Best Mid-range Smartphones 2018: 5 Great Phones For Half The Price Of A Flagship

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The smartphone market has undergone a magically inclining shifts in a short time. The market, being a very much dynamic one in nature, is wearing top trend masks regularly, welcoming buyers globally to them. The price range of smartphones is always a questioned thing by masses. All we need is a reliable smartphone with a good camera, efficiently performing smartphones with long life at affordable prices. Of course, there are smartphones with a whopping big price tag attached to them, but what if I told you can buy the almost similar type of a smartphone with similar performance ratio and popularity within half of its range..??

Be it having a great battery life, performance, amazing display clarity, fantastic speed etc. These smartphones offer such top-end specifications without the outrageous pricing and thus end up giving you great value for every buck spent. These viable mid-range smartphones offer you great versatility and durability and are geared towards the rough daily usage in the real world, and some of them are explored in detail below:

Best Mid-range Smartphones 2018: 5 Great Phones For Half The Price Of A Flagship

One Plus 6

This best smartphone for the money has carved its own niche in the market along with other best sellers in the market. Being placed in the top places almost everywhere when it comes to performance or in popularity, One Plus 6 continuing its Saga of ascending up the global phone markets. Let’s see what this affordable yet bestseller is made of:

  • Super clear 6.8″ AMOLED display that supremely enhances clarity.
  • 6/ 8 GB LPDDR4X RAM which ensures blazing speed.
  • The latest Android 8.1 Oreo with Oxygen OS overlay.
  • The magnificent 16 MP rear and front cameras for professional photography.
  • 64/ 128/ 256 storage system.

Best Mid-range Smartphones 2018: 5 Great Phones For Half The Price Of A FlagshipAlong with all of the above-listed features, It’s beautiful glass and metal design and it’s performance output, with the Android 9.0 Pie makes for a sleek usage as the one plus 6 provides a smartphone option once it launches. One Plus 6 is priced at £316 which converts approximately to INR 29,999 for Indian customers.


  • The latest one plus 6 design is a true pioneer, with the best design among the whole line.
  • It has great speed that delivers every time.
  • The fast charging feature makes hassle free, easy charging that provides inconsistent use on the go.
  • The android it comes with provides many features that also integrate with the one plus operating system.


  • The camera is relatively substandard when compared to the high-end
  • The phone is also lacking some of the flagship features that other competitors possess.

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Pocophone F1

The smartphone market has had a sustained influx of brand new players and Pocophone, powered by Xiaomi’s massive infrastructure in the smartphone business is one of the most promising brands to have come up lately. This is the best cheap phone with a good camera. The Pocophone F1 is one of the few models that have caught the public eye for its design and the affable price tag.

Some important specifications of the product:

  • Lightweight at 180 grams with a thickness of 8.8mm which makes it sleek and stylish.
  • An amazing 256 GB storage which makes room for all your important data and much more.
  • A super clear 12 MP camera.
  • A super fast 8 GB RAM with the modern Snapdragon processor.
  • With a 4000 mAh battery, it has a great battery life.

On a whole, the Pocophone F1 is a great, affordable buy for just around £300 or just over 28,000 INR with great value for money complete with customization and various designs for a stylish, elegant yet pocket-friendly smartphone option.


  • The Pocophone F1 offers excellent value for your money as it is jam-packed with features to rival any flagship on the market at less than half the price.
  • With it’s Qualcomm processor, lightning-fast performance comes naturally on the F1, with specifications in place for a smooth experience.
  • It also delivers with a terrific battery life these high-end phones don’t provide.


  • The MIUI framework needs some getting used to because the Pocophone is very new to the market.
  • The phone has thick, prominent bezels that damage it’s style quotient.
  • A plastic build makes a fragile-seeming phone without the sleekness of a metal finish.

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Honor 10

The Honor smartphone brand has branched out all over the world providing great value for money smartphones that does not compromise on quality or top performance. The Honor 10 is arguably Honor’s top product, with world-class performance and state of the art specifications that give even high-end expensive smartphones a run for their money.

Here are a couple of catchy specs added in this product:

  • A bright, clear 5.84″ screen with 1080 x 2280 resolution picture.
  • Comes with the new Android 8.1.
  • Great storage options from 64/ 128 GB.
  • Super clear pictures with a best in class 24 MP camera.
  • Super fast 8 GB RAM with Hisilicon Kirin processor.
  • 3400 mAh battery built to last long.

Best Mid-range Smartphones 2018: 5 Great Phones For Half The Price Of A FlagshipWith Honor making it’s Honor 10 it’s premier smartphone option, sizing up to the behemoths of the market, Honor 10 is priced at £315 or just under 30,000 INR makes it stand out.


  • A beautifully sleek design that offers a truly elegant touch with the performance to match anything in the market.
  • The hardware matches the powerful performance of the phone with great cameras, a powerful audio system, and a robust design.
  • The Honor 10 also offers great value for your money with top specifications that rival any other smartphone.


  • The EMUI Android skin that should be a great feature is bloated, which defeats the purpose entirely.
  • With a relatively new UI, the Honor 10 has its share of bugs that meddle with the complete experience.

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Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia brand name has been a long-standing stalwart in the phone industry with their classic model having completely taken over the market at one stage. The new Nokia, however, believe in a humble resurgence with them entering the modern smartphone market in the mid-price range with phones like the Nokia 7 plus. The Nokia 7+ comes with a polycarbonate body with copper accents that provide a sleek finish with the Snapdragon processor making it as fast as many high-end phones that handle well with the improved Android One.

Let’s take a peek into the specs provided by Nokia 7 Plus:

  • 6.0-inches IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen display with astounding picture clarity.
  • A sleek phone just 8 mm thick.
  • 13 MP camera for a great picture experience.
  • 3800 mAh battery lasts very long even in trying conditions.

The Nokia 7 plus is certainly a smart option with the new Android One providing a smooth use of its powerful processor. The Nokia 7 plus is priced at an attractive £350 or just over 33,400 INR making it have great bang for its buck.


  • A large, bright screen offers a crystal clear display that is one of the best in the market.
  • Nokia delivers on it’s almost patented battery life as it is one of the best features in the 7 plus.
  • The Android One UI has the potential to be a great option in future mobiles.


  • Some design tweaks are also in order.

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Moto Z3 Play

The Moto Z3 Play has enforced onto the smartphone market by providing mid-ranger mainstays like fast charging, a great battery life and most importantly it’s price tag. The Moto Z line of smartphones has also famously provided the Moto Mod functionality,  which provides speedy and efficient use of the processor without cluttering the OS, all the while offering some extra features that further enhance a smooth usage.

Here are a few super specs of the Z3 Play:

  • The clarity of a 6.01″ screen with a super AMOLED
  • Give your photos an extra edge with a progressive 12MP camera.
  • A lightning fast Snapdragon 636 processor with a 6GB RAM.
  • Li-ion battery with 3000 mAh for sustained battery life.

The pricing for the Moto Z3 Play is set at £136.99 or 13,000 INR in its relatively self-contained pricing range. With the mod feature on Motorola devices, feel free to snap on a loudspeaker, gamepad controls or even a projector on your Z3 Play to add new functionality to your device in an instant.


  • The moto mods work really well with the Moto framework that provides a fashionable platform for daily use.
  • The overall Android experience is enjoyable and easy to use.
  • A fast charging feature.


  • The Z3 play’s battery drains out relatively quickly.
  • Also with this bevy of features, the Moto Z3 play is an expensive option when compared to its

Buy Moto Z3 Play Smartphone at a discount

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