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The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy Posted On
Posted By Parveen

There is no denying Whatsapp is among the most popular instant messaging applications. It is possibly the simplest app and can be used by the kids and elderly lot without any hassles. Over the years, it has become more and more feature-laden. However, Facebook acquired it in 2014 and ever since Whatsapp users feel wary about privacy issues. The Mark Zuckerberg owned social networking giant is known for snooping into the personal life of the users and now Whatsapp is under its control! On one hand, WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, but on the other hand, the privacy policy states the company can collect user data for specific purposes and transfer that data to Facebook. If you are skeptical of govt, internet watchdogs and various monitoring agencies tracking your online acts and personal communication, WhatsApp is not suitable either! Worry not, as there are many good alternative to WhatsApp which respect your privacy and don’t sell out your data to bigger giants.

The 10 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Listed below are the top WhatsApp alternative apps you can pick from:

1. Signal

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Signal offers strong encryption, can be used for free and it is also compatible with the major mobile platforms. Just like WhatsApp, it supports making video and voice calls. Also, it has a desktop version which can be used easily. Like the working mechanism of Snapchat, you can set the timing for the messages to disappear. It however still does not have animated emojis. Creating groups and sharing media through chat is however simple. The messenger was unveiled only last year and so it is expected to become feature rich in the near future.

Key Features

  • Strong, open-source encryption
  • Messages can be set to disappear
  • No animated emojis yet

Download: Signal


2. Wire

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Available for Android and the web, Wire is one of those apps like WhatsApp that offer better security and privacy. The UI is simple and it supports end-to-end encryption. It was set up by Janus Friis, the co-founder of Skype. This can be used for free as long as you do not use it commercially. There are team and enterprise plans that offer more features and better support, as it is natural. Group calls include 10 users and group screen sharing is supported. You can share PDF and MS office files using it. It lets you embed images, GIFs and videos in chat. With so many features, it can be deemed as a worthy alternative to WhatsApp.

Key Features

  • PDF and MS Office attachment support
  • Group screen sharing and group calls
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Timed messages support

Download: Wire


3. Telegram

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Telegram is a good alternative to WhatsApp when it comes to user data privacy and functionality too. Set up by a Russian entrepreneur named Pavel Durov, Telegram is a cloud-based app for instant messaging. It, in fact, outshines Whatsapp in certain key segments! For example, it supports multiple languages messaging and languages like German and Spanish are supported. It also trumps Whatsapp in sending large sized files. You can send files up to 1.5 GB in size. Like other rival apps, it has support for emojis, stickers, and phone number-based login. Apart from mobile apps, it has a desktop chat app version.

Key Features

  • Multiple languages supported
  • Large attachment supported
  • Desktop app version
  • In-house encryption algorithm

Download: Telegram


4. Viber

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Nowadays, almost all instant messaging app companies insist they offer better privacy, but how can you feel secure! Well, you can feel more secure about Viber. This WhatsApp alternative uses a color coding system to signify data security. The app uses various colors to denote varying encryption. Platform support is very good, even though the app was created with iOS users in mind. There is no pesky ad and you can use it for free. There is sharing of files and group messaging service in the app. Moreover, the app lets you make calls to non-Viber numbers at low rates and it does not hog resources.

Key Features

  • Color coding for denoting data privacy
  • Wide platform support
  • Simple to use app, no ads
  • Lightweight app

Download: Viber


5. Line

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Line is among those lesser known but capable app like WhatsApp that you can try out. It now has over 300 million users across the world and the service is available in 232 countries. Created by Naver Corporation, Japan, It has good platform support. Much like other WhatsApp alternative apps, it uses the phone number for logging in. It lets you exchange images, messages, and video files. If you provide email account, you can use its desktop apps both on Mac and Windows platforms. The app UI is customizable and devoid of clutter.

Key Features

  • Customizable, clean UI
  • Desktop apps supported
  • Huge user base
  • Messaging with self-destruct timers

Download: Line


6. KIK Messenger

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Despite a section of web users having a negative opinion about it, KIK Messenger is a good alternative to WhatsApp if you care for data privacy. It supports all major mobile OS platforms and supports emojis, gifs, and stickers. The UI is also clean and easy to use. The big difference is in the way it offers video calling. It shows videos in two small round windows and rest of the screen is taken up by chat. Its USP is that the app needs a username and not your phone number.

Key Features

  • Ideal for user anonymity online
  • Simple, clean UI
  • Multi-platform support

Download: Kik Messenger


7. KakaoTalk

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

It may not be a popular instant messaging app yet, but those looking for suitable alternatives to WhatsApp can check it out. The South Korea-based VoIP service app not only supports iOS but it is also compatible with Apple Watch. It supports 15 languages so far. Sending of media content is simple in this app. The registration process is quite similar to that of Whatsapp. Group video chat is supported, but it still requires some polish.

Key Features

  • Simple and sleek UI
  • 15 languages supported
  • Support for Apple Watch and Android Wear

Download: KakaoTalk


8. Threema

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Made by a Swiss-based company, Threema is a mobile IM app which can challenge Whatapp in near future. It supports end-to-end 256-bit asymmetric ECC encryption and hence can be used anonymously. It is also compliant with GDPR- the latest European privacy legislation. You can send many attachments including pdf, animated GIF, mp3, Zip etc. The UI is sleek and ease of usage is great. However, it is not free to use.

Key Features

  • Strong 256-bit asymmetric ECC encryption
  • GDPR compliant app
  • Sleek, simple UI

Download: Threema


9. Wickr Me

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Wickr Me messenger enables the users to define expiration time on conversations already encrypted. The app has a desktop version as well. This lets you sync messages using many devices. Group chats are supported and it does not require you to provide a number or email address to use its service. You enjoy end-to-end encryption in this app.

Key Features

  • No email or number required
  • The desktop version is resent
  • Device to device encryption

Download: Wickr Me


10. Tango

The 10 Best Alternative to WhatsApp Which Respect Your Privacy

Tango is a free messaging app, but it adds many more features on top of that. It lets you share images and make video calls in a jiffy. Available on Android, Apple and PC platforms, this app lets you create live stream video content. Additionally, you can send add filters and send stickers or even play games when using it. While the app is pretty simple, it still lacks features compared to similar rival apps.

Key Features

  • Simple, sleek UI
  • Video calling and filters
  • Live streaming videos

Download: Tango


Wrapping Up

To wrap up I would say that Signal has been my personal favorite Instant messaging alternative to the popular WhatsApp. This app is being adopted by many non tech-savvy users too. That is a big reason for me to favorite this app over others because asking all my friends and relatives to move to other apps IM apps will be a big headache. Due to recent shady practices by WhatsApp, it’s possible that other alternative to WhatsApp may also get popularism in near future.

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