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Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet

Top 11 Viral Video Sites On The Internet  Posted On
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With internet technologies and access speed improving significantly in the last decade, the frequency of online video access has shot up considerably. A majority of web users spend a lot of time watching movies and video content online. The viral videos are quite a rage these days. These videos, which may be created by literally anyone, get spread across YouTube and then gets shared on social media channels and gather huge viewership. These can be created both intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes there are video marketing teams involved sometimes it’s just good content hungry people like you are me. There are dedicated websites where you can find trending viral videos and they are called viral video sites.

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Do viral videos make money?

Not all viral videos can fetch money, but with carefully developed strategies, businesses have made huge amounts of money from these videos. There are instances of individuals who have monetized such videos with aplomb. Typically, successful viral videos may earn thousands of dollars and examples of a few fetching over a million also exist.

When a video becomes viral for any reason, planned or unplanned, it may fetch money if the owner has monetized it. That can be done with programs like AdSense on YouTube. The amount of money earned by the videos varies on certain factors like pricing and type of ads in it. As the video goes viral, viewership skyrockets and then YouTube tallies the total amount and sends it to the specified bank account.

Another way to make money from viral videos is by licensing these. If the video is attractive from a business point of view, the advertising agencies, video marketing firms and production companies may buy its rights and pay the creator in turn. Let us have a look at the top viral video sites where you can find the latest viral video content easily without going through the hassle of looking for videos from the huge collection of YouTube:

The Top 10 Viral Video Curation Sites

1. Reddit Videos

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

Nowadays, it may have been eclipsed by the popularity of many other viral video sites, but Reddit Videos is said to be the pioneer of viral videos. It is also like an active web community. The content gets selected by the members.

  • Great range of content
  • Only quality content gets through the moderation process
  • Functions like an online community

Visit Site: Reddit Videos


2. Metacafe

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

Metacafe is one of the widely accessed viral video sites and the focus is on funny and weird videos. The UI may look a bit dated compared to other sites. However, you can still find viral videos category wise. You can also submit videos created by you.

  • Dated Interface
  • Videos sorted category wise.

Visit Site: MetaCafe


The majority of viral video sites rely on AI robots to locate the videos. However, Uncrate is not like those curation sites. The videos shown on this site are actually handpicked. So, you can be assured of getting quality content in this site. It supports mobile videos and HD videos as well.

  • Support for HD and mobile videos
  • Handpicked viral video content

Visit Site:


4. BestOfYouTube

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

As is evident from the name, this is among the top sites where you can find the top viral videos today. The site is simple to navigate, but sometimes locating videos with substance can be tedious. You can’t easily browse by categories.

  • Simple, sleek UI
  • Biggest collection of video content on the internet in one place
  • Not easy to locate quality content

Visit Site: BestOfYouTube


5. RightThisMinute

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

RightThisMinute is the ideal viral video curation website for you if you seek most updated content without spending a whopping amount of time. You can find educational content as well as some truly hilarious videos as they go viral on this website.

Visit Site: RightThisMinute


6. VideoSift

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

unlike many other viral video curation sites that focus mostly on displaying the video content, VideoSift is more of an online community. Everything you see on the site is picked by its members! Set up in 2006, it has made a niche for itself.

  • It is more like a community
  • The members choose the viral video content

Visit Site: VideoSift


7. Wimp

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

A section of people looking for great viral videos online may get deterred by seeing the lackluster UI on this site. However, the dull look should not be a deterrent. The lack of cool UI is more than made up by constantly updated videos and ease of access.

  • Ease of usage
  • Well picked video content
  • Average dated interface

Visit Site: Wimp


8. PopScreen

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

PopScreen is a nice looking streaming video site with the first video prediction engine of the world, reportedly! It helps you in finding out the videos going viral and get scoop fast. It also operates as a usable video bookmarking service and so you can bookmark selected video clips to see later. It actually indexes video from the popular video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo while cutting down duplicate ones.

  • Video bookmarking facility is there
  • Curates video from the popular sharing sites online

Visit Site: PopScreen


9. BuzzFeed

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

Buzz feed is good when you seek quality viral video content, but it is not just limited to videos. It tracks viral content on the web and locating video in it is simple as they are marked.

  • Good for finding quality video content
  • Digs up other types of viral content too

Visit Site: BuzzFeed


10. ReTelly

Top 10 Viral Video Sites On The Internet 

There are several viral video creation websites, but ReTelly is in a league apart. You can find viral videos based on categories and that helps save time. The site is also easy to navigate which works in its favour.

  • Easy site navigation
  • The options to search viral video according to genres

Visit Site: ReTelly


Summing it up

Based on your needs and penchant, you can use one or more viral video sites. However, some of them offer more than just viral video watching. Some of these sites offer users to share their own videos with other users, where you can share content created by you to the world. A few sites function more like an online community. You also need to look for things like support for multiple languages and the presence of games while picking from such websites.

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