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Best Free Apps For Kids To Help Children Learn | 12 Educational Apps For Kids

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Gone are those days when parents had to resort to books or depend on kindergartens to help their kids learn various subjects. The advent and rapid growth of digital technologies, especially the web, has created many more options for people nowadays. While a preschool or kindergarten still remains a popular choice, it is also possible for your child learn various subjects by utilizing technological means at the comfort of your very home! Yes, we are talking about smartphone apps! There are dozens of educational apps for kids that cover topics like math, science, linguistics, and geography etc. By using these apps, your kids can learn these subjects while enjoying the learning process. Let’s get to the list of the best free apps for kids that can help your kid learn various skills in early stage:

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

Math need not be tedious for the kids when you have got the right apps. The below listed free apps will help your kids learn math in easy ways and they will actually start liking the subject.

Best math learning apps for kids

01. Math Kids

Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn-Developed by RV App studios it is a fun math app that you can use to teach nuances of basic maths to the toddlers. There are inbuilt mini-games that the kids can play and learn calculation in a fun-filled manner. It offers a number of puzzles that the kids have to solve. They learn to count, add and subtract in the process. You can also change the hardship level of the games.

  • Sleek fun to use the app
  • Includes math puzzles
  • Includes math quizzes

Download: Math Kids

02. Slice Fractions

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

Slice Fractions is fun to use and useful app that helps you teach kids the fractions. The kids will develop conceptual knowledge of fractions which will help them learn math better at later stages. There are more than 140 innovative physics puzzles. There are no pesky ads in the app. This app is multilingual as well.

  • sleek, easy UI
  • no ads
  • enough physics puzzles

Download: Slice Fractions

03. Free App to Learn Numbers, Addition, Sorting, & Subtraction: Friendly Math Monsters for Kindergarten

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

Math Monster is a very easy to use and sleek app that your kids can benefit from. The graphics are amazing and you can make use of its multiple levels to help kids learn math basics better. It is a free app though there are a few in-app purchases.

  • sleek, simple interface
  • multiple levels of difficulties

Download: Math Monster

04. Animal Math First Grade Math Games

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

Kids can relate well to animals and this app involves some nice animals to teach nuances of maths to the toddlers. The app has math-explorer Emma who helps her animal buddies complete more than 100 math games and find ways through the African wild! The cute animal characters like lions, hippos, zebras, giraffes, meerkats, and rhinos. The games include counting, algebra basics, subtraction, and addition.

  • funny animal characters
  • learning through game playing
  • parental controls included

Download: Animal Math First Grade Math Games

Best language learning apps for kids

It is best to help the kids learn the foundation of English when they are young. These free and fun apps will aid your children to pick up nuances of English without getting bored.

01. Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning – English

Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning – English is ideal when you want to teach your toddlers the basics of the English alphabet. The app has a nice music track and cool graphics. This free and fun to use app will help your toddlers learn alphabets in no time. The tracing games let the toddlers recognize shapes of letters and then relate these with phonic sounds. The kids can simply use their fingers to learn alphabets in this app.

  • colorful UI, soothing audio
  • easy to learn
  • ideal for preschool age kids

Download: Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning-English

02. English for Kids: Learn & Play

This multilingual app is meant for kids who are above 6 years to learn English in a simple and fun way. The app has 2 dozen structured lessons and by wrapping these, your kids will learn more than 200 new words. They will also learn how to build phrases correctly. They will learn basic grammar norms too. The app UI is really sleek. The in-built rewards make learning even more engaging.

  • Colorful, sleek UI
  • In-built rewards system
  • 24 lessons to cover

Download: English for Kids: Learn & Play

03. Hello English Kids

Hello English Kids is a free and nice app that will aid your toddlers in grasping nuances of the English language without feeling exhausted! The kids above 2 years will be able to use the app without any woes. The app focuses on aspects like writing skills, listening comprehension, English vocabulary, and spoken English. There are no ads and you get advanced parental controls. There are plenty of nursery rhymes, educational games, learning activities, videos for the toddlers. It also has advanced AI technology.

  • No pesky ads
  • Advanced AI and parental controls
  • Smooth, sleek interface

Download: Hello English Kids

04. Learn English for Kids

Learn English for Kids is meant for kids who have aged 9 years or a little senior. The graphics are really nice and the app utilizes the top English learning techniques. The app helps the kids master English in a gradual or step by step manner. As they complete one lesson the difficulty is stepped up a bit. The audio files aid in developing listening skills. They also get quizzes in the app and there are plenty of images for aid in understanding.

  • Step by step learning
  • Audio and images to aid learning
  • A sleek and free app

Download: Learn English for Kids

Best science learning apps for kids

It is a good idea to make your kids interested in numerous aspects of science when they begin dabbling with education. The following science-related apps will help them learn the basics of science while having fun all the way. Some of these apps are aimed at the kids who are above 6 years or so.

01. Amazing Science Facts

Amazing Science Facts is an app that can be used offline and it is better suited for kids who are not below 7-8 years. This is because it does not offer too many interactive elements! The app is still useful as it offers daily new facts on biology, maths, astronomy, and physics. It is also lightweight and pretty simple to use. It supports Android phone’s Text-to-speech synthesizer as well.

  • Support for Text-to-speech synthesizer
  • works even in airplane mode
  • pretty easy to use

Download: Amazing Science Facts

02. Science kids learning

The app Science Kids Learning – Be Super Scientist! is meant for kids aged 6 years and upwards. The app will help them learn interesting nuances of science in a fun way. The app has some nice science games which will make them curious and learn new things. The topics that are covered by the app include the food chain, Microorganisms, Human Body Health, and more.

  • Explores basic nuances of science
  • easy to use app
  • contains  interesting quizzes
  • Human Body Systems for Boys: kids learn biology: In this app made by Magic Science House the kids can learn facts on the human body in a fun way. The kids can learn the basics of 9 systems in the human body. The app contains nice colorful illustrations. The kids will identify human body organs and how they work. The app also has fun puzzle games for kids. You can play in-app games without wifi. It even includes a special mode for eye protection.
  • nice graphics, sleek UI
  • game works without wifi
  • eye protection mode

Download:  Science kids learning

03. Learning Science Tricks and Experiments

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

‘Learning Science Tricks and Experiments’ is an app that you can use to teach your kids cool facts of science at home! The experiments are fun but they will help your kids grasp nuances of science without many woes. There are a number of simple but fun chemistry and physics experiments. They will learn the ways to generate electricity from potato and Learn Bernoulli’s Principle. It also has sleek visuals.

  • sleek UI
  • contains simple science experiments

Download: Learning Science Tricks and Experiments

04. Animals Learning

Best Free Apps for Kids to Help Children Learn with Fun

This is an interesting and attractive app for kids which will help them learn about the world of animals around. They get to learn about myriads of animal species including wild animals, domestic ones, and also birds and insects. They can hear the names of those species and see pictures to identify each species. The app has 4 parts- Animals Flashcard, Identify Animal’s Flashcard, followed by Spelling Test and Writing Test.

  • Fun app with inbuilt game
  • helps kids learn about animals of varying types
  • enticing graphics and sound

Download: Animals Learning

Summing it up

Of course, you will come across many other free educational apps for kids in the Google Play store. However, before you choose any of those apps for the kids, check a few factors. Check the average user ratings and read a few reviews, to ensure you select the right apps. Some of these apps are totally free while there are a few that have in-app purchase options. Some apps also have paid versions with additional features.

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