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Top 10 Meditation And Relaxation Apps

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True that science and technology have come up with such modern gadgets that do make our life easy but at the same time has been pushing us into a dark corner where there are sufferings of the mind like anger, hatred, anxiety, stress and other such negative emotions. But lately we are to curse these technological gadgets a little less as some types of top meditation and relaxation apps have been gifted to us by technology that will help to meditate and calm our senses down to an extraordinary level.

Since time immemorial, it has been widely believed, that meditation is the right way to calm the mind and the senses. It has innumerable benefits on the body like improving the levels of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression and even the right amount of blood pressure. Let’s get into a detailed account of the meditation techniques that are a blend of helpful technology and meditation, and act as a good guide for finding our Zen.

Top 10 Mindfulness apps for Android and iPhone

top Meditation And Relaxation Apps


This meditation app is for the person who had always felt that meditation needs to be incorporated as a daily activity but has turned up futile at the end of each day. Well, this app will help you achieve the goal of meditation and comes as a free download or for $12 per month for enjoying its unlimited access on iTunes and Google Play. This meditation app for anxiety will help you gradually get into the habit of meditation by making you practice for five minutes every seven days a week. It will help you to focus on your breath and your senses.

Available on Android and iPhone

happify meditation app


This top meditation and relaxation app will help to STFU by negating all the pessimistic emotions that makes your mind and body feel cluttered. It will fill you with happy feelings. Download this app at $15 per month and you will soon have to answer a list of questions about your stress levels, your current life situation and your views about meditation. The app will get to know you from these questions’ evaluation and will present forward to you with a series of meditations tasks that should be targeted each day for its completion so that it can further improve your life.

Available on Android and iPhone

headspace meditation app


Headspace helps to focus better at work by completing its free course based on meditation tools and basics. With a subscription charge of $13 per month, the course helps to get a deeper insight to its 30 days programs to help you better with calming your senses. This meditation app for sleep also has a Performance Series program to help you feel organized with each day of your meditation.

Available on Android and iPhone

nike mediation app


This absolutely free app in iTunes and Google Play helps to stay in tune with your body as you are on the move. There are many audio running exercises guide that will keep talking you through when you are out for your jogging in the morning. It acts as a boost for those days too when you feel lethargic but you will be pushed to hit the jogging track by this app. This meditation app will keep making you feel amazing mile after mile.

Available on Android and iPhone

buddhify mediation app


Every meditation technique in this app is designed with features that will help you to stay calm and composed even when you are doing tasks like traveling, walking, going to bed or while rising up in the morning. This meditation app for anxiety comes with a two-player mode which helps one to involve a partner in its meditation session. It offers sessions that are a complete fit for beginners and also has kids content of meditation for minors.

Available on Android and iPhone

stop breath and think mediation app


Coming with a $10 monthly charge on iTunes and Google Play, this meditation app helps you to evaluate your physical, mental and emotional feelings at a particular time. From that juncture, Stop, Breathe and Think helps you with meditation techniques that help you just feel right. A progress page tracks your daily check-ins and meditating streaks and helps you with an overview of what your mood was like in the entire week.

Available on Android and iPhone

10 happier mediation app

7. 10% HAPPIER:  

This is one of the top mediation and relaxation apps that come with a yearly subscription of $100 per year on iTunes and Google Play. Created by the TV news anchor Dan Harris, this app will help you to start meditation as a daily practice. It will first offer 5 to 10 minutes of meditation sessions every day along with some sessions for newbie, other stress relief techniques helping you with better sleep, happiness and focus. It also has the provision of a human coach who will assist you in getting into the right track of meditation.

Available on Android and iPhone

mindfulness app


People who are not in the habit of meditation and forget to do so can use this app for reminding them with such notifications. It is a very easy to use app that will pop up every time with a reminder telling you to show your gratitude, or go for some minutes of deep breathing or notice and appreciate something pretty around you. You can customize the settings for the number of such reminders you want per day or simply be left alone sometimes without getting any reminders from this meditation app.

Available on Android and iPhone



This is considered to be one of the best iPhone meditation apps that will help you to meditate with renowned teachers to calm the body and senses. The app offers curated sessions to reduce anxiety and get a peaceful mind, has various meditation tools from seven different categories, comes with an Advanced Brain Entertainment Technology and also some sophisticated breathing techniques.

Available on Android and iPhone

Smiling mind app


This beautiful iPhone meditation app is aimed at destressing kids. There are customized programs for various age groups to help people overcome the hurdles of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It has meditation programs designed by professionals of this field, a variety of sessions that will help people to deal with their problems and personalized meditation recommendations. It is also a free mindfulness app for everyone. It helps students become mindful at work and professionals at work. There are many people who are choosing this app to make their children become engaged learners with a better focus on their life goals. It helps professionals to take a pre-emptive approach in managing their stressful life at the workplace.

Available on Android and iPhone


Meditation apps are becoming a popular downloading option for many because of the following benefits:

  • It helps to reduce the wear and tear of the body and mind
  • Increases immunity
  • Switches off excessive inflammation in the body
  • Gives relief from cardiovascular disease

So get started with these top meditation and relaxation apps right away.

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