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Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019 Posted On
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Eager about knowing what made 2019’s Oscar Nomination worth the honour?

Well, for that you have to watch them first and decide what made these 2019 Oscar nominated movies worth it. I personally have seen movies like Green Book, Black Panther, A Star Is Born (I literally cried for the guy), Shoplifters, and many others which I’m going to discuss later in the article. I will also share with you the channels through which you can stream Oscar Nominated Movies of 2019. Most of these portals are paid but you can, of course, watch these all movies for free by downloading from the top torrent sites of 2019.

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Best Picture

Black Panther

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: NetflixiTunesAmazon Video, Play Store, Hotstar, YouTube, Microsoft, Vudu

Description: Black Panther is a superhero movie based on a Marvel character by the same name. The movie details the journey of T’Challa as he takes the Black Panther mantle to become the King of Wakanda.



Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On:  CineplexiTunesGoogle PlayMicrosoftYouTube, Amazon Video

Description: Based on real events, BlacKkKlansman is a story of Ron Stallworth, an African American officer from Colorado Springs, who infiltrates the KkK with the aid of his Jewish surrogate who eventually become its leader.  


Bohemian Rhapsody

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: Cineplex, iTunesGoogle PlayYouTubeAmazon Video, Microsoft

Description: Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical movie that details the life of the Queen star, Freddie Mercury. The movie takes the audience on a journey to describe Freddie’s rise to fame as one of the most reputed artists.


The Favourite

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: Google PlayCineplex, Amazon Video, iTunes (March 5), YouTube, Vudu

Description: The story is set in England of the early 18th Century. The Favourite follows the life of Queen Anne with her friend Lady Sarah reigning in her stead.


Green Book

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: iTunes (pre-order)

Description: Green Book tells the story of a bouncer turned driver as he drives an African-American pianist through the venues of his 1960s tours. The movie has been nominated for other Oscar nominations including the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor titles.



Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On:  Netflix

Description: Roma is a heartfelt movie that follows the events in the life of housekeeper maid named Cleo as she tends to a middle-class family living in Mexico City during the early 1970s


A Star Is Born

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On:  iTunes, YouTube, Google Play (purchase only), Vudu

Description: A Star Is Born (2018) is a movie based on the life of a musician named Jack as he mentors a younger and budding singer named Ally despite alcoholism and age taking its toll on his own career.



Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: iTunes (March 12)

Description: Vice is a story about Dick Cheney who is an insider in Washington as he serves as the Vice President to George W. Bush. The movie describes Cheney’s life as he attempts to usher the world into a better tomorrow.


Best Animated Feature

Incredibles 2

Available On: Netflix, Play Store, Amazon Video, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft

Description: Incredibles is the anticipated sequel for ‘The Incredibles’. The story continues the saga of a superhero family as they struggle with balancing their crime-fighting lifestyle and the compulsion of leading a normal life to blend into society.


Isle Of Dogs

Available On: iTunesCrave+HBO Go, HBO Now, Microsoft, YouTube, Play Store, Vudu

Description: Isle Of Dogs is a benchmark-setting animated feature that follows the story of a boy as he sets on a quest to reunite with his lost dog.



Available On: Amazon Video (Pre-order), Mirai Movie (Book Ticket) 

Description: Mirai is a beautifully directed animated feature that details the story of a boy who stumbles upon a magical garden which allows him to traverse through time to meet his ancestors with the guidance of his future younger sister.


Ralph Breaks The Internet

Available On: Google PlayYouTube, Amazon Video, Vudu

Description: The sequel to ‘Wreck-it Ralph’, Ralph Breaks The Internet continues the tale of Ralph and his friend Vanellope as they journey to the internet in quest of saving their arcade.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Available On: iTunes (February 25)

Description: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is an animated take on Miles Morales origin story as he learns to become the next Spider-Man to carry on the legacy of Peter Parker. The movie features various other iteration of Spider-Man from different universes as they aid Miles on his adventures.


Best Foreign Language Film

Capernaum (Lebanon)

Available On: iTunes (pre-order)

Description: Capernaum details the story of a Lebanese boy named Zain as he decides to sue his own parents for the supposed crime of giving birth to him despite the family’s poor living conditions.


Cold War (Poland)

Available On: iTunes (pre-order)

Description: Set in the 1950s, Cold War tells the story of a music director as he falls for a singer and attempts to convince her to leave the war-torn Poland of the time for better living in the nation of France.


Never Look Away (Germany)

Available On: iTunes (pre-order)

Description: Never Look Away follows the story of Kurt Barnert who managed to escape East Germany to settle down in the West Germany region only to be haunted by his childhood memories of living under Nazi rule and the GDR-regime.


Shoplifters (Japan)

Available On: Hoopla, YouTube, Play Store, Vudu

Description: Shoplifters tells a heart-warming story of a band of crooks as they decide to take in a child that they stumbled upon outside in the bitter cold. The story details their lives as they survive by shoplifting.


Best Documentary Feature

Free Solo

Available On: iTunesAmazon Video, YouTube, Play Store, Vudu

Description: Free Solo is a documentary that describes the attempts of Alex Honnold as he conquers Yosemite’s 3,000ft climb to become the first person to free solo climb the mountain.


Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Available On: Kanopy, iTunes

Description: This documentary feature film details the life of the Black Community residing in the region of Hale County of Alabama. Hale County This Morning, This Evening follows the story of a group within the community over a span of five years.


Minding the Gap

Available On: Hulu

Description: Minding the Gap follows the lives of three men who attempt to escape the mundane living in their hometown of Rust-Belt. The story revolves around each of them struggling to cope with responsibilities and revelations that threaten the long-term friendship between the group.


Of Father And Sons

Available On: iTunesKanopy, Amazon Video, Vudu

Description: Of Fathers And Sons tells the story of Talal Derki as he returns to his birthland where he meets an Islamist family. The documentary gives viewers the rare insight into how it is like to be within an Islamic household.



Available On: iTunesHooplaHulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, Play Store, Vudu, Microsoft

Description: RBG is a documentary based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the U.S Supreme Court Justice as she rose to create an awe-inspiring legacy and to unexpectedly become a pop icon.


Best Animated Short

Animal Behaviour

Available On: snowdenfine.com

Description: Animal Behaviour is an animated short that revolves around the lives of five animals as they meet each other for therapy sessions to sort out the issues within each of their lives.



Available On: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu

Description: This animated short tells the story of a woman who is suffering from the empty nest syndrome as she is graced with a second chance for being a mother when a dumpling comes to life.


Late Afternoon

Available On: Not Available

Description: Late Afternoon tells the story of a woman in her old age who starts recalling her past memories. The tale revolves around how she is able to exist within both the past and the present.


One Small Step

Available On: Kanopy

Description: One Small Step is an animated short story of an American-Chinese girl who has always dreamt about being an astronaut in her future. The short introduces the viewers with what she thinks being an astronaut will be like.



Available On: Kanopy

Description: Weekends is hand-drawn animated short that tells of an emotional tale of a boy struggling to cope with his parents’ divorce. The short takes the viewers through a combination of artistic dream-like sequences and the realities of a broken home in 1980s Toronto.


Best Documentary Short

Black Sheep

Available On: YouTubeshortoftheweek.com, Amazon Prime Video

Description: Black Sheep documents the story of a young boy named Cornelius who, having recently moved out of London, settles in a town which is comprised of racists. The story details his attempts at surviving this challenging situation.


End Game

Available On: Netflix

Description: End Game is a documentary short that revolves around the lives of practitioners as they make themselves a witness to both life and death.



Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: shortoftheweek.com, YouTube

Description: Lifeboat is a documentary short that follows the tales of a group of German volunteers as they traverse the Mediterranean to rescue refugees from sinking into the sea as night dawns the skies.


A Night At The Garden

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: anightatthegarden.com

Description: A Night At The Garden features archived footage of 20,000 Americans gathering in Madison Square Garden in the year of 1939 to support Nazism, just before the commencement of World War 2.


Period. End Of Sentence.

Where and How To Stream All Oscar Nominated Movies 2019

Available On: Netflix

Description: This documentary short is aimed at empowering womankind as it tells the story about a rural town in Delhi when a menstrual pad machine arrives. This short initiates a discussion on the topic of periods which was considered a taboo in India in earlier times.


So these are the Oscar-nominated movies of 2019 on which you can glue on to for a terrific experience.


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