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21 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi

21 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi Posted On
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There are many reasons behind the overwhelming popularity of Android OS worldwide. Apart from ease of usage, customization, wide app support the OS is also loved by users for its support for a multitude of games. The variety of games on the platform can be bewildering and there are titles for both avid gamers and casual game lovers. While most Android games can be played online and you need either mobile data or active Wi-Fi connection, it is not mandatory. There are plenty of games that can be played offline. However, you need to know the best offline android games to have a great experience.

The Top Android Games that can be Played Offline

It was in 2014 Google added an exclusive section for Offline games in the Play store. You can find both paid and free games that run without internet connectivity. These are also ideal for users who have limited data plans and limited access to Wi-Fi but want to play nevertheless. However, some of these best android games free may require one time or occasional web access to be functional.

Listed below are 21 Android games that can be played even when you are not online.

1. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a fun game that requires the character to run in an underground laboratory. The game play is quite exciting and as a player you have to survive in the game. It adheres to the true arcade gaming style and you have to collect coins and eliminate the evil scientists.

  • Arcade gaming style
  • Nice and sleek visuals
  • Plenty of customizations

Link to Download Jetpack Joyride

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is among the newer Android games that can be played offline. The game has absolutely stunning visuals and the sound track is also pretty enchanting. There are some ads in the game. With the coins you collect you get items to customize the game. Made by Noodle Cake Studios, Inc this is an offline game worth trying.

  • Nice visuals
  • Plenty of customization options

Link to Download Alto’s Odyssey

3. Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game, you get the chance to play the character of a big shark and scare other creatures. The concept is unique and the gameplay is also compelling. However, you also need to stay safe from larger predators in the game. There are some goals to meet in the game. It is a product of Ubisoft entertainment which makes similar games on predatory creatures.

  • Awesome 3d visuals
  • Unique game play concept
  • Device synchronization

Link to Download Hungry Shark Evolution

4. Badland

Badland offers great gameplay experience minus internet connectivity. The setting is a forest inhabited by oodles of animals, flowers, and trees. The game has innovative physics-based gameplay along with stunning graphics and audio. There is a local multiplayer mode in it. It also features support for Android TV and cloud save. This is among the top offline strategy games for Android.

  • Cloud save mode
  • Nice physics-based gameplay
  • Local multiplayer mode

Link to Download Badland

5. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the quintessential tower defense franchise. As a player you will have to build towers in this 3D tower defense-based game. When there is no Wifi you can play in single player mode. There are 20 maps, 19 towers, five levels of upgrades. The game is not free, but offers plenty of attractions.

  • Single player mode
  • Nice graphics

Link to Download Bloons TD 6

6. 3D Pool Ball

This is as close to playing 3D pool, but it is through games. You can also take part in virtual tournaments. The visuals are pretty good and animations also look sleek. The offline mode is also impressive where you have to battle an AI rival.

  • Impressive graphics and sound
  • Robust AI mode
  • Smooth gameplay

Link to Download 3D Pool Ball

7. Crashlands

If you are fond of alien and sci-fi flicks, you will love this offline Android game. You land on a planet and have to find your way and battle enemies. There is self-managing inventory and the combat style is engaging. There is support for saving in cloud and offline play. The game is not free, but you get enough bang for the buck.

  • RPG-Style Character development
  • Skill-Based Combat
  • Cloud Saving

Link to Download Crashlands

8. Eternium

Eternium is an epic theme, role playing game and it is somewhat different than typical mobile Action RPGs. The “swipe to cast” and “tap to move” controls make the gameplay exciting, as it is. A few features require internet and otherwise you can play it offline very well. It is free and there are optional purchases.

  • Most features are accessible offline
  • Great sleek visuals
  • Amazing combat system

Link to Download Eternium

9. Crossy Road

This is a simper yet funny offline android game you can try out. You can use many retro art inspired characters. You have to guide a chicken in the game through maze and hurdles. It can be played multiplayer, but that requires the internet. The in app purchases may not be necessary for all.

  • Simple to learn
  • Free game, ideal for kids
  • Android TV support

Link to Download Crossy Road

10. Hooky Crook

If you are a cat lover, you may give this offline android game a try! The game features a sneaky cat and you have to injure the cat can steal the treats without falling into many traps! There are kid centric content and as many as 864 levels to complete. It is free and can be used to keep kids engaged.

  • Funny game
  • Nice visuals

Link to Download Hooky Crook

11. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is engaging and robust tower defense game and can be played offline. You have to build towers and then defeat the enemies in the game. The game costs $4.99 and additional purchase options are there in it.

  • Nice graphics and game play
  • Engaging content

Link to Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance

12. Pocket City

This game comes in both paid and free versions. It may remind you of Sim city and just like that game here you have to build roads, buildings and things needed in a city. You encounter bad and good things like fire and parties in this game. In premium version there are no ads and you also get a sandbox mode.

  • Simple gameplay
  • Sandbox mode

Link to Download Pocket City

13. The Room

Made by Fireproof Games, The Room is puzzle games series with amazingly good visuals. The arcade story lines revolve around the same theme. You have to solve puzzles to escape the room and the 4th game is creepier. The gameplay is pretty engaging for all of the games in the series. Cloud saving is there, but not in all games.

  • Great graphics
  • Amazing game play

Link to Download The Room

14. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a beautiful game in which the player has to smash glass with steel made balls. It may sound very basic but the gameplay is engaging and the game also has amazingly good graphics. The fact that there is no ad and you can play it for free adds to the experience.

  • No pesky ads
  • Great graphics

Link to Download Smash Hit

15. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is the right offline android game for you if you are fond of zombies. If you want to hunt zombies virtually, this is your ideal solution. You will get plenty of weaponry to fight the zombies in the game and the visuals are pretty good. It is really engaging and you can play offline for long.

  • Engaging game play
  • Long gaming sessions

Link to Download Into the Dead

16. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Asphalt series of games are quite popular and Asphalt 8: Airborne is pretty immersive. The competent AI opponents will keep you alert and engaged! There are exotic car models to pick from. You can also choose from numerous race tracks.

  • Exotic cars and bikes
  • Multiplayer support
  • Engaging graphics and audio

Link to Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

17. Alto’s Adventure

This offline android game takes you on a relaxing journey through skiing sessions. The alpine slopes look amazingly good with weather effects and the physics-based gameplay experience is quite engaging. The controls are simple and you will master it soon.

  • Physics based gameplay
  • Great visuals

Link to Download Alto’s Adventure

18. SoulCraft

It is a very enjoyable and you can spend hours playing this game involving warriors of varying races. The Action RPG is free and you can resort to role playing too. The amazing visual will keep you hooked and you can enjoy playing in five different game modes. Android TV users can play if they have compatible gamepad.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Different game modes

Link to Download SoulCraft

19. Legend of Darkness

Legend of Darkness- is an addictive and superb RPG Android game where you have to slay monsters and it is a multi-level game. The graphics and sound effects are exemplary and monster slaying fetches you rewards. In fact, slaying hidden ones get you more rewards.

  • Exemplary graphics
  • Engaging game play

Link to Download Legend Of Darkness

20. 100 doors World Of History

This game offers you a series of puzzle solving and these can keep you engaged for hours, without requiring the internet. You get to deal with logic games, quests, jigsaw, brain teasers, and thinking games. The UI is superb and the players can choose different countries.

  • Amazing visuals and puzzles
  • Plenty of choices for plot
  • Nice audio tracks

Link to Download 100 doors World Of History

21. Road Drivers: Legacy

This is a motor car racing based android game that can be played offline. There are amazing car models and the 3d graphics will keep you hooked for hours. You get more scores by speeding high in the game and overtaking other cars also fetches you points.

  • Stunning visuals
  • Exotic racing car models, great gameplay

Link to Download Road Drivers: Legacy

These stunning games are easy to download, barely cost a cent, and can be played without Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Now, can you beat that!

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