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14 Free Best Portable Antivirus to Remove Virus and Malware without Installation

14 Free Best Portable Antivirus to Remove Virus and Malware without Installation Posted On
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Gone are the days when antivirus software was so expensive that only the elite could afford. Nowadays, almost every PC user has some sort of antivirus or security software installed in his/her computer but not all such applications have the same level of efficacy. Good anti-virus software does more than just safeguarding your PC from virus attacks but also analyzes your disk usage, registry, and memory. If your PC has scarce disk space and you want security without upgrading to memory, a portable antivirus is a way to go! In an age when people seek instant solutions for everything, security software with a tiny footprint and ability to run sans installation is gaining immense popularity!

Why choose a portable antivirus solution

Thanks to the advancements in technology you can now pick from diverse types of PC security software. While licensed antivirus suites meant for single or multiple PCs are available, you can also opt for cloud-based security tools. The portable antivirus solutions are convenient as they can be run off external drives or USB disks. That can be handy when your PC is infected with malware that cannot be removed easily by using regular security tools. Most of these portable security apps come for free.

What to see when picking portable security solutions

When you look for a portable malware scanner app, analyze the following aspects to ensure you choose the aptest one:

  • Footprint- Not all portable antivirus software have the same footprint. From apps less than 10 MB to those over 300 MB, you get plenty of options.
  • Cloud support- Some of the portable Antivirus solutions come with cloud support. This ensures your PC can be checked with the latest definition engines every time you run the scan.
  • Support- Not all portable security software offers the same level of support. A few such antivirus solutions come with multi-channel support in most instances.
  • Additional features- Some of the newer portable PC security solutions come with additional features like command line scan, and device immunization etc.
  • System compatibility- Not all portable AV suites support all types of operating systems and software.  So, you need to check if a security solution chosen by you is compatible with all your existing PCs or not.

14 Free Best Portable Antivirus Solutions to Remove Virus and Malware without Installation

Nowadays, you can use various types of PC security applications. While licensed antivirus suites with a license for single or multiple PCs are available, you can also opt for cloud-based security tools. If you are running short on HDD space using portable antivirus solutions can be useful. These applications run off external drives or USB disks and can be handy when your PC is infected with malware that cannot be removed easily by regular security tools.

Listed below are the top 14 antivirus solutions you can pick from:

1. Avira PC Cleaner

Avira PC Cleaner is one of the user-friendly portable malware scanners you can find in the market nowadays. It is very lightweight and can be carried on a USB drive easily. The UI is sleek and you can run it from the external drive to detect any hidden malware sneaking into your PC. You can run either a quick scan or a full scan and take an action based on the results displayed.

  • Sleek, clean UI
  • Windows XP SP3 onwards compatible
  • Light on resources

Download & Try: Avira PC Cleaner


2. Microsoft Safety Scanner

If you want a secondary layer of defence on the installed virus protection software on your PC, give it a try. Microsoft Safety Scanner can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site and it can be used for up to 10 days after downloading. It supports Windows 7 and later operating systems alongside Windows Server 2008 and later OS versions.

  • Free, simple, portable malware checkup tool
  • Wide range of Windows OS supported

Download & Try: Microsoft Safety Scanner


3. McAfee GetSusp by Intel

Even if you think your POC is equipped with the best antivirus software, chances of malware intrusion is hard to rule out. If you suspect our system may be infected by some rogue software, try the McAfee GetSusp. A lightweight, portable antivirus tool, it utilizes the company’s GTI File Reputation database to detect malware. The UI is also sleek and the app runs on PCs with Windows 7 onwards OS versions.

  • Sleek, clean UI
  • Relies on Mcafee’s GTI File Reputation database

Download & Try: McAfee GetSusp by Intel


4. Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo Cleaning Essentials is a set of portable, free computer security tools which help you trace hidden malware in your computer and eradicate them effectively. It comprises of 2 main components, namely KillSwitch and malware scanner. The latter is equipped with powerful heuristic technologies to find and wipe out a wide range of malware. The former is a system monitoring tool that lets you trace potentially unsafe processes and stop them.

  • Integrates well with Comodo cloud scanners
  • Powerful antivirus scanner runs a deep system scan

Download & Try: Comodo Cleaning Essentials


5. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky is a big name in PC security solution and its portable virus detection and removal tool is a powerful one too. However, it is not a small-sized program like some of the segment rivals. The system scan may take some time, based on the size of HDD and types of files. It can also slow down your PC, more so if it has older hardware and less amount of RAM.

  • Powerful virus detection
  • Sleek, simple UI

Download & Try: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool


6. Norton Power Eraser

The Norton Power Eraser comes from the stable of Symantec a trusted name in the PC security sector. It is possibly the most feature-rich application among the available portable malware scanners. It is handy when stealthy malware skips past monitoring of an existing antivirus and you need deep level scanning and cleanup. You may run a quick scan, Advanced Scan and revert results of an earlier scan. After fixing the problems, this app will restart your PC.

  • Extensive scanning options
  • Lets you undo the results of past scans
  • Offers deep scan and cleanup

Download & Try: Norton Power Eraser

7. Zemana AntiMalware Portable

This is one of the reliable and effective portable anti-malware solutions you can try. The app has a sleek and clean UI and supports computers running Windows XP SP3 onwards editions. The trial version will full functionality can be run for 15 days. Feature-wise, it scores pretty well. You get real-time protection guard, scan scheduling, smart quarantine ‘vault’ and cookie tracking protection.

  • Sleek, simple UI
  • Wide OS version support
  • Comes with loads of features

Download & Try: Zemana AntiMalware Portable


8. Dr. Web CureIt!

Hailing from a Russian security software company, Dr Web CureIt! Is a portable malware scanner worth a try? It runs on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and later versions of OSes. You can use the portable malware scanner to find and neutralize a wide range of malware in a PC. The default Express scan mode can be customized by users. The tool is light on the system and offers good virus detection ratio.

  • Light on resources
  • Great malware detection score
  • Customizable scan mode

Download & Try: Dr. Web CureIt!

9. HitmanPro

Originally made by a company called Surfright, HitmanPro was acquired by noted security firm Sophos in 2015. This is a powerful portable Anti-malware program which can detect existing malware on a PC and remove them thereafter. It relies on cloud scanning to detect malware and so load on the system is less. You get 3 scan options- Early Score Warning, Quick Scan and Default Scan.

  • 3 scan modes
  • Lightweight app
  • Robust virus detection

Download & Try: HitmanPro

10. VIPRE Rescue Scanner

This is a bit different from the typical portable Anti-malware solutions. The VIPRE Rescue Scanner is a command-line application that can detect and eliminate malware that skips the defence of existing antivirus suite. It can take a long time to scan, but the results are worth the wait. Once you start the scan, you cannot pause and resume.

  • Command line scans
  • Impressive malware detection

Download & Try: VIPRE Rescue Scanner

11. Spybot – Search & Destroy Portable

The portable version of popular Anti-malware tool Spybot – Search & Destroy is quite simple and effective, as far as malware detection and removal is concerned. The UI is simple and clutter free. You can go for full scan or choose custom scan mode. It also comes with an effective immunization feature and an advanced mode for the geeks.

  • Customized scan mode
  • Inbuilt immunization feature
  • Sleek UI

Download & Try: Spybot – Search & Destroy Portable

12. ClamWin Portable

ClamWin is a popular open source virus scanner and it has a portable edition too. It alerts you through email in any malware infection is detected. The app has a size of 7.6 MB only. It runs on Windows XP and subsequent versions of OSes. The UI of this app is a bit dated, but efficacy is pretty good. You also get plenty of customization options.

  • Lean footprint
  • Email based alert
  • Enough customization choices

Download & Try: ClamWin Portable

13. Sophos Anti-Rootkit Portable

As is clear from its name, this portable malware removal tool is meant for detecting and removing a specific type of malware- called Rootkits! The app will not clash with your existing antivirus and runs on windows XP and later versions flawlessly. It has a clean UI and does not tax system resources much.

  • Clean, simple UI
  • Great rootkit detection
  • Wide OS range supported

Download & Try: Sophos Anti-Rootkit Portable

14. eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit

This is a portable malware removal solution that does not require standard installation. However, the application will extract the required files to a Windows temp folder and they can be erased later. The UI is neat and well organized. In fact, you get all the options in a single window. For example, you may choose to let the app scan windows registry and memory along with all HDD partitions. The good thing is it does not create conflicts with any installed security solution.

  • Neat, clutter-free UI
  • Enough customization options
  • Impressive scan results

Download & Try: eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit

Due to portability, these anti-viruses prove most beneficial when you don’t have memory in your system to keep running a resource hungry antivirus. In other industrial systems where computers are connected through intranet and not internet where no continues virus or malware attacks are happening on your PC. You can just plug in any of the top portable antivirus stick and scan you can scan your PC once in while. Download and keep in copied in your USB stick so you can use it whenever an emergency happens at your office and to keep your system clean and safe from malware attacks.

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