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5 Best VPN For UAE and Dubai in 2019 – Be Safe On The Internet

5 Best VPN For UAE and Dubai in 2019 - Be Safe On The Internet Posted On
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In light of the recent amendments within cybersecurity laws of UAE and Dubai, the number of reliable VPN vendors has plummeted.  It is now relatively more difficult to access geo-restricted content on streaming websites. Some of the available VPNs paid or free keep user data logs, which we surely don’t want to happen. Fortunately, there are a few VPN service providers who have survived these sudden changes that have transpired within the middle eastern nation. To ease the task of looking for a functioning VPN which you can trust, we’ve compiled the list of 5 best VPN for UAE and Dubai country users.

5 Best VPN in UAE and Dubai in 2019 – Be Safe On The Internet


5 Best VPN For UAE and Dubai in 2019 - Be Safe On The Internet

NordVPN has been dominating the VPN vendor market for a significant duration and for justified reasons. According to some recent research, NordVPN is the most used paid VPN service provider. NordVPN provides innovative features to its consumer base which allows them to securely access geo-restricted website content without compromising with the risk of cyber attacks. Along with its already high-grade encryption protocols, the VPN service also has an additional Double VPN feature. As the name implies, the Double VPN protocol runs your IP address through VPN encryption twice instead of the usual one time. This makes for a heightened sense of security. Other features include an integrated kill switch that makes sure that the users are always connected to a VPN service while browsing.

Users can browse the web securely without the concern of their data being logged unwantedly with NordVPN. The service has a strict no logs policy and ensures that none of their data is recorded or logged in any way. NordVPN has dedicated applications for each of the widely used operating systems including Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.



5 Best VPN For UAE and Dubai in 2019 - Be Safe On The Internet

ExpressVPN is fast, efficient, and reliable in its functioning. Along with various other integrated features, ExpressVPN has all the characteristics for being the best VPN For UAE. With over 3,000+ VPN servers situated all over the world, ExpressVPN is capable of providing optimal browsing speeds regardless of where their users reside. Added to that, the service has an in-built speed test functionality that allows its users to connect to the fastest server available in their region.

When it comes to security, ExpressVPN uses a 256-bit AES encryption method to secure all the traffic that passes through the VPN service. Another security feature includes a kill switch that restricts users from accessing websites without VPN. The service also promises to never log any data of their users including DNS queries, and IP addresses. ExpressVPN also includes a split tunnelling feature that allows its users to allow part of their data traffic to have direct access to the web while the other parts run through the VPN encryption. The service also has a 30-day money back policy in place which enables the users to get a full refund within 30 days of the transaction.



5 Best VPN For UAE and Dubai in 2019 - Be Safe On The Internet

SurfShark is a VPN provider that offers its users a wide array of features to enhance their overall browsing experience without compromising on security. SurfShark has what they call CleanWeb. This feature allows customers to access the web without being annoyed with unwanted ads or without running the risk of their device being compromised by a cyber attack. The service also enables its users to secure multiple devices at once without any set bar on the same. This allows a single subscriber to secure all of their family members’ Internet-enabled devices.

SurfShark has an additional Whitelister feature that allows users to whitelist specific applications and give them the ability to bypass the VPN and connect to the web directly. The service allows its customers to browse the web without any concerns as SurfShark has a strict no-log policy. Owing to the same, users can rest assured that their data is not being used without their permission.


PrivateVPN is another innovative VPN service that makes it a contender for being the best For UAE. The service utilizes military grade 2048-bit AES-256 encryption method which ensures the utmost security while browsing the web. Owing to servers situated in 59 countries, PrivateVPN allows the users to access geo-restricted website content. Unlike other VPN service providers, PrivateVPN provides its users with unlimited bandwidth and doesn’t believe throttling a users’ browsing speed. This allows the services’ customers to not struggle with unwanted buffering or annoyingly slow speeds.

Along with being generous to their customers, PrivateVPN also allows their users to connect and secure up to 6 devices simultaneously. Another included feature is a kill switch that assures that the users are only accessing the web when they are securely connected to the VPN. The people at PrivateVPN are entirely dedicated to serving their customer base well as users with technical issues are directly connected to the in-house developers instead of remotely placed freelancer.


IPVanish is an affordable and efficient VPN provider that has all the defined aspects for being one of the best VPN For UAE. The service was built with security in mind. IPVanish employs a 256-bit AES encryption to secure your IP address and ensure safe browsing sessions. With more than 40,000 shared IPs and with over 1,200 VPN servers situated in 60 countries, IPVanish assures their users that they will be getting optimal browsing speeds without compromising on the security.

The service features various other features that are just as effective as others. Users can switch servers without any set bar which assures that the customers can connect to the servers of their choice. IPVanish enables its users to secure up to 10 devices at once using its services. The representatives at IPVanish assures that the users don’t struggle with any technical issues with the service with their 24*7 support lines. If a customer doesn’t like the services they are being offered, they can get a full refund within 7 days of the initial transaction.


Wrapping Up

Those mentioned above are top candidates for being the best VPN for UAE and Dubai. The options above will allow you to freely access geo-restricted website content and utilize it for other activities that are permitted by the altered cybersecurity law of the middle eastern nations.

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