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How To Type In Hindi On Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone

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Xiaomi Mi4i has been one of the most popular smartphones by Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi in the small price range. Xiaomi sold a huge number of this model in India only. Default keyboard language in English in most of the foreign countries. If you are an Indian user and you like to write in Hindi then you must be wondering how to change your default keyboard language to Hindi? Well here is the small procedure one can follow to start typing in Hindi on Xiaomi Mi 4i handset.

At the bottom of this keyboard only, between the globe and ?123 buttons is a comma (,) button. Tap it a number of times till Hindi keyboard comes. If this doesn’t happen then you have to make the Hindi language a default language on your cell phone. Follow below procedure to do that:

Here Is How To Type In Hindi On Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone

  1. Go to keyboard settings and add the language Hindi there. Then repeat the above process.
  2. To add a language go to language settings by going to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Language and Input.
  3. Then in Keyboard & Input Methods tap on Google Keyboard if you use it as your keyboard.
  4. Tap on Languages then select the desired language from the list of available languages.
  5. Now go back and try to tap on the same comma (,) button between the globe and ?123 buttons.

Wrapping Up

You can do the same procedure with other third-party keyboard apps like Indic Keyboard and Swiftkey Keyboard too. But those keyboards provide some great additional features to default keyboards. I hope this helps!

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