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7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

 7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS) Posted On
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Online messenger apps are not new but after the arrival of Facebook Messenger, the concept of online chatting got a new dimension. Instant chatting became easier a lot more fun after its arrival on the horizon. The ability to share images, videos on the fly and messages with emojis and GIFs made the users absolutely addicted. However, technology brings its flipsides along with. Facebook Messenger is filled with ads these days and the app is too clustered for its features. For which I made a tutorial on how you can check your Facebook messages without the Messenger app. Facebook is now embroiled in a series of data privacy-related disputes and the Cambridge Analytica scandal made a lot of headlines. It has made the privacy-conscious users looking for alternative chat apps.

Have you also been looking for Facebook messenger alternative for Android and iOS? The good news is there are plenty of substitutes on the horizon! You can pick from any of the below-listed apps that can work as replacements for Facebook messenger. Most of them are available on Smartphone platforms and have web versions too.

Top 7 Alternative Apps For Facebook Messenger

01. Signal

7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Signal is among the most sought after Messenger alternative. It scores 10 out of 10, both in the security of data and ease of usage. This Open source messaging app is available on major Smartphone platforms like iOS and Android. It can also be used on PC OSes including Linux. It is not a mean feat to get the approval of someone like Edward Snowden and Signal has achieved that. The app is easy to use and you get more or less all features you expect in an instant messaging app. You can send text, make voice calls, send image and video clips, share documents and get into a group chat. The signup process is much like Whatsapp and the phone number you use is what it needs. It does not sell user data and you can be assured about privacy.

Download: Signal


02. Telegram

7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Telegram is among the alternatives to Facebook messenger that are gaining momentum. If you are migrating from the Messenger, it will not take much time before you become comfortable using all its features. It has desktop and Smartphone app versions and each of them works well. The app has strong encryption in place and you can be assured of data staying in safe hands. However, end-to-end encryption has to be activated manually. It is more user-friendly than Facebook messenger- beyond doubt. There are no irritating ads and it has bots but those are actually quite useful. You can share images and video in a jiffy and group chat creation is simple too. It lets you create self-destruct messages and you can make voice calls that are end-to-end encrypted.

Download: Telegram


03. Whatsapp

7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Whatsapp is among the most popular instant messenger apps you can use as a substitute for the Facebook Messenger. It has a huge user base and the app is extremely easy to use. Since its inception, Whatsapp has been laden with a lot of features and that has added to its popularity. The app also offers end to end AES 256-bit encrypted chat which offers peace of mind for the privacy aware users. End-to-end encryption is the only reason we included WhatsApp to our list. You can make voice and video calls to other users- regardless of their physical location anytime. There is a desktop app version too along with smartphone iterations and both can be synced. One of the most beneficial things of Whatsapp is not resource hogging and it can be used on older Android and iOS devices too. You do not have to cope with annoying ads too. Creating groups in Whatsapp is also easy.

Download: Whatsapp


04. Brief

7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Brief may not be as popular as other Facebook messenger alternative apps but it is worth a try. It may be a tad less casual and has a businesslike overtone but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It may fit your bill if you want a safe and easy to use messaging app to keep in touch with colleagues, clients in an organized manner. The messaging and chanting features are all there sans the clutter. The added benefits are the team collaboration tools. Setting it up is fast and the process is like Whatsapp’s. Using the app, you can keep track of tasks and projects easily. The chat feature is handy as it lets you edit messages even after you send them. It also offers Zoom video conferencing which works well. Apart from smartphone apps, Brief has a web version for windows.

Download: Brief


05. Viber

7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Viber is among those messenger alternatives you can try. Setting it up is simple and all you need is a phone number. By default, it offers end-to-end encryption and there is secret chat feature. Using the app, you can make free video and voice class across the world. One of the best features of Viber is “Viber Out” feature using which you can call people, who are not using Viber! The call charges depend on countries. Group chats are supported and sharing images is also easy. However, Viber has a few downsides too. There are distracting ads which may irk some users. It may not fit your bill if you intend to use the app exclusively for business communication.

Download: Viber


06. Skype

 7 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative (Android & iOS)

Skype is known more as a VoIP app to the majority of web users but it also serves as a decent messaging app. It supports most Smartphone and desktop OS versions. You can send text and images to other Skype users. You may also buy Skype Credits to make calls to landlines and cell phones across the world. You will find it more useful for business communications. The UI is fluid and learning to use it does not take much time.

Download: Skype


07. Google Hangout

Google Hangout

Google hangout is a suitable alternative to Messenger and it is better if you are fond of using Google online suite of applications. You need to have a Gmail id to use the chat features. You can make video and voice calls and send texts. It supports emoticons too. However, it lags behind other apps in some aspects. The video chat requires faster internet connections and the UI is a bit too Spartan. Group chat is supported and notifications are there too.

Download: Google Hangouts


I hope you liked our list of best Facebook Messenger alternatives which you can try and see which fits for you. Please share your experience with these apps in the comment section below!

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