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Best Free Video Calling Software – 21 Best Skype Alternative 2019

Best Free Video Calling Software - 21 Best Skype Alternative 2019 Posted On
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Over the years digital communication technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, beyond any doubt. Video calling is commonplace now and Skype has been one of the forerunners in this segment. It was very popular even before Microsoft acquired it in 2011 and has a loyal, humongous fan base worldwide. While Skype offers plenty of useful features like messaging and group video call, it is not the only choice. In the last decade, several rivals to Skype have appeared in the horizon. You can pick from the Skype alternative for business or personal communication needs. Listed below are top 21 free alternatives to Skype you can consider:

Best Free Video Calling Software – 21 Best Skype Alternative 2019

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the top messaging and video calling app nowadays and with time its functionalities continue to improve. It is free and comes with end-to-end encryption. Along with a smartphone, WhatsApp is now available for computer users too. Now, you can use it to make group video call too. The major advantage is it is light on system resources and so runs on low-end mobile devices easily.

Key Features

  • Free and easy to use
  • Supports desktop OS
  • End to end encryption
  • Light on system resources

Download link: WhatsApp


2. Talky

If you do not like the idea of installing third party apps in your devices and PCs for video calling or chat, Talky is apt for you! This is a web-based service and you can use a web browser to run it and chat with up to 15 persons. Chat room creation is possible and you get password-protected rooms too.

Key Features

  • Browser-based video chat
  • Password protection inbuilt
  • iOS app available

Download link: Talky


3. Viber

This is another worthy skype alternative app you can try. The main strength of Viber is it is cross-platform compatible and has a version for Linux along with desktop apps. You get voice and video calls along with text messaging. The app is free from pesky ads.

Key Features

  • Cross-platform compatible app
  • No annoying ads displayed
  • Sleek UI, simple to use

Download link: Viber


4. ooVoo

This is a fun to use video chat application which lets a dozen users chat with each other at the same time. However, the app digs into your social networking profiles ad email to set up connections with others. It can be used to call people who are not using the app and they can revert using Facebook.

Key Features

  • Fun to use app
  • Non users can be called
  • Patented SuperClear technology for better video calls

Download link: ooVoo


5. WeChat 

WeChat is among the top Skype alternative apps and its focus is on mobile device users. However, there is a web-based edition aimed at the PC users too. It brings in text, voice and video-based chats on board and you can also use it to make calls to landlines and mobiles in selected countries.

Key Features

  • Wide range of devices
  • Nearby feature
  • Simple, sleek UI

Download link: WeChat 


6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is deemed as the leading social networking service and its messenger app is among top skype alternatives. The app is easy to use and there is no group calling option yet. It supports top mobile OS platforms. For video calls, both users need to have the app installed on their devices.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Top mobile platforms supported

Download link: Facebook Messenger


7. Line

A product of Navier, Line boasts of over 450 million users worldwide. Apart from letting you indulge in free video calls, the game bundles in games and stickers. While a call is one, you can change from video to voice mode.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt games
  • Simple app, sleek UI

Download link: Line


8. Google Hangouts

This is ideal if you are having Skype issues and want an alternative for personal or business needs. It is bundled with most Android phones by default and Gmail users can use it without hassles. It offers voice, text and video chats thorough a simple UI. There is an app for iOS too.

Key Features

  • Minimal, yet useful UI
  • Ideal for Google online service users

Download link: Google Hangouts


9. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is not a freeware alternative to Skype, exactly. You can try this for free for 30 days. This versatile video calling service which is also cross-platform compatible. Security conscious users will like 256-bit encryption protection. Sharing file is also easy.

Key Features

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Simple file sharing
  • Versatile video calling service

Download link: Amazon Chime


10. Imo

Looking for sites that are easy to install and use? You are in luck! IMO is very easy to use and offers great features for free. It offers quality video and voice calls. The UI is sleek and minimal and setting up the app is simple. It is also light on resources. The app functions much like WhatsApp!

Key Features

  • Minimal sleek UI
  • Quality video calls
  • Low on system resources

Download link: Imo


11. Discord

Discord is a free VoIP application as well as digital distribution platform which is aimed mainly at the video gaming communities. It is a cross-platform app and supports Linux too. You can use the desktop app or else it is possible it to use the service through a web browser, regardless of the OS you use.

Key Features

  • Cross platform support
  • Aimed at video gaming communities

Download link: Discord


12. Vsee

VSee is ideal for those who looking for a secure video calling software. It lets you indulge in group video calls without charges. It requires less bandwidth compared to Skype. You get 720P HD video support and easy file sharing.

Key Features

  • Easy file sharing
  • 720P HD video
  • Unlimited group video calling

Download link: Vsee


13. GoToMeeting

Is skype private? Are you looking for an alternative platform to conduct private business meetings? GoToMeeting is not exactly a free video conferencing program, but you can use its service without paying anything for a month. It allows up to 25 users to join at a time for video conferencing. It supports iOS or Android devices and PC OSes.

Key Features

  • Wider platform/device support
  • 25 user video conferencing
  • Single click screen sharing

Download link: GoToMeeting


14. Webex

If you have been looking for a worthy skype alternative this app is worth trying. The free version supports up to 3 members. You get support for HD 720P video and there is simple screen sharing.

Key Features

  • HD 720P video support
  • Call me feature
  • Easy screen sharing facility

Download link: Webex

15. Ekiga

This is an open source IM application that can also be used online for video calling. There are versions for Windows and Linux. You can enjoy high-quality audio and video calls using it.

Key Features

  • Free, open source app
  • High audio and video quality calls

Download link: Ekiga


16. Signal

Signal is a communications app for iOS and Android along with a desktop version for leading operating systems. It offers inbuilt Group messaging, timers to messages and voice notes.

Key Features

  • Possible to send files, text messages, pictures, voice notes, video messages, GIFs etc.
  • Group messaging supported
  • Communications are encrypted end to end
  • Users can set timers to the messages.

Download link: Signal


17. Voca

It is the cheapest alternative to Skype when it comes to voice calling and VoIP. The Voca app needs to be installed on the device for cheap international calls and in-app messaging calling. The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

  • Customizable Home screen
  • Sending secret messages possible
  • Cheap calling to landlines and mobiles across the globe

Download link: Voca


18. Jitsi

Jitsi is a free open source multi-platform voice, instant messaging and video conferencing app for web, Linux, Android, Mac and Windows. The calls made using the app are encrypted with the latest protocols. You can also transfer files using it. The calls can be recorded as well.

Key Features

  • Call encryption and Desktop streaming
  • Group video support
  • Instant messaging support and encryption
  • Call recording

Download link: Jitsi


19. Ring

For audio and video calling and text messaging, Ring is a cheap alternative for Skype any day. Open source, freedom and privacy are the three main areas where Ring excels. Ring is fully secure like Skype, which like Whatsapp and Skype offers end to end encryption.

Key Features

  • End to end encryption secured communications
  • Operates on the desktop with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Communication can be done over SIP or using a RingID
  • Text messaging and media sharing

Download link:  Ring


20. is a video collaboration tool for the most convenient video conversations. No downloads are required to use It lets 4 users video chat at the same time. The best thing about the service is that all users do not have to register. The screen sharing system is easy. There is an option for private video calling too that makes this app an ideal alternative to Skype.

Key Features

  • No need for downloads and registration. Just the room link has to be sent for joining in the browser
  • Can be joined from any device
  • Simple screen-sharing facility
  • Private video calling by locking the room

Download link:


21. Anveo communicator

A lesser known substitute to Skype, Anveo communicator offers so many online communication features free. You can use it on PCs running Mac, Windows and Linux. You may also run it in a browser directly. The app offers high-quality calls.

Key Features

  • Cross-platform support
  • Can be run in a browser
  • High-quality audio and video calls

Download link: Anveo communicator


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