Google Home Now Understands Hindi – Users Can Now Speak To Google Home In Hindi

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Google Home is becoming a valuable part of home automation and can do a lot of things for users. For example, placing calls for you, set reminders for any upcoming event or journey, read out news, make reservations for you and much more. Now Google has announced that their popular home gadget has started to support India’s regional language Hindi.

Google launched their Home speaker seven months ago in two variants Google Home and Home Mini in India. Both the devices support far-field microphones and dual-band WiFi. Google Home can be used with both Android and iOS smartphones. The Google Home has a price tag of INR 9,999 and Google Home Mini priced at INR 4,499.

Users will be able to communicate to their Google Assistant in Hindi through Google Home speaker. They can choose between English and Hindi.

How to set Hindi as default language on Google Home Speaker

1) To set and use Hindi as default language you have to open Google Home In your smartphone and select Account option from the bottom right corner.

2) Then tap on the Settings option

3) Next select Language. Tap on Add a language.

4) Set Hindi(Bharat) as the first language from the list and you are all set.

You will be able to communicate with Assistant on Google Home device in only one language at a time. It won’t be able to understand and execute commands in both languages at a time, you will have to change the language setting to switch.

Google also said that with the introduction of support for the Hindi language will open ways for more new features.

Is Amazon Alexa Support Hindi Language?

Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular home speaker assistants which is selling in India. Alexa Assistant is supporting English language only in India. Amazon India released a new feature in Alexa on August 14. This new feature was called Cleo and it added the functionality to Alexa through which it can learn Hindi and other local languages. Not only Hindi it can also learn other Indian languages like Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, and Gujarati.

Users can chat with Alexa in Hindi or any other language while assisting Alexa in learning the language. It will also improve the voice recognition capability of Alexa. We hope to see Alexa supporting Indian languages soon.

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