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Mozilla Tested Premium VPN Services Without Promoting

Mozilla Tested Premium VPN Services Without Promoting Posted On
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The Mozilla Firefox browser is most definitely a household name right about now with the company offering many subscriptions and add-ons to significantly improve the quality of browsing that their patrons have access to on the internet. It’s been a while since Mozilla has been testing out a VPN in collaboration with a famous VPN provider so as to combat the very common allegation of third party users trying to steal various important information using your cached data and cookies. The test is scheduled to officially start on October 22  for the Firefox 62 users with a completely random catalog of users being selected in adherence to criteria like visiting privacy-focused websites and using an open connection.

The Swiss VPN provider ProtoVPN is the VPN provider that has collaborated with Firefox to launch this premium service. After all the subsequent network tests are completed, Firefox will most likely adhere to a subscription system for their users interested in this premium service, and the price the users have to pay will very likely match the price of a monthly subscription of ProtoVPN. Firefox users should potentially gain access to ProtoVPN plus when they subscribe to the service thus improving the overall quality of the VPN use, making for smoother browsing.

The insistence on ProtoVPN

Among a lot of potential collaborators for an experiment of this proportion, the Swiss VPN provider towers above the competition as it offers many features that provide easy browsing such as:

  • ProtoVPN has a barrage of state of the art security features that strongly protects against hacking of any kind from taking place inside their tertiary network.
  • Unlike many VPN providers who use the facade of safe browsing to lure in unsuspecting customers who later suffer corrupted or stolen data, ProtoVPN ensures that the network keeps nor logs any kind of user information regarding browsing, hence becoming a trustworthy option.
  • Mozilla representatives have also continually emphasized on the fact that this VPN shares their collective goal to provide a platform for safe and secure browsing for every user.

Why a VPN Collaboration

Collaborating with an internationally accepted VPN provider is most definitely owing to advantages this collaboration has in store like :

  • This collaboration adds another revenue stream for Mozilla, effectively helping it break the shackles of Google so as to enter into its own private network.
  • But most importantly, this decision helps to vastly improve the security and user privacy of all Firefox users which in turn helps the network to grow.


In conclusion,  there are bouquets and brickbats that reckons to be presented with the magnitude of opinions that come with offering complete privacy to inexperienced users of the internet. But what Mozilla has foreseen is an open world with no issues of privacy and security and when they have partners who share this common goal, it is undoubtedly one that creates divisive opinions but many will look back at this as a moment of internet history in the making.


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