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What is KODI VPN and Why You Need It?

What is KODI VPN and Why You Need It? Posted On
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KODI (also known as XBMC) is a software application which works as a free open source media player. KODI turns almost every device into a streaming device, allowing the users to stream their favorite movies, music, videos, and podcasts. It also lets the users play popular games. KIDO was released as Xbox Media Center in 2003, by XBMC Foundation, which is a non-profit technology consortium. It is available for Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, iOS/tvOS and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems.

It is said that, at different times, around 500 programmers have worked on KODI; this has made customization, such as appearance and accessing third parties, easier for users. However, a large number of users do not stream via approved sources such as Amazon Prime Time, Crackle, Spotify, YouTube or Google Play Videos, instead, they prefer user-generated add-ons to access digital content and “entirely loaded” digital media players – this becomes possible due to the presence of third-party plug-ins.

Although, KODI’s developers condemn such use of their software but they cannot restrict it as the application is designed in such a way that it allows developers the freedom to develop add-ons.

The XBMC Foundation has stated that companies like Amazon, Apple and Google have tried to defame KODI by taking actions against them. The Foundation also addressed those who misuse the software, while threatening legal action against the guilty.       

So, if you are using KODI, we have some good and a bad news for you. The bad one is that your privacy is at serious risk! And the good one is that a VPN is a simple solution for your problems!

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to send or receive data privately.

There is an important relation between KODI and VPN and this can be understood by those who know that the Internet Service Providers do not mind selling your browsing details to security forces, law enforcement agencies and other institutes across the world. KODI Users are actually on the list of these agencies as the media industry is unhappy about their streaming. The law agencies from EU and America have warned that if anyone is proved to be guilty of approaching licensed content illegally, he may have to spend up to 10 years in jail along with some fat fines. You can thank your Internet Service Providers for providing enough proofs against you if they are ever inquired.

But let’s not forget the good news: VPN is the simple solution which can put you out of risk!


Why You Need A VPN for KODI?

Here are the four major reasons why you need a VPN for KODI and which one will perfectly suit you!

  • Anonymity

As you already know; a VPN works in a way that you get your required data from any of your browsers but the data’s record is not submitted to the Internet Service Provider. You can select any location, which won’t be your actual one and this way a VPN makes you untraceable.

  • Fully Accessing

A lot of media players including Amazon and Google Play Video are notorious for geo-censoring certain content, which means that some of the content might have been censored for your area too, this can include your favorite videos and movies. But if you have a VPN for your KODI, you can choose any of the locations which do not ban the desired content; this will allow KODI to fully access it.

  • Encryption

A VPN protects your data through encryption which does not let hackers trace you and this also includes the ‘Ethical Hackers’.  

  • High Speed

A VPN is capable of providing high-speed service, which can be helpful while playing heavy games, downloading videos or streaming HD movies.


However, the most important thing is having a list of best VPNs to choose from and knowing the criteria of judgment. Here are the three best names you should know:

  • PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the best VPN for Kodi users. It is a network of more than 3 million satisfied users. With over 2000 highly optimized servers in 140+ countries, 300,000+ IPs, it gives freedom to access any restricted websites from anywhere in the world. With PureVPN, you can stream your favorite content, downloading files securely or using VoIP services. Not only this! you can use it on up to 5 devices simultaneously. With a bunch of security, privacy and streaming features, you can do a lot than what you think. This makes PureVPN on top in our list.


  • IPVanish

IPVanish is also a good option for Kodi users but it has only 1000 servers which are less than PureVPN. Also, it only has 40,000+ IPs which is approx 14% of PureVPN IPs. If you don’t want to buy PureVPN, you can get IPVanish but again, investing your money on something that is not worth it, will be a wastage of money for internet users.



Private Internet Access is rated on third because it has fewer countries than another VPN is recommend in our list. PIA has only 33 countries. Despite the fact, it has gained a great reputation in the file-sharing community. They build in popularity based on value and have continued to build on the momentum over the years.


Our Recommendations

Considering the statistics, it is recommended to go for PureVPN because it is the best VPN for Kodi. But make sure that you have all other basic information before you subscribe to any of the above VPNs.

Being a KODI user, you should immediately get yourself a perfect VPN, before the letter reaches you!


Disclaimer: The article does not encourage piracy or streaming content illegally through KODI, VPN or any other way. You are suggested to abide by the laws of your country and not commit any cyber crimes. The article has only discussed the ways which can help you protect your privacy.


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