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How To Block “This Website Uses Cookies” Notice Popup On Your Browser

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Are you tired of clicking “Dismiss” and “I Accept” button on cookie notice on your browser whenever you open a new website? They started popping up on every website after the implementation of GDPR in Europian Union countries. If you live in a Europian country like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic etc then these cookie notices may have become just infuriating for you. These pop-ups are appearing for almost all users regardless of the country of access. On mobile devices, they become even more disturbing when they acquire around 50% of your screen covering all the content until you dismiss them.

Every website in 2018

How To Block “This Website Uses Cookies” Notice Popup On Your Browser

Now as the rant is over so let’s get to the ways to block these “This Website Uses Cookies” popups. Is it even possible to block these infuriating cookie notices! Fortunately, there are two easy methods to make Cookie notices disappear. The first method involves installing an add-on for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Pale Moon. The other way you can add a list of cookie trackers into your browser’s adblocker such as uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus.

Method 1 – Installing Add-on

In this method, you have to install a new plugin named “I don’t care about cookies” to your browser. To install the plugin, visit I don’t care about cookies home page and you will find instructions and links to install this add-on to Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Pale Moon browser. If you have any other browser such as Safari, Microsoft Edge etc then you should try the second method mentioned below.

Method 2 – Adding Lists TO Existing AdBlocker

For this method to work, you need to have an AdBlocker installed in your browser if you haven’t got one already then here are the links to install uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus on Mozilla Firefox.

Now you need to add below list URLs to your adblocker plugin so the plugin shall know which elements to block:

  1. Block the EU Cookie Shit List
  2. I Don’t Care about Cookies
  3. Polish GDPR-Cookies Filters
  4. Prabake

Directions to add these lists to uBlock Origin plugin

  • Go To Options by clicking the uBlock Origin button from the top ribbon of your browser.
  • Under Filter Lists tab select Prebake – Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices list under the Custom section. If the option is not available under FIlter Lists then switch to the My Filter tab and add any one of the URLs mentioned above, you can also add all the lists above but please note that this can slow down your browser. A single list of filters is also enough in most of the cases.
  • Press Apply Changes button after adding the URL.

Bonus Method – Using Element Picker

Above methods will certainly remove the cookie notices from your browser on most of the sites. If you are facing those popups on some site then don’t worry we have an alternate method too – Element Picker. Element Picker’s purpose is to allow users to create cosmetic and network filter as per their own choice. Whichever element you select on the current web page, it will never show up again.

First, install uBlock Origin plugin in your browser. Then if there is an element/ad you wish to remove from the web page then click on the uBlock’s icon to open the drop-down menu. Select on small eye-dropper” icon. Now will enter the interactive element picker mode like shown below.

Element picker

Now you can select any number of elements by pointing and clicking on elements on the web page. If you keep Ctrl key pressed while selecting an element then all the similar elements on the page will also be selected. Then you can create filters from the popup text box opened in the bottom right corner.

You can read the detailed tutorial from Github wiki page of uBlock adblocker.


I hope you liked this tutorial! Please share your comments on How To Block “This Website Uses Cookies” Notice Popup On Your Browser, if you have any query please share in the comment section below.

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