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The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 To Download Unlimited Movies, Videos, Software, And Music

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019 Posted On
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With the evolution of the web, the way people access it has changed a lot. There was a time when the only way to download a file was from a direct server located on a specific website. While that option still exists, you can also resort to a viable alternative- especially for acquiring content that is hard to download in a regular way. Also, a huge amount of online content is restricted to regional boundaries or censored by authorities. That is where Torrenting comes into the picture! Based on a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, it uses specific software to+ let you download large files from various servers or computers connected to the web. Here users work as a source of content too by becoming Seeds and Leechers. Torrenting is commonly used to download software, games, movies, TV shows etc. While they work fine, you should choose the torrent client and torrent file source carefully. To get the best experience, you should know which torrent website is the fastest and which one is being updated with the latest content. Here I’m listing the 10 top torrent sites with proxy servers in case they are not opening in your country.

Is torrenting safe and legal?

Before you learn about the top and reliable torrent search sites, it is imperative that you get the facts clear on safety and legal aspects of torrenting. Like many other bits of web technology, torrenting by itself is not illegal. However, the legal aspect kicks in based on what type of content you download from the torrent sites. When you download copyright-protected content from such sites, it is deemed as an illegal activity. This makes you liable to face legal action- as per the jurisdiction of the country. In the UK, Canada and Australia this may make you embroiled in a civil lawsuit. This is why the majority of torrent site users resort to VPN services to hide their online identity. We suggest you to go for the best VPN service available out there and they are cheap of a deal considering the amount of free content you get from torrent websites safely.


Top Torrent Sites With Working Proxies

Torrent SitesMonthly Visitors (Millions)Worldwide Alexa RankTotal Torrent FilesWorking Proxy SitesBest To Download
ThePirateBay.Org19.7M2954 Million+TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books
Torrentz2.eu15.4M51770 Million+Movies, TV Series, Music, Application
RARBG37.1M3270.9 Million+Movies, TV Shows, Applications, eBooks


6.33M1.94K10 Million+Movies, TV Series, Music, Games, eBooks
1337x36.7M2452.5 Million+Movies, TV Series, Music, Applications
Torlock3.30M5.68K4.5 Million+Movies, TV Series, Games, eBook, Anime
 EZTV.AG12.1M1.37K0.15 Million+Movies, TV Series
Zooqle5.65M1.76K3.3 Million+Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books
SkyTorrents1.94M9.01K17 Million+Movies, TV Series, Music, eBooks, Games

(Completely legal)

12.1M96810 Million+Movies, Music, Games, Anime
ExtraTorrent1.94M9.01K17 Million+Movies, TV Series, Music, eBooks, Games

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 – Updated January 2019

Listed below are the top ten torrent sites to pick from in 2019:

1. The Pirate Bay

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019

Beyond doubt, this is one of the most popular and oldest sites used by people worldwide. Set up in 2003, its journey has been quite tumultuous but that has not affected the user base. On the contrary, it has become more popular over the years! It can be used to download literary anything including movies, music, games or software apps etc. It is also compatible with Tor. It now has several mirror sites to cater to user needs when the main site is down.

  • Plenty of mirror sites
  • Supports tor browser
  • Huge range of content
  • 2 MB/s average download speed

Visit ThePiratebay.Org



The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January is the successor to the highly popular Torrentz site. It was set up in 2016 when the original site was taken down. It supports Tor and has an impressive database of content. The successor site looks and feels very much like the defunct one. It is best suited for music content.

  • Tor support included
  • Impressive database of content
  • Ideal if you want access to music content
  • 0 MB/s average download speed




The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019RARBG has proved to be one of the best torrent search engines over the years and its reputation is intact till date. Set up in 2008, it has been used by millions of users across the world and its reputation for hosting quality torrents is amazing. The service is also very simple to use. It is a bit hard to access the site naturally and using a Torrenting VPN service may be required in many countries. However, it does not support Tor yet.

  • 3 MB/s average download speed
  • Simple to use
  • High quality torrents



4. KickAssTorrents

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019The original KickAssTorrents site went down and a mirror was set up in its place. The UI is almost identical and so is usage process. The site has a good range of content and new additions are found every week.

  • Ease of usage
  • Good range of content

Visit KickAssTorrents


5. 1337x

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019This is one of the torrenting sites that have been in the business for almost a decade. Set up in 2007, 1337x is very simple to use. However, its drawback is lack of support for Tor. You can use it to download almost all types of content and the revamped UI makes things even better. It is now more secure than the past.

  • Simplified organized interface
  • Good range of movies
  • Slightly lower average download speed

Visit 1337x


6. Torlock

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019Torlock is one of the most popular torrent search sites out there that is ideal for downloading anime and ebooks. However, you can also download other types of content using it. It lacks Tor support, but the service is not tedious to use. The website UI is impressive and well organized. maintains it only lists verified torrents. It has good download speed.

  • Clean, intuitive UI
  • Best for anime and ebooks
  • 5 MB/s average download speed

Visit Torlock



The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019YTS.AG, set up in 2011 is one of the top torrenting sites when it comes to movies. While it does not support Tor, the site has a sleek UI and that is simple to use even for a beginner. You can find movies in varying formats and most have good quality. The range of movies is also pretty good. One nice thing about the site is that it works on computers with slower net connections without woes.

  • Amazing sleek interface
  • Good choice of movies
  • Good for people with limited bandwidth
  • 2 MB/s average download speed

Visit YTS.AG


The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019EZTV.AG is a popular torrenting site that is mainly focused on TV series and movies. Set up in 2015, it has gathered a huge user base and lack of Tor support has not affected its growth. You can find almost all types of TV show content including popular reality TV shows and late night shows. The site UI may appear a bit dated, but that does not affect its functionality at all.

  • Great range of TV content
  • Simple to use
  • 0 MB/s average download speed


9. Zooqle

The 10 Top Torrent Sites Of 2019 - Updated January 2019Set up in 2013, it is a torrenting service that can be used to download nearly all kinds of media content. You will find a wide range of TV series and movies in its range. The site layout is pretty and well organized. You will find movies in both SD and HD resolutions. You can also find 3d content in this site. The website has some ads, but using ad blocker those can be evaded.

  • Good range of movies and TV shows
  • Movies in varying formats and resolutions
  • Nice UI
  • 9 MB/s average download speed

Visit Zooqle

10. SkyTorrents

This is among the newer torrenting services that have become quite popular with the P2P service users. Set up in 2017, can be used to download many types of files and it lacks Tor support. The website interface is pretty simple and organized. The ads on the site are annoying, but you can use ad blocking software or browser extensions to hide these.

  • Simple, clean UI
  • Good range of content

Visit SkyTorrents

Summing it all up

Of course, there are some other useful torrenting sites like IsoHunt and Torrent Funk that you can use. However, you have to think about the features and download speed before picking any one. But as the final words, I would say the old favourite The Pirate Bay is still at the top of world popular torrent sources and other of the list include 1337XRARBGTorlockTorrentDownloads,, and LimeTorrents. The number of mirror sites is another aspect that can’t be ignored in this regard. It is a fact that from time to time the main torrenting sites face crackdown and then mirror sites are the only way to access desired content. Also, you should choose your torrent very carefully. As uTorrent has now become a nightmare so I would suggest you check out my list of torrent alternative clients, which are awesome.



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