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Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On the Apple Store

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Apple has consistently delivered on the most utilitarian apps for the modern user in addition to it being easy to use. Ease of access and utility are the hallmarks of a good mobile app, and such features have time and time again come out at opportune moments to provide the latest in pop culture,  technology and a plethora of other areas. The apple app store has always forayed ahead on innovation and has been the platform for apps that have dominated the scene. Here are the top 10 iPhone apps that made a significant splash in the mobile app culture and are readily available for download.

Top 10 iPhone Apps Available On the Apple Store

01. The Bitmoji app

One of the most essential features on a smartphone is undoubtedly the chatting feature that has brought this world closer. With emoji’s being a staple in apple, bitmoji allows you to personalize your emoji’s to cater to your personality and make chatting easier than ever.


02. Google Duo

Video calling has never looked this easy with pioneers google coming up with  Google Duo looking to make your video calling woes a thing of the past. Move over FaceTime,  because the duo has revolutionized video calling for Android and iPhone essentially being a premium option for video call. Easy to set up and easy to use, video calling is made hassle-free by the improvement in technology in the field.


03. Bumble

If you are one of the many people who has had harrowing dating app experiences, Bumble may just be the app for you. With bumble, you can set your preferences as it is in your hands to select your match. Such a personalized setting helps deter stalkers and provide you with the full experience of a dating app.


04. TAB

Going out with your peers is always a wonderful experience,  but eating from a restaurant and the dreaded bill splitting is always a hindrance on an otherwise great night. This is where the TAB app can be a lifesaver as it carefully designates who gets to pay how much. The amount is meticulously calculated factoring in tips, taxes etc. For your every payment need.


05. Pandora

The future of music playing lies in the hands of smart AI able to remove and create playlists at your discretion. Enter Pandora, equipped with music science that efficiently provides you with music you want to hear. Smart technology means Pandora keeps updating the tracks in your playlist for a premium experience.


06. Splitwise

Another app structured towards a young crowd, splitwise allows keeping track of debts your friends owe you with precise accuracy. Its compatibility with popular payment apps means paying is easier than ever.


07. 8MM Vintage Camera

The vintage camera app provides a smooth vintage effect on your photos, that amplifies an ordinary photo to levels of antiqueness which provides a vintage feeling to photos.



This app improves all aspects of living in a modern environment,  with AIRBNB being essentially an umbrella app that offers a variety of services from booking hotels, finding interesting things to do and setting up bookings in various locations.


09. VIA

This ride sharing app makes ride sharing affordable and easy , it is a green, clean way to get to places. You can reduce your carbon footprint with no extra effort as VIA helps cater to all your commute needs.


10. Sweatcoin

The method of earning coins with every stride you take is undoubtedly a very compelling way to earn. Each sweatcoin you earn can be converted to buy electronics and other stuff. This app provides a smart incentive to start walking and in the process start earning more.


Such a different array of lifestyle apps make your every day using your iPhone easier than ever before. These apps also have the added benefit of being free to download hence providing you smart, cost effective options for a pro technology lifestyle. All your needs are safe and secure with these apps as they are crafted for the customer’s requirements and lifestyle. Make sure you download these smart apps , if you haven’t already.


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