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50 Most Common Email Abbreviation and Acronyms

50 Most Common Email Abbreviation and Acronyms Posted On
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Nowadays very least communication happens through mailing services or postcards. Emails have become the most popular and used method of communication whether it’s corporate or small peer to peer communication, formal or informal. Even inside an office from one desk to another desk data is shared via emails. Every small talk happens through email because it can be used as partial official documentation. As the generations grow instead of typing whole sentences, we have come up with many abbreviations. For example “For your information” can be abbreviated as “FYI”, only 3 letters in place of 18 letters. These texting abbreviations are globally accepted even within large firms. Abbreviations reduce the time you spend on typing emails. So you should have an idea of most common email abbreviation and their acronyms which are used in formal communications.

Abbreviations can be very useful but if you don’t know their meaning, then their purpose is completely lost and you end up looking for the meaning of those abbreviations on the internet. It leads to more time waste at your end while those abbreviations saved time at sender’s end. Here I am going to share with you the list of most common abbreviations and acronyms used in offices. Knowledge of these email abbreviation makes you look smarter and make you more efficient. The list of email abbreviations and acronyms include:

50 Most Common Email Abbreviation and Acronyms

1. NRN – No Reply Necessary

2. FYI – For your information

3. WEH – Working from home

4. PRB – Please Reply By

5. HTH – Hope that helps

6. EOD – End of day

7. TLTR – Too long to read

8. TL;DR – Too long; Didn’t read

9. Y/N – Yes or No

10. ooo – Out of office

11. EOM – End of message

12. EOW – End of week

13. SFW – Safe for work

14. LMK – Let me know

15. IMO – In my opinion

16. BTW – By the way

17. IDK – I don’t know

18. FWIW – For what it’s worth

19. LET – Leaving early today

20. TYT – Take your time

21. AFAIK – As far as I know

22. AKA – Also known as

23. Approx – Approximately

24. ASAP – As soon as possible

25. BAC – By any chance

26. B4 – Before

27. BK – Because

28. BRB – Be right back

29. COD – Cash on delivery

30. CC – Carbon copy

31. CU – See you

32. CUL – See you later

33. ROM – Read only member

34. EA – Each

35. EOF – End of file

36. F2F – Face to face

37. FWD – Forward

38. AFAIK – As far as I know

39. IDK – I don’t know

40. HAND – Have a nice day

41. HHOK – haha only kidding

42. IAC – in any case

43.  IOW – In other words

44. GA – Go ahead

45. INC – Including, included

46. NN2R – No need to reply

47. OTOH – on the other hand

48. Re – Regarding

49. Res – Response

50. DBA – Doing business as

So these were 50 most used abbreviations in Emails. You should learn and keep these abbreviations in mind as they will make sending and reading emails a lot more easier for you.

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