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15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

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Nowadays, the kids are burdened with so many kinds of stuff that they hardly get the time to enjoy childhood in its true essence. Instead of giving your toddlers exposure to much conventional education- you can help them learn things and study at home in a fun-filled way by using smartphone and tablet apps. Today’s kids are absolutely tech savvy and they love playing games on their parent’s iPads & smartphones. So why not introduce them to such apps which are specifically designed to keep your children occupied and help them develop new skills (mathematics, vocabulary, language, drawing etc) and cognitive abilities. Just like any kindergarten, these apps constitute small games and tasks which children will enjoy while learning by themselves and won’t go away to play other games. So without further ado let us get to the list of the best kindergarten like apps for your toddler:

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

1. Drawnimal

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Drawing is something that all kids love to do. With this app, it seems that the pen and paper has been brought to the iPhone, as this app runs only on iOS devices. The kid gets to choose a letter on the phone and can draw an animal with that letter. Along with getting acquainted with the alphabets, the kids also learn how to use them. Their ability to think out of the box also develops with the app.

Developer: Yatatoy Oy

Price: $2.00 for iOS

Skill: Drawing and learning alphabets

Pros: Available in many languages, drawing, fosters creativity and learning

Cons: Not available for Android users

Download Links: iOS


2. DragonBox Numbers

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Learning numbers is an integral part of a kid’s education. With DragonBox Numbers app, your child can develop an excellent number sense and basic arithmetic knowledge. The app has interesting games and challenges through which they learn about numbers in a playful manner. Learning numbers and mathematics is fun with this colourful and interactive app. The UI is sleek and easy on the eyes.

Developer: WeWantToKnow AS

Price: $7.99 for Android, $7.99 for iOS

Skill: Learning numbers and basic arithmetic, problem and puzzle solving

Pros: Helps in learning numbers, develops analytical skills, available in various languages

Cons: Reports of minor bugs and issues

Download Links: Android | iOS


3. Starfall ABC’s

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

This is a nifty app for toddlers with colourful visuals and simplicity. It introduces the kids to the basic of English language and they learn words in a fun-filled way. The kids identify the shape of each alphabet in the language and they also learn to sound the letters. It is a nice app to keep the kids engaged and help them learn the language at the same time. The UI is sleek and the kids will not get bored.

Developer:  Starfall Education Foundation

Price:  Free

Skill: alphabet, language

Pros: has Replay value.

Cons: Ideal only for very young toddlers

Download Links: Android | iOS


4. Toca Tea Party

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

This app is not like other apps that you find for the toddlers. It does not stress on developing specific academic skills. This app helps the toddlers develop social skills. The kids indulge in arranging a virtual tea party by using this app. The imaginative play mode helps them learn teamwork and pick up directions. This can be a good time pass for the toddlers too.

Developer:  Toca Boca AB

Price:  INR 299

Skill: teamwork

Pros: A different approach to teamwork

Cons: may not be very engaging

Download Links:  iOS


5. Homer – Learn to Read Program

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

HOMER Reading is one of the best apps for kindergarten kids. It is aimed at kids from 2-8 years. It helps them learn words, language at an early age. The app has engaging stories and activities aimed at the toddlers. This app can also be used to create a personalized learning plan. The app is paid, but you can try it for free for 30 days. There is no doubt that the kids will like its layout.

Developer:  HomerLearning, Inc.

Price:  $7.99- $79.99

Skill: language

Pros: Multilingual app, engaging content, 30 days free trial

Cons: Does not support iOS versions below iOS 9, quite expensive

Download Links: Android | iOS


6. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is one fun to use and useful app that can be considered as one of the best apps for kindergarten for sharpening math skills. The app features engaging visuals and fun ways to learn basic of math. The kids, for example, can learn the basics of calculations, geometry. It is ideal for kids aged 3 years and upwards. There are 5 engaging math activities in this app.

Developer:  Duck Duck Moose LLC

Price:  Free

Skill: maths

Pros: engaging math exercises, funny way to learn maths

Cons:  Not very engaging for older kindergartners.

Download Links: Android | iOS


7. MiniChess by Kasparov

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

This is a nifty chess app for the kids with a funny visual theme. The cute mouse cheddar embarks on a journey to discovering new friends. Throughout the app, the kids can pick up skills in vocabulary, math and they have to solve quite a few puzzles and activities. The only downside is that the game requires a huge amount of disk space-1.3 GB in IOS version.

Developer:  HeroCraft Labs

Price:  INR 299

Skill: chess and maths

Pros: exciting chess based app, nice visuals

Cons: huge footprint, require iOS 9 and later editions

Download Links: Android | iOS


8. TeachMe: Kindergarten

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an educational iOS app aimed at the kids a lot of things like addition, subtraction, spelling, numbers etc. The parents can set difficulty levels for their kids in this app. Checking the progress of the toddler users is also possible with this app. The children will love the app as it has a unique reward system in form of virtual coins.  The UI is quite simple and intuitive.

Developer:  24x7digital LLC

Price:  $1.99

Skill: maths

Pros: Broad range of activities

Cons: Nothing as such

Download Links:  iOS


9. Seuss’s ABC

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Have you been looking for the best apps for kindergarten to teach your kids the linguistic skills? If the answer is yes, you can zero in on this innovatively made app. Dr Seuss’s ABC deploys animal characters the kids can relate to and this makes learning things enjoyable for them. They can learn lowercase, uppercase, consonant sorting, new vocabulary etc. There are several fun learning activities in this app.

Developer:  Oceanhouse Media, Inc

Price:  $1.99

Skill: linguistics, vocabulary

Pros: Fun way to learn a language, innovative approach

Cons: not compatible with older iOS versions

Download Links: Android | iOS


10. Endless Alphabet

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

This is an educational, interactive and unique app for children in kindergarten, where they can learn their ABCs and alphabets. The app is colourful where funny and adorable looking monsters help in teaching alphabets to the kids. It also helps in improving the vocabulary of the kids. New words are added to the app at regular intervals-which makes it even more usable.

Developer: Originator Inc.

Price: free for Android, $9.00 for iOS

Skill: alphabets and vocabulary

Pros: Fun way of learning alphabets, over 100 words to learn

Cons: Slightly expensive for iOS users

Download Links: Android | iOS


11. Endless Reader

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Endless Reader helps the kids learn new words without getting stressed out and their vocabulary improves gradually. The youngsters can learn sight words- words that they find in educational books. There are small games and nice animations in the app.  The free version offers limited functionality. The kids can learn at the pace they are comfortable with. With time, the kids can also frame sentences in the apt way.

Developer:  Originator Inc

Price:  Free and paid, starting at INR 499

Skill: linguistics, vocabulary

Pros: Innovative content, puzzles to boost linguistic skills

Cons: The free package is pretty limited

Download Links: Android | iOS


12. Todo Telling Time

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Looking at a watch and telling time is something that kids are usually taught at home. And there is no better way to do that than using the To Do Telling Time app. The app helps the children in reading a clock properly. Kids learn to see time through some brightly shaped and coloured mini-games, which also have engaging sound effects. Along with learning to see time, the app also teaches the kid about days of the week and months of the year.

Developer: Enuma, Inc.

Price: $4.99 for Android and iOS

Skill: Learning skills

Pros: Learning to see time, know about days of the week and months of a year

Cons: Nothing

Download Links: Android | iOS


13. Drawing Pad

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Kids love to draw and scribble on a blank page with the colours of their choice. This free-form fun is as important as proper formal lessons. Children can explore their creativity and innovative skills on both Android and iOS platforms with this app. They can choose from different drawing accessories like pencils, brushes, crayons etc. Munchkins can learn about colours from the app.

Developer: Murtha Design, Inc.

Price: $1.99 for Android and iOS

Skill: Drawing, colouring

Pros: Learning drawing & colouring, improve creativity and innovation, available in many languages

Cons: Could be better developed

Download Links: Android | iOS


14. Avokiddo Emotions

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

Avocado Emotions is not like typical kid-centric Smartphone apps, but you may go for it nevertheless. In this fun-filled app, the kids have to dress up 4 cute animals- giraffe, moose, sheep, and zebra. They can use props like clothes, food and toys. The animals respond in many ways. It is both fun and learning experience for the toddlers! There are no ads or in-app purchases.

Developer:  Avokiddo

Price:  $2.99

Skill: creativity, self-learning skills

Pros: funny and engaging method, no pesky ads

Cons: No educational content as such

Download Links: Android | iOS


15. Coral Reef by Tinybop

15 Best Apps For Kindergarten | For Android and iOS

You may not be sure about the best apps for kindergarten kids that can be used to teach marine ecosystem and biological nuances. The coral reef is the ideal solution. The UI is pretty sleek and the kids will love the visuals. They can explore the app and stay hooked to the activities involving aquatic ecosystem. The app supports several languages and there is a free handbook bundled with it.

Developer:  Tinybop Inc

Price:  $2.99

Skill: Ocean science, ecosystem

Pros: great visuals, bundled handbook, multilingual app

Cons: nothing as such

Download Links:  iOS

Wrapping Up

So these were the top apps that you can use with your children to help them learn things and skills at home while they are not into any kindergarten or play school. These apps are very interactive and keep toddlers involved in fun activities. Each app has its own specific work so it is up to you to decide which skills or which things your child is lacking and you want them to grow in which trait of life. Thanks for reading through them. I hope you liked them and share them with your parent friends!


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