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10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

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With time and arrival of advanced digital technologies, people have become accustomed to reading stuff online- whether it is news or books! There are certain formats for reading publications online such as PDF and ePub. The EPUB file format basically an ebook format is used to save large publications like books digitally. The EPUB files can be read on e-reader devices, tablets and even computers. EPUB 3.1 is the newest EPUB version which supports embedded audio, video and interactivity. Kids are reading ebooks for learning, adults are using eBooks for a good time passing activity and most of the online books (free or paid) are available in ePub format. So it’s necessary that you know which are the best apps ePub reader Android apps that can be used to read them!

How to Open the EPUB Files

EPUB files are opened by the majority of e-book readers, but on certain devices (like Amazon Kindle) they need to be converted. EPUB files can be seen on a computer by using a number of free programs. Some of these applications are:

  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Sumatra PDF
  • Stanza Desktop
  • Calibre
  • Okular

Using browser extensions like Firefox Add-on EPUBReader and Chrome extension -Simple EPUB Reader, EPUB files can also be opened. Several iOS and Android apps can be used for opening these files. Most of these apps are free, but a few also have paid versions.

How to Convert EPUB Files to Other Formats

The popular methods for converting EPUB files are:

  • Online conversion— Zamzar is a top online EPUB converter and the website can be used to convert the EPUB files to formats like TXT and PDF.
  • App-based conversion— Apps like Calibre can be used to EPUB files to e-book formats. HTML and PDF conversions are supported.

Top 10 ePub Reader Apps Android Apps In 2019

1. Aldiko Book Reader

10 Best ePub Reader For Android 2019

This is possibly the best ePub reader android you can find and it is visually appealing as well. It keeps the ebooks read by you in a virtual library and also tracks how many pages you have read automatically. It saves time and is convenient from the user perspective. It comes in free and premium versions. The premium version naturally has more features and it is devoid of any ads. In this app, you get plenty of customizable reading options.

Key Features

  • Supports Android phones and tablets
  • Customizable reading experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Handy library management system
  • Comes in 2 versions

Link to Download: Aldiko Book Reader


2. FbReader

10 Best ePub Reader For Android 2019

FbReader is one of the best Epub readers you can buy. Along with the epub files, this app can also be used to read .azw and .mobi files. It comes with a number of really useful features like special night mode, dynamic internet library and font zooming. It also offers a cloud service based on Google Drive. Synchronization however has to be enabled. It lets you tweak TrueType/OpenType fonts and adjust screen brightness. It supports as many as 34 languages.

Key Features

  • 34 languages supported
  • Wide file format supported
  • Special night mode
  • Open-source app

Link to Download: FbReader


3. Moon plus reader

10 Best ePub Reader For Android 2019

This is a worthy Epub android app you try. There are 2 versions of the app, but even the free one is laden with plenty of features. The app supports ePUb and a lot of online ebook formats. There is a special Dual page mode and a night-theme. The app can open DRM Protected Adobe documents too. Support for 40 languages is amazing and you also get 5 auto-scroll modes.

Key Features

  • Dual page mode
  • Support for 40 languages
  • 5 auto-scroll modes
  • Wide ebook format supported

Link to Download: Moon plus reader


4. PocketBook ebook reader

10 Best ePub Reader For Android 2019

PocketBook is a nifty eBook reader for Android that lets you view ePUb and many other formats easily. It can also decode content in PDF (Adobe DRM) format. Additionally, this app supports Text-to-Speech function and that comes in handy for audiobooks. You also get a sleep timer to ensure the Audiobooks get switched off after a time automatically.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech function supported
  • Sleep timer for audiobooks
  • Adobe DRM content supported

Link to Download: PocketBook ebook reader


5. InfinityReader

10 Best ePub Reader For Android 2019

InfinityReader is a great free EPUB reader available for Android devices. There are plenty of features like 5 page turn effects, pages bookmarking and Screen orientation lock. It also features an integrated file browser and handy Bookshelves option. The paid edition does not feature ads and has more features.

Key Features

  • 5-page turn effects
  • Screen orientation lock
  • Pages bookmarking
  • Bookshelves option
  • An integrated file browser

Link to Download: InfinityReader


6. Bookari Free ebook reader

10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

Bookari Free Ebook Reader is a nifty and feature-laden app for reading ebooks in various formats.  It supports Sony and Adobe DRM content. There is an integrated OPDS browser in the app. The app supports PDF and EPUB2 formats.

Key Features

  • DRM content supported
  • Integrated OPDS browser
  • Synchronization across devices

Link to Download: Bookari Free ebook reader


7. ReadEra

10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

This is another nice eBook reader that supports EPUB and many other formats like PDF, TXT, MOBI and DOC. The app saves your current reading position by default. There are plenty of visual themes. It can open documents from the ZIP archives easily.

Key Features

  • Wide ebook formats
  • Plenty of visual themes
  • ZIP documents can be opened

Link to Download: ReadEra


8. Lithium EPUB reader

10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

It is another Epub reader worth a try. The app comes in free and pro versions. The app has two themes and features Automatic book detection. There are no annoying ads in it. The pro version brings many more features onboard.

Key Features

  • Automatic book detection feature
  • Multiple themes
  • Pro version with more features
  • Ad-free app

Link to Download: Lithium EPUB reader


9. Bluefire Reader

10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

This is another app to read eBooks with Adobe® Content Server protection and it supports Android tablets too. You can read both PDF and EPUB files using the app. This app is lightweight and has a sleek UI.

Key Features

  • Lightweight app
  • Sleek UI
  • Supports Android tablets

Link to Download: Bluefire Reader


10. Readical

10 Best ePub Reader Android Apps 2019

This feature-rich EPUB ebook reader is ideal for a multitude of users. There are 4 separate modes for reading- ACTIVE, CLASSIC, LASER and Guided. The app is quite customizable and offers you a Graphical representation of book structure for ease of navigation while reading. Both epub and txt formats can be read in the app. There are 2 versions of the app and the free version has some features disabled.

Key Features

  • Special reading modes
  • epub and text formats
  • Comes in 2 versions
  • Book structure Graphical representation

Link to Download: Readical


These are easy to download and some of the best ePub reader Android apps, do not cost you a fortune and have a simple interface that can be mastered in no time. Download and try them today.


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