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Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right now

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Mobile applications are widely used to enable your smartphone access to a plethora of features with booking events, keeping track of your fitness record and even managing electronic devices in your home. And with an iPhone’s signature features, apps on iTunes have been riding the crest of the innovation wave for some time now. Easily accessible and having a variety of uses, iPhone apps widely enhance the iPhone experience Apple has strived to provide. Some apps that rule the roost when it comes usage and download statistics in the iTunes store are:

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right now

01. Google Chrome

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowThe Chrome browser from Google is a huge upgrade when it comes to the overall experience to Apple’s default browser Safari. Powered by the most powerful search engine in the world, Chrome is a one-click destination for all your browsing needs.

Click here to download here: Google Chrome


02. GroupMe

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowIf you are a person that actively participates in a multitude of group chats, GroupMe is tailor-made for all your collective chatting needs. Groupme has carved its own niche in the online messaging realm providing personal customization for group chats.

Click here to download here: GroupMe


03. Coffee meets bagel

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowThis modern and effective dating app is a true pioneer in the conglomerate that online dating has become today. It uses an effective algorithm to monitor your preferences every day and find you suitable matches. The days of swiping random strangers left and right have finally ended.

Click here to download here: Coffee Meets Bagel


04. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker – MyFitnessPal

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowFor the fitness and health enthusiast in all of us, this handy calorie counter app is a must have to monitor your calorie intake throughout the day with ease.  The app also sets up diet plans according to your tastes and caters to your fitness goal.

Click here to download here: Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker


05. Twitch

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowThis game streaming platform provides the perfect place for you to stream or watch others. Twitch is a terrific platform to watch your favorite streamers play games and break gaming records with twitch stream. Only a small nominal fee is required to access their bevy of services. Get streaming.

Click here to download here: TWITCH


06. YELP

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowYelp may just be the ultimate lifestyle and travel app for the generation that likes to move around and experiment with just about anything. The framework of the general public being behind constructing reviews and rating just about every facility available makes it a reliable platform to use to go shopping, dining or just about anything.

Click here to download here: YELP



Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowFandango can be considered the gold standard when it comes to buying movie tickets in advance. The features it offers to facilitate such a collective goal is praiseworthy and often is the difference between making a sold-out show and going home battered inside. The fandango app offers such consistent performances when it comes to booking shows.

Click here to download here: FANDANGO


08. CALM

This meditation app that offers you tips and even complete structured courses for beginners and professionals with meditation sessions personalized to their preference. Calm provides you a choice between choosing an exercise to match your preference, different music and even soothing sounds to use during the session.

Click here to download here: CALM



With Ditty, you can easily create your own silly little song with lyrics you have written. The addition of GIFS and even your very own photos make this a very personalized app. With the success of Vine, Ditty promises to provide something special to the social media platform.

Click here to download here: DITTY


10. TapeACall

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On iTunes Right nowTapeACall provides you with the much-demanded option of recording phone calls on a whim. This app makes this process easy with technology for a true modern espionage mission. TapeACall provides it’s patrons easy access to this technology with a sleek user interface.

Click here to download here: TapeACall


With apps like these available at the mere tap of a finger, it’s no exaggeration to comment on the amazing array of features a human with a smartphone can have at their fingertips as truly astounding. Such apps efficiently improve the quality of the life we lead in this society, as we can integrate our smartphone into the fabric of the very workings of this society. So what are you waiting for?  Download and use these very useful apps today.


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