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Best Mobile App Testing Companies In USA

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  • Each and every app has to be almost perfect and without bugs to be fully user-friendly and increase a company’s business in the mobile world. A lot of freelance developers and even a user without any coding knowledge can create a mobile application but for an app to handle a huge user-base while mantaining the quality of service requires through testing of app. So along with development, mobile app testing companies is also a very crucial process for launching an app successfully. There are not a lot of companies who are involved in creating a complete secure functional app because not all firms have the resources to handle such complex testing. It requires challenges like:
  • A team of required experts to test the complex mobile app process.
  • Short release time that has hands-on experience in automation and testing.
  • Test labs with OS and model size combinations.
  • Advanced automation tools for executing such mobile app testing services.


  • Complete coverage of testing services
  • Successful delivery of the mobile app testing services projects on time
  • Keeping a match to see whether the application testing lab and services are matching the client’s testing requirements
  • The service provider should have sufficient mobile app testing specialists
  • The service provider should offer good pricing and cost saving offerings.

The testing functions covered by the companies may differ by some extent but all companies carry out the same basic process. Here is a list of companies that are USA based and are very proficient in mobile app testing.



This USA has many mobile app testing companies mainly for iOS and Android phones. They deploy mobile app automation testing services that speed up the release cycles and reduce QA cost. Their automated testing services speed up the overall process of a mobile testing and expand the test coverage so that they can release bug-free code faster and more efficiently possible.



This USA based company was found in 2013 and delivers outstanding software testing services for many companies. It uses its testing technique to assure that the mobile app strictly follows all the necessary functional requirements precisely and efficiently. In-depth testing of mobile applications on different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows are conducted. They thoroughly provide smartphone application testing to ensure the smooth working of these apps by the usage of proven technology and techniques.



This company provides on-demand QA solutions that enable the company to discover the problems that affect customer experience before code hits production. This company helps to run on demand QA at whatever scale with reliable results within minutes. The mobile application testing in iOS and Android platforms is conducted with effective smoothness and providing reports for bugs and error in a timely manner.



This company conducts mobile application testing on a wide range of iOS and Android apps for many retail, medical, sports and marketing companies. They keep a track of the iOS and Android usage statistics and offer a large collection of mobile app test services on these platforms respectively. They help companies to define the best devices to support an application testing project and conduct tests across multiple versions of the same device in their lab as well. They provide high-quality bug reports and prevent users from experiencing issues no matter what device, screen size or software is being used.



This company has an expert team of over 350 employees who are involved in offering various services like software development, testing and consulting. This company conducts automated testing for native, hybrid, iOS and Android apps. Their testing procedure is done following these salient features:

  • Capture screenshots during runtime for rapid test bugging.
  • Create tests and run it on multiple devices having different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Access real devices to create robust application tests.
  • Go beyond the Graphical User Interface (GUI) layer and drive automated tests at the underlying API layer.
  • Attaching test logs to Jira and other defect tracking tools without needing manual intervention.



This is a leading software mobile application testing company in the USA that has an access to the top class software development team who deliver the desired application testing results on time. They have their services offered for every simple or complex project – from prototyping to full-scale development of desk, mobile and web applications, testing and system management. This company’s dedicated engineers create the best option to build an outstanding mobile application testing tools that suits client’s needs.



Appvance is said to be the leader in AI-driven test generation which is revolutionizing how software testing is performed. This company has its premier product called Appvance IO, which is considered the world’s first AI driven unified test automation system. It helps its client’s enterprises to dramatically improve the quality, performance, and security of their applications while transforming the efficiency and output of their testing teams.



This is an outsourcing software testing company based in the USA and offers testing services to their various clients and customers. They help in transforming the client’s business processes to improve operational efficiencies. They deliver the following services with their well established in-house Mobility Center Of Excellence:

  • Design prototypes and helps in defining goals
  • Create Mobile Applications
  • Use Enterprise integration services
  • Conduct manual and automated testing
  • Monitoring and supporting client applications
  • Enhanced security features



Based in Chesterfield, the USA this company offers a wide range of digital testing services to websites and mobile applications. They make a thorough test on mobile apps to standardize the mobile app quality and take ample advantage of the mobile matrix.  They help in mobile app testing by covering the following aspects:

  • Chalking out a process to overcome common QA challenges
  • Conduct test for the mobile web versus the native apps
  • Ways to extend the testing coverage at scale



This USA based company is proficient in delivering high-quality testing services in domains like website testing, desktop apps testing, smartphone apps testing, and cloud solution testing. Founded in 2001, this company is a pioneer in functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing, and compatibility testing. They have also won many accolades for their outstanding and dedicated work in delivering standardized quality and customer satisfaction in software testing firms.

So this was our specially curated list of mobile app testing companies based in the USA who deliver exceptional services in the field of application testing.



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