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The 10 Best Medical Apps for Android – Top Healthcare Apps

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Are you on the lookout for medical apps that can help you track your health and remain fit? Well, you are in luck. There are several hundred android medical apps that you can download right away on your smartphone that will help you with your reminders on when to take your medication, give you tips on how to combat common illnesses, and also prompt you on what to eat to better your health. Today, we present top medical apps that can be your best friend on your journey to better health.

The 10 Best Medical Apps for Android – Top Healthcare Apps

top medical apps for android free

1. CareZone

CareZone is one medical app that gives you comprehensive guidance on managing medication and well being of your family members. It has a sleek UI and comes with useful features. There is a calendar in the app and using it you can make schedules. Reminders for taking medications can be set and that can useful for forgetful users. There is a journal for jotting down important stuff. The app lets you make a medication list that can come in handy anywhere, anytime. You can also organize important clinical contacts in one place using the nifty app. You get all these facilities for free.

  • Sleek, simple UI
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Organization of clinical info simplified

doctor on demand medical app

2. Doctor on Demand

The app is one of the top medical apps to download. Doctor on Demand is an app which helps you locate certified doctors who practice within your region, fast. This can be handy in addressing medical emergencies, for sure. While it is not a solution for comprehensive medical diagnosis- the app is handy for getting treatment for common and recurring issues like heartburn, flu, skin irritations, UTI and allergies etc. It works for users without health insurance.

  • 24×7 doctor access, online
  • Insurance support is there
  • Scheduling for medical consultation

Epocrates medical app

3. Epocrates

While Epocrates is an app that is aimed mainly at medical professionals, it can still be pretty useful for others.  It has a directory of doctors. There are features like pill identification, prescription information, and medical news along with various medical calculators. The app also lets you learn about drug interactions that can be harmful. The UI is simple and finding what you want will take a few seconds. The pill id feature is handy and it lets you identify various medications fast. It can be used for free.

  • Versatile usage
  • Pill id feature
  • Drug interaction information

mysugr medical app
4. mySugr

mySugr is an app that is ideal for those with diabetes or with a history of the ailment running in the family. It can be useful for people coping with both type two and type one diabetes. You can keep exact logs using it. There are some more useful features in this app, including insulin calculator, quick logging, and detailed analysis. The basic version is free and the premium version comes with added features. You can send reports to a doctor from the app without any hassle. It offers you medical analysis on a weekly and monthly basis as well. The paid version costs $2.99/month.

  • Supports people with both diabetes types
  • Insulin calculator
  • Detailed analysis

read by qxmd medical app

5. Read by QxMD

This is not your run of the mill health checkup or doctor finder app! It helps people into healthcare sector stay updated on diverse medical science related developments. Using this app, users outside the clinical sector can benefit too. They can stay updated on medical research, the latest developments in medical science and related genres. You can download PDFs using the app and read those later. One nice thing about this app is that you are not pestered with ads or in-app purchases.

  • No annoying ads
  • PDF download feature
  • Useful for a wide range of users

webmd medical app

6. WebMD apps

WebMD is deemed as a comprehensive resource for information on health-related topics on the web and the same can be said about its mobile apps. The main app is versatile in nature and has plenty of resources on disorders and drugs of varying types. There are useful features like medication reminders, pill identification and first aid essentials. A map feature is included using which finding the nearby doctors and clinics becomes easy.

  • Versatile app
  • Useful features like medication reminder
  • Integrated MAP

mdcalc medical app
7. MDCalc Medical Calculator

MDCalc Medical Calculator is a nifty clinical app those in the healthcare sector will find very useful. It is free and offers plenty of clinical calculators that both doctors and their patients will find helpful. There are over 270 user-friendly, clinical decision tools which comprise of risk scores, equations, algorithms, dosing calculators, etc. One benefit of the app is that it can be used in offline mode too or when data connection is slow. You can make use of filters to locate the calculators you want and lists can be customized for faster access. The app lets you switch between SI and US units fast.

  • Works offline or in low network conditions.
  • Lists can be customized.
  • Oodles of calculators for clinical usage.

So these were the 10 Best Medical Apps for Android Smartphones which keeps track of your Healthcare plans and fitness. Please share your comments on these healthcare apps if you have tried any of them!

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