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16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube – Top YouTube Alternative Sites

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites Posted On
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For sharing videos and watching movies online, YouTube remains the primary choice for billions of people worldwide. However, Google’s popular video sharing and streaming site may not always fulfill your needs. While YouTube is simple to use and has a great collection of movies and other types of videos, you may not find rare movies or TV shows at all times. Sometimes, you may not be able to access certain videos owing to territory and digital media copyright-related factors. At such times, the YouTube alternative sites will come to your rescue.

When you are unable to find a specific video or movie on YouTube Red, you may resort to alternative sites that offer the video you are on the lookout for. There are quite a number of video sharing sites that function much like YouTube and most of these can be accessed for free. But you need to know first which YouTube alternatives are the best for your needs? Let us go through the list I have assembled for you guys!

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube – Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Listed below are the top video upload and sharing sites like YouTube that you can use:

1. Dailymotion

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

This is one of the video platforms other than YouTube that offer you a similar experience. The good thing about this site is that its layout is almost similar to YouTube and so you will have no hardship in getting accustomed. However, only Pro users can access HD quality videos and 4GB file video capping is there. This can be detrimental for those who want to upload long videos. Set up in 2005, it has a database of movies, trailers, music that is impressive. It supports Apple TV and XBOX.

Key Features

  • Less strict rules than YouTube for video upload
  • Same layout as YouTube
  • Professional quality videos
  • Apple TV support

Visit & Try Dailymotion


2. Metacafe

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

If you have been thinking is there an alternative to YouTube the answer is yes! You can try out online services like Metacafe. While Metacafe is quite good, you will have to cope with the short 90 second limit on videos. It is suited more for users who want to watch funny and short video clips than full-length TV shows and feature films. It scores high and is favorite amongst many owing to its simple UI and categorization.

  • Simple UI and navigation
  • Limit on video length

Visit & Try Metacafe


3. Vimeo

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

While Vimeo may not be as popular as YouTube it is not far behind either. This online video sharing and streaming platform is popular for many reasons. There are no distracting elements in the UI. It has a good range of TV series and movies, catering to a broad range of users. However, this is not exactly ideal for video content creators because the platform restricts weekly upload limit to 500 MB. However, the redeeming factor is that you can enjoy 4k Ultra HD video content on this site. It also has mobile apps.

  • 4k Ultra HD video content
  • Simple UI with no distractions
  • Mobile apps

Visit & Try Vimeo


4. Vevo

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

This is one of the video upload sites like YouTube that have become popular in the last decade. Set up in 2009, it is meant for the music video lovers. It has an impressive range of music videos. However, the content so diversified as some other sites. You will find many HD videos with crystal clear audio quality. The UI is simple enough. However, it does not let you upload your created music videos -which is kind of a limitation.

  • HD quality music videos
  • Impressive range of music videos
  • Simple, sleek UI

Visit & Try Vevo


5. The Internet Archive

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

The name may not exactly sound like a service offering website to upload videos to share but that is what it actually does. It is an online storehouse of zillions of old videos. Apart from videos, it has 4 million audio recordings, 11 million books, 279 billion web pages. There are 3 million videos (including documentaries) in its database. It was set up in the early days of the internet back in 1996! So, you get more than 20 years of web history.

  • Massive range of videos and other content
  • Simple, to use UI
  • 264 video for uploading

Visit & Try The Internet Archive


6. Twitch

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Twitch is not like typical video sharing websites. It is a gaming video streaming platform and for those users, it is an ideal platform. The avid gamers can set up a new community using it. It is actually a subsidiary of Amazon launched in 2011.

  • Ideal for gaming video lovers
  • Simple to use
  • Get subscribers to earn money monthly

Visit & Try Twitch


7. Veoh

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Veoh is fast becoming a leader among the YouTube alternative sites. The best thing about this site is that it lets you upload videos sans any restrictions. There are 2 services- a YouTube type streaming service and the other offers full-length tv shows and movies. It has a good recommendation engine which you will find useful.

  • YouTube alternative with a clean UI
  • No limitation on video upload
  • Has plenty of social features
  • Easy to use

Visit & Try Veoh


8. Flickr

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Flickr may not be your first choice for video sharing but you can use it for video upload. However, the videos you can upload in this image sharing can have a short duration. It is a well known online platform with various features. You can create a free account, but then you will be limited to uploading videos with a 90 seconds limit.

  • Simple to use
  • Clean user interface
  • Video uploads with some limits
  • Supports a lot of video formats

Visit & Try Flickr 


9. Photobucket

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Photobucket is quite similar to Flickr, but it offers more choices to share varied types of content. The site actually hosts an impressive repository comprising of user-generated videos. You get high-quality print solutions in it. Free users can upload videos with limitations though.

  • High-quality content upload
  • Great browsing experience

Visit & Try Photobucket


10. DTube

16 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - Top YouTube Alternative Sites

Decentralized Tube or Dtube is a new entrant for video uploaders and viewers. It is based on the emerging block chain technology. The UI is not much different from that of YouTube. You get rid of view count and censorship which is a big relief. There is no ad but be aware that you cannot delete whatever you upload on the platform. Just like YouTube, you can save videos for watching later. However, the content range is still not very impressive.

  • YouTube like UI
  • No annoying ads
  • No view count and censorship
  • Based on latest blockchain technology

Visit & Try Dtube


11. IGTV

IGTV is powered by the popular image sharing platform Instagram and it has the potential to take on YouTube in the near future. You can upload lengthy videos on this platform. The videos can be played on mobile devices. Just like YouTube, it has channels. If you follow a person on Instagram, you get options to follow him/her on IGTV as well. To upload videos on your own, you have to use the desktop app.

  • Vertical aspect ratio videos
  • Simple to use, sleek UI
  • Free for Instagram users

Visit & Try IGTV


12. PeerTube

PeerTube , as is evident from the name, is not just any other video sharing/streaming platform. This is basically one interconnected network of many video sharing platforms. This is financed by Framasoft- a French non-profit entity. The best thing about the service is there are no pesky ads and you need not to worry about the website tracking your online activities. It is based on Web Torrent technology. The UI is simple and sleek. You do not have to fret about content censorship as well.

  • Zero censorship on content
  • No annoying ads
  • p2p sharing
  • Totally free to use

Visit & Try PeerTube 


13. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is the best online platform for finding entertainment videos online. It has dedicated NSFW section. You get a wide range of content here including the likes of images, GIFs, memes. The videos are actually pretty cool.

  • Variety of content
  • Interesting videos

Visit & Try 9Gag TV


14. Brightcove

Brightcove made by a Massachusetts–based software company and it is a worthy web video platform. It was set up in 2004 and since then user base has shot up substantially. It is a unified video sharing and uploading solution aimed at publishers, broadcasters and the large scale companies. However, the service is not free. The app is quite user-friendly.

  • Business centric video sharing service
  • Simple UI, ease of usage

Visit & Try Brightcove


15. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project is a simple video streaming platform and its origin can be traced back to 1998. The UI is bare bones compared to most modern videos haring sites. You can think of the site as a digital library with 195 video segments. The videos contain educational stuffs and documentaries. There are some as history related videos. You can use filters to locate videos as per their needs. However, it is not a replacement for YouTube as such.

  • Simple UI and filters
  • Good range of videos.

Visit & Try The Open Video Project


16. Wistia

Wistia is one of the top business-centric video-software solutions you can try. It is aimed at entities that want to establish a strong connection to the target audience using quality video content. More than 300000 companies use its solution worldwide. This is basically a SaaS based online video platform offering live streaming and video on demand. You can post videos made using it online. It has a mobile app too.

  • Sleek, simple UI
  • SaaS Video solution
  • Video on demand and live streaming
  • Video posting enabled
  • Video Integration with WordPress

Visit & Try Wistia


A few more YouTube alternatives

Listed below are a few more online video hosting and sharing services you may consider:

1. Vidyard

Canada based Vidyard is used by a lot of entities to create and share business video content online. Starting from 2010, it has succeeded in developing a big user base and it is only growing. Vidyard content can be shared across popular digital platforms like YouTubeFacebook. It supports 2 types of CTAs. The Vidyard player is quite customizable and uploaded videos can be watermarked.

  • Social media sharing
  • Customizable player
  • CTA support
  • Watermarking for uploaded videos

Visit & Try Vidyard


2. Sony Crackle

Crackle is a Sony product and it started its journey in Canada in 2010. Over the years, its services have become available in many other countries. It is now a US subsidiary of SPE offering ad-supported video content through streaming media. You get access to long-form content along with programming acquired from several other production companies. It is now accessible in 21 countries and supports devices like mobile, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It offers content in 3 languages- Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

  • Original video content with ads
  • 3 languages supported
  • Wide device range support

Visit & Try Crackle


3. SproutVideo

SproutVideo offers robust business video hosting and sharing solution for the SMBs. You can try its solution for 30 days. It excels in offering robust video privacy settings. The safety features include password protection, IP restriction, and login protection. You can customize the created videos with a huge number of themes and settings without requiring coding. You can add different types of CTAs to the created videos.

  • Great video safety options
  • Video content customizations

Visit & Try SproutVideo

These are our favorite alternative to YouTube which offers varied features to share videos. You have any query on how to use any of these platfroms to share videos then comment in the below section.

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