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How To Create Google Docs Folders and Share With Others – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Create Google Docs Folders and Share With Others - A Comprehensive Guide Posted On
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If you are looking for how to create Google Drive folders from Google Docs so you can share them with your colleagues, subordinates, and friends then you have come to the right place. In reality, folders are not created within the Google Docs site but they can be created through Google Docs site and can be accessed to store and edit the different type of documents stored in them. Let us get to how you can create Google Docs Folders and share them:

How To Create Google Docs Folders and Share With Others – A Comprehensive Guide

Create Google Docs Folder

1. Open Google Docs Site – Go to URL- on your PC through the browser. Login to your Gmail account or sign up for Google account if you have not got signed up already. This will open up the Google Docs website linked to your account. You may also find a bunch of documents in there which came with emails received on Gmail.

2. Open a Document – Click and open one of the files which are already there or you can create a new document by clicking the Blank sheet in the upper side of the page.

3. Create or Edit the Doc – Edit your document as per your requirement and progress gets saved automatically to Google Drive. Once the document is ready to be saved into the folder proceed further.

4. Selecting or creating a New Google Folder – Click on the File Picker button from the top left corner adjacent to the document name like the screenshot below.

5. Create New Folder – Click on the add New Folder button and name it as per your choice like we did Mobiviki Docs.

6. Move Docs into the folder – Click on the Move here button to move the document in the newly created folder, which appears after folder creation.

Share The New Google Docs Folder

1. From the Home Page (i.e. of Google Docs click on Open File Picker icon.

2. Then select the folder that you want to share with your colleagues or friends and press the Open button. In our case, it is Mobiviki Docs which we have just created above.

3. It will take you to the Google Drive page with target folder opened (i.e. Mobiviki Docs). Click on the folder name as shown in the screenshot below it will open a drop-down menu. Press the Share option from the menu to display the sharing options.


4. From the pop-up window, you can choose to copy the download link or enter the email id of your colleague or friend in the text box labelled Add more people with whom you want to share this Google Docs Folder.

5. You can edit the privilege settings for the recipients by clicking the pencil icon next to the Add more people. Select any of the two options – Can organize, add, & edit or Can view only. Then press Send button and you are done.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you in organizing creating and sharing Google Docs folders if you have any query please do them in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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