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Top 9 Best Educational Apps for Kids To Learn Through Games

Best Educational Apps for Learning for Your 18 Month Old Posted On
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Give an 18-month-old a shoe, check back 10 minutes later, and of all places, finding it on their foot is next to impossible. But give them your smartphone, and in a mere five minutes, your baby can take 100 pictures of the carpet, send weird texts and delete essential apps. Imagine what your child could do if they were able to harness this technical aptitude and put it to good use — and they can, with learning apps. Tap into this technical aptitude your child is inherently proficient in and use these learning apps to improve and enhance the learning process for your 2-3 year old kid. This time period is also one where your baby needs the most stimulation in the cognitive aspects, and fun games and learning experiences, especially coming from a technological medium helps your baby grasp some important concepts effectively.

Here I am going to discuss some of the best preschool apps and a collection of apps for kids that promote progressive learning as well as provide a fun interface for your young one. Your 1-2 year old kid can play with these learning apps on iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone but I would suggest you to guide him through these apps for first few days so he can relate to things seen in these apps to real world.

Top 9 Best Educational Apps for Kids To Learn Through Games

Below is the list of best 9 educational apps for kids to learn using small entertaining games to keep them involved:

01. Peekaboo Barn

Little kids always have a piqued interest towards any kind of animal and with Peekaboo Barn, you finally have an opportunity to make this a complete learning experience. With Peekaboo farm, your little one can learn names of different barn animals in a highly interactive environment.

This learning app is readily available on apple and android stores. For fun learning,  $1.99 is indeed a bargain being one of the best learning apps for kids on the iOS store.

 Install Peekaboo Barn: Android | iOS


02. PBS KIDS Games

For the PBS KIDS Games, quantity incorporating their premium quality is

everything and the games are testaments to this as a plethora of games are imbued with sheer quality provides the perfect platform for an educational game. The game provides 90 games on your device to test and improve the mental aptitude of your baby, with categories like creating, measurement, problem solving and math to foray into. The fun layouts of these games make playing these massively informative games fun and stress-free.

The PBS KIDS Games is free for both iOS and Android making these games a very effective one for children.

Install PBS KIDS Games: Android | iOS


03. Laugh And Learn Words for Fun

This learning app focuses solely on the lexical skills of your child with improved methods to enhance their lexical recognition. The app follows a progressive pattern with different levels to be adjusted according to your child’s progress.

While Level 1 shows words through an animated prompt for easy recognition, Level 3 uses advanced criteria. This best iPad apps for toddlers is free to download on both the Play store and iTunes.

Install First Words Fun: Android | iOS


04. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

While this game is a bit more advanced than the previous ones, since it is designed for 2-5-year-olds, it still effectively provides the educational output to your child, all the while providing your child with an improved and wholesome learning experience. The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox incorporates a memory game aspect towards a children’s game of matching shapes hence the difficulty. These toddler games apps really help to build your baby’s lexical knowledge,  knowledge of shapes, colors, and memory.

The app is available for download on Android and iPhone for a fee of $ 1.99.

Install Monkey Preschool Lunchbox: Android | iOS


05. Puzzingo

This educational preschool app offers very imaginative and fun puzzles for your toddler to perform and have fun doing. Puzzingo provides puzzles of all shapes and sizes that also help improve different aspects of learning in the conventional sense. Puzzingo also happens to provide puzzles that double as vocabulary games for your child with mini-games once you complete your puzzle also being available.

In addition to this, Puzzingo is also tailored towards children with special needs such as autism and speech impediments. In both iOS and Android, Puzzingo, with all the puzzles included sells for $24.99 although we can buy individual puzzles for $2.99 each.

Install PUZZINGO Toddler Kids Puzzles: Android | iOS


06. Kids Academy Talented and Gifted

This is one of the best iPad apps for toddlers being a veritable umbrella app with various learning games and activities developed for small children under the Kids Academy Talented and Gifted where over 5,000 learning activities and games are provided for the truly king size package for this niche. The ABCs, numbers, shapes, matching, sorting as well as more direct subjects like social science and math. The input of various child educators and psychologists have been very beneficial to the inception of this app, hence your child’s needs are well documented and implemented.

The app, which is readily available on iTunes and the Play store, offers their most expensive yearly package at $129.99 on iOS and $129.00 on Android while they also provide monthly packages for $2.99.

Install Kids Academy Talented & Gifted: Android | iOS


07. Even Monsters Get Sick

Have you ever had any sort of trouble getting your young one to take medicine when they fall sick? If you answered yes, then Even Monsters Get Sick may just be the app that ends this problem. With the app allowing a fun virtual setting which helps your young one take care of a sick monster by taking part in games and activities that condition them to realize taking medicine is good for them. It provides a very thoughtful and imaginative story that unfolds through a number of fun games.

This app is free on the play store but costs $ 0.99 on the iOS store.

Install Even Monsters Get Sick: Android | iOS


08. Goodnight Mo

Bedtime is yet another struggle that comes up pretty much every day for your toddler. The struggle is so real that it has probably cost you sleep on many occasions,  but with the Goodnight Mo app, bedtime may finally be something they look forward to. In this app, they have to care for Mo, a cute monster, as you brush him, bathe him and get him ready for sleep all the while being caressed by smooth melodies.

Goodnight Mo is available for $2.49 on Google Play and $2.99 on the iTunes store where it is one of the best iOS apps for kids.

Install Goodnight Mo: Android | iOS


09. Barnyard Games for Kids

This simple app is perfect for your kid as it promotes cognitive recognition with an interface wired for young,  bright minds with various farm animals available for a challenging recognition game. With the Barnyard Games, the toddler learning games available provide very valuable information regarding farm animals and the environment to your young one in their impressionable age.

The app sells for $3.99 on both iOS and Android.

Install Barnyard Games for Kids: Android | iOS


Wrapping Up

Technology is very well here to stay and while it’s here might as well take advantage of the opportunity that it provides that provides for a holistic learning experience. Learning has never been easier. Above mentioned smartphone/iPhone games and apps can help your children learn some basic aptitude.

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