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54 Open Source Alternative To Popular Android Apps

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Posted By Parveen

Paid apps seem to be the better option most of the times because they reduce the amount of tracking by the ad agencies (Google, Yahoo etc), additional features of the pro version, and zero intrusive ads. But buying app subscription is not always a viable solution to everyone’s needs and plus it’s not possible for any user to buy a monthly/yearly subscription to 30-40 apps he/she may be using on their smartphone. Similarly, you can’t buy a complete Office Suite for editing image or docs, which is why I shared with your guys a list of free open source word processor, you should check that out. Same applies to your PC when Here I am going to introduce you to open source android apps which are completely free alternatives to most popular utility and special purpose Android apps.

Some of these apps are not well popular with Android users but they even provide better and additional features to proprietary apps. Like NewPipe gives access to YouTube videos, the user can stream videos, save subscriptions locally, and even download YouTube videos. Due to ads and continued data link with servers for some popular proprietary apps are too much resource and battery consuming. Alternative open-source Android apps to daily used popular apps are a good solution. These alternative Android apps provide open source code for Android apps so developers can tweak with them as per their like.

54 Open Source Alternatives To Popular Android Apps

List of best open source Alternatives to popular Android apps are listed below:

  • RedReader & Slide – For browsing Reddit instead of official Reddit app
  • Twidere – Alternative to the official Twitter app and it has no ads
  • MuPDF Viewer – For a minimalistic PDF viewer instead of using heavy Adobe Reader
  • Document Viewer – A great alternative to Polaris Office & WPS Office
  • NewPipe – A great YouTube client which saves your subscriptions locally instead of sending to servers and it gives options to download videos
  • Delta Chat & Signal- Mimics WhatsApp in design, While it is still in the development stage, it is worth checking since it uses existing email infrastructure with OpenPGP support
  • K9 Mail & FairEmail – Has very simple interface with OpenPGP support — there is an unofficial fork with material design
  • NetGuard & AFWall+ – Lets you block network traffic for certain apps & hostname filtering using a local VPN
  • DNS66 – If you want to use DNS configurations without root access
  • LibreTorrent – Is light and nicely designed torrent client, a nice alternative to uTorrent
  • Orgzly – Better than most other proprietary note-taking apps
  • Red Moon – Blue light filtering app just like popular “Twilight” & “Blue light filter” — But not even require any Internet permissions
  • Ghost Commander & Amaze – Is way better than apps like ES file explorer. It has all the features we need in ~3MB size app
  • OpenVPN & Wireguard – To access the internet securely and without being monitored by ISP and other service providers
  • Bromite –  Better than Google Chrome
  • NCalc+ & Addi – For mathematics
  • Telegram – Way better than WhatsApp messenger and provides more features & consumes less memory storage
  • Nitroshare, Trebleshot, & Primitive FTPd – For file sharing
  • Termux Terminal for anything that can be done on the command line, especially programming
  • Hacker’s Keyboard – For a minimalistic keyboard
  • Revolution – IRC client
  • 920 Editor/ Vim or Nano in Termux – As a sophisticated text/code editor
  • Blokada & AdAway – For VPN and system-wide adblocking
  • PPSSPP – Open Source PSP Emulator, with Retroarch for all your general emulator needs
  • Loop – Use habit Tracker
  • VLC – For media player a great alternative to MX Player media player
  • Tachiyomi – For Manga and Comic reader (non-Play Store, Google it)
  • Goodtime – For Pomodoro technique and a nice alternative to the official Pomodore Timer app
  • AntennaPod – As a replacement for all proprietary podcast apps
  • Standard Notes – Note taking app that encrypts content instead of saving it in plain text
  • Bitwarden Password ManagerKeePass2Android For managing your passwords. It is open source and available on Google Play Store, but not on F-Droid yet, unfortunately
  • Brave Browser Open source fork of Chromium with ad blocking. Frankly, better performance than Firefox
  • OSMAnd & Maps – For accessing Maps, better alternative to GMaps official app, two of the best f-droid apps
  • andOTP – For 2-factor OTP authentication on Android, generates TOTP codes, data can be exported with encryption to easily switch to the different device or run it on multiple devices
  • oandbackup Best android app for backup all apps with data (requires root), A great alternative to Titanium backup app
  • Mozilla Firefox – Probably a bit rough yet, but much more configurable and, above all, private. Use it in combination with Ublock Origin to block intrusive ads
  • Yalp – Alternative to store instead of Google Play Store. For those who want to go Google less, it allows downloading apps from Google Play anonymously or with a Google Account (for your paid apps), without the need for Google Play Services. No IAP and a bit of warning: it is said that Google could terminate your account because of it, as it seems that TOS of Google Play only allows the official client.
  • Silence & QKSMS- Alternative to the proprietary SMS app
  • Video Transcoder – Open source Android app converting and editing videos which do not share or use your data
  • Face SlimMessenger Bypass – Best F-droid alternatives to Facebook Messenger, without any spyware and totally free, it avoids the necessity to download Facebook Messenger if you need to chat
  • Firefox Focus Browser with ads and trackers blocked by default, wipes everything when you quit the app
  • Simple Gallery – Best and fastest gallery app imo, even better than QuickPic
  • SeriesGuide – client to Keep track of your favourite TV shows and movies
  • Sparss & Flym 2.x – A great RSS client
  • Kernel Auditor – App to tweak CPU frequency, change governor, etc
  • Wallabag – Read-it-later (offline) app to read any article, Pocket’s alternative (some articles don’t open properly so I preferred an alternative app)
  • Bubble – Comic book reader
  • Lyrically – Shows lyrics of now playing music in the overlay
  • Mysplash – Unsplash client
  • Play Music Exporter – This app can export music from your Google Play Music library (requires root) so that you can listen to your music in other players
  • Screencam – To records screen
  • Simple Scrobbler To lightweight scrobbler that submits information to on what music you play on your android phone, & scrobbler
  • OpenLauncher – Of course as an alternative launcher
  • Vanilla Music – A pretty simplistic music player. I’ve been using it for a year and it’s been great

Advantages of using Open Source Android Apps

  • They are of small size and consume less memory space
  • Most of them has no ads
  • Not heavy and takes less RAM
  • If you are a developer then make your own tweaks
  • Less of monitoring by ISP and ad agencies
  • Even in alpha versions, these apps fulfill the job

Disadvantages of using Open Source Android Apps

  • Some apps are still in Alpha or testing mode which may some bugs
  • Choosing the right alternative to the proprietary app



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