into an issue with PureVPN, they provide a 24/7 customer service.

How to access Netflix US In Mexico

Here is the Step by Step guide on How to Get American Netflix in Mexico:

  • Signup to PureVPN.
  • Download & Install the VPN app
  • Login via VPN account credentials
  • Choose Netflix server (you can ask about the recommended servers of VPN provider via live chat).
  • Connect & launch the Netflix app.
  • Enjoy & binge-watch American Netflix in Mexico.

A Brief History of Netflix

Netflix is a US-based entertainment service launched in August 1997. Started by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, it specializes in offering on-demand video content and DVD/Blu-Ray rentals through the mail. Though the company’s business mainly focused on rentals through the mail, their focus over the years has shifted to online-streaming. In fact, online streaming is one of the main sources of their revenue.

Netflix has worldwide subscribers, with active subscription available in more than 190 countries around the globe. According to recent statistics, the company earned $8.83 billion in revenue in 2016 and employs more than 3,500 employees worldwide.

Netflix has also ventured into Original content, which includes popular series such as “Orange is the New Black”, “House of Cards” etc. The service also produces a number of Original movies.

Netflix VPN Block: How It Works?

Netflix’s contracts with content suppliers such as television and movie studios come with viewership guidelines and restrictions. Netflix restricts content on a country-to-country basis, failing to comply with which, the company could face legal action and fines.

When a Netflix user in the US tries to access Netflix US, the streaming service checks its IP address. After making sure that the IP is coming from within a location in the US, the service allows the user to access the content.

Accessing restricted websites and gaming content via a VPN worked great for many years. However, Netflix started noticing it in the early 2016 and took action against the VPN services that were allowing users to overcome location-blocks.

Netflix banned the IP addresses of many VPNs and blacklisted those VPNs. Some VPN stopped their support to access Netflix, while some started to figure out ingenious hacks to overcome this hurdle.

Is Netflix Available in Mexico?

Netflix is an amazing entertainment service available at a reasonable monthly fee. However, the content you can watch in a certain geographical area is limited due to copyrights. For example, the content library available on Netflix in the United States is different from that of Mexico. You can thus say that Mexican people have a limited access to the global library of content available on Netflix US. Also, Mexican users cannot access Netflix US and the content available on it.

Thankfully, there are methods to help Netflix users in Mexico access the American version of Netflix and all the content available on it.

Can I Watch Netflix US in Mexico?

One of the most common reasons behind the usage of a VPN service is to change the virtual location of a user. The VPN does this by masking the original IP of a user with the IP of its VPN server. This is how a VPN service empowers a user to access location-blocked or censored content from anywhere in the world.

In the case of Netflix US, a VPN connection changes a user’s IP address from Mexico to the US or any other country as per the user’s requirements.


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