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VPN Router VS Regular VPN Service | Difference and Pros-Cons

VPN Router VS Regular VPN Service | Difference and Pros-Cons Posted On
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VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service is a well familiar term for most of the internet users these days but the VPN Router may seem to be something unheard of, right! Here I am going to shed light on the VPN Router and its benefits in keeping your whole family secure online. Virtual Private Networks has a lot of uses but one of the biggest advantages of using VPN is the protection of your online privacy, security, and anonymity through encryption. VPN provides you with the flexibility to switch your IP to any other geo-location easily which gives you the freedom to access seamless internet, better pricing on software & flightssecure online communication, and access any geo-restricted content through IP spoofing.

For using regular VPN server or service you sign up for a subscription on your device with any good VPN service provider, install the software on your device (PC or smartphone), select the server of your choice, and start surfing on an encrypted connection. But there is another way of connecting to VPN, which is called VPN Router.

VPN Router VS Regular VPN Service | Difference and Pros-Cons

What is a VPN Router?

Instead of installing VPN service provider’s application on your devices and family member’s devices individually, you can just set up a VPN Router which tunnels all your internet queries from all your devices through VPN by itself. All the internet traffic goes through your internet router while being encrypted by your VPN.

You will still need to purchase a subscription from your VPN service provider to configure on your Router but now all your devices at home can connect through this VPN tunnel and share one VPN account.

VPN Router VS Regular VPN Server – Pros And Cons


  • You can connect a number of devices to your VPN such as your smartphone, tablets, computer, gaming console, and other media devices. All these devices will work as peers in the network.
  • No need to install VPN application on the individual device to keep yourself secure from IP spoofing and monitoring by ISPs.
  • Now you can secure those devices too which do not allow installation of VPN apps and VPN configuration (such as smart TVs, Xbox, and Android boxes). By using a VPN Router even these gadgets stay secure as their data goes through the VPN tunnel and gets encrypted.


  • Many router manufacturers don’t provide the VPN setup in their firmware. Also, VPN requires higher processing power as compared to regular routers which do not come with lower-budget routers.
  • All internet services don’t work with VPN enabled like Amazon Prime and Netflix. When a number of users are connected to the VPN router at a time, there is less flexibility to switch your locations to get access to certain content from the internet which you can do with your regular VPN server/service.
  • Some VPNs don’t provide the facility to set up a VPN Router for multiple devices. Some of the most popular VPNs which also provide the option to configure VPN router include NordVPN, Express VPN, BolehVPN etc. Using these services you can use one VPN account on multiple devices (Windows, Android, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux etc) based on your router bandwidth.

Wrapping Up

VPN has become a necessity these days with prevailing censorship, data monitoring and data stealing. And now I hope you understand how useful and cost saver for you to set up a VPN Router instead of buying a regular VPN subscription for each internet user in the family.

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