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How to watch Game of Thrones All Seasons legally in your country

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Well, I have to admit that we have shared an informative tutorial on downloading and streaming Game of Thrones all seasons free of cost but I do not endorse doing that. Because people at Game of Thrones, the whole crew puts a huge amount of effort in creating such an amazing series for our entertainment. The cast, animators, directors, light boy, everyone is putting their effort into making the GoT a marvellous piece of work. So here I suggest you guys that you should watch Game of Thrones season 8 legally which is releasing on April 14, 2019. Even if you want to rewatch the whole last S01 to S07 then use the below-mentioned method to watch them. Here I will tell you how you can watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 or any other season legally in any country.


You must be thinking why I became so concerned about this after so many days? Well, as we all know that this 8th season is the last season of GoT series and we may never see another in future (which is certain btw) and the most of crew may never see such career peek ever again. So why not repay them for the adventurous journey they have taken us with them.

Also according to MUSO CEO Andy Chatterley, “Audience figures have always been a critical measure for studios and TV execs to assess the health of shows. The fact that almost 100 million people are watching Game of Thrones outside of the official channels, not only shows just how popular this show is but the massive opportunity to engage people and bring them back around to legitimate mediums.”

You may already know that Game Of Thrones sits frequently on the throne of the most pirated TV show and season 7 was the most pirated season which was pirated 1.03 billion times as of Sept. 3 (within 72 hours or release). Of these 1.03 billion total piracy instances of season 7, 84.66% were illegal streams, 9.12% were torrent downloads, and 5.59% were download from other sources. Of course, we all love Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister then why is pirating Game of Thrones so much popular when we know it hurts out favourites?

1) Cost & Availability – Since the first show comes on HBO so the user has to buy an HBO subscription on top of the cable subscription which totals into $100 per month in the USA that too not considering the fact that most plans come with six or twelve month contract. On-demand streaming service ‘HBO Now’ is not available in all countries. In Australia, it’s even worse as there only HBO plan costs $70 per month with a minimum contract period of six months. In Australia, after all the costs a single episode of Game of Thrones costs around $50 if you want to watch it first. A lot of GoT fans have complained many times about the lack of on-demand subscription services in their region. Fans have also said that they would have paid 100% if the US streaming service HBO Now was available in their country.

2) Streaming service reliability – If we come to legal streaming services which are available in all countries then they are not that reliable either. There have been many reports of streaming services and apps crashing while watching online shows. Incidentally, fans from the UK had to watch football hooligan film instead of GoT premiere and Foxtel’s on-demand service faced technical issue throughout the premier.

3) Lack of penalty – Last but one of the major reasons due to which torrenting and piracy is becoming more and more prevalent. More and more users are getting access to the internet and with the advent of apps to access unblocked and uncontrolled internet, piracy is becoming easier. HBO tried to fight the piracy by sending out notices to pirates directly and list of IPs to ISPs but that was not enough. Unless there is a fear of getting sites banned and other legal consequences pirates are not going to tremble.

But the truth is piracy is declining at a gradual pace due to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify which are now globally available and making content easily available to users.

Here is How to watch Game of Thrones All Seasons legally in your country


You lucky ones! In the USA, GoT fans have many options for streaming Game of Thrones legally. One of the best on-demand services for Game Of Thrones streaming is the HBO Now for which you don’t have to buy cable connection. The subscription to HBO Now costs $14.99 per month and for students just $9.99. You can buy HBO add-on plans on your current Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Sling TV subscriptions for just $15. All these services support desktop, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. Playstation VUE is also a great option at $15 for watching Game of Thrones. No, you don’t need a PlayStation for using VUE and you can stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously.


In the UK, you can watch GoT seasons through Sky subscription or with a non-subscription on-demand Sky Q plan which costs £32 per month offering live streaming. GoT fans from the UK can also try Now TV, which offers a cheaper Entertainment plan at just £7.99 per month after a 7-days trial period. You can watch Now TV through their box or stream online.


Indian users can watch Game of Thrones through HotStar minutes after the US broadcast. GoT fans can subscribe to Hotstar by paying INR 199 ($2.9) per month or yearly plan of INR 999 ($14.5) which is cheapest of all countries. You can enjoy all other American shows, sports, and movies with this subscription plan.


In Australia, Foxtel Now was launched specifically to reduce piracy by making on-demand movies and TV shows available to users with ease. Foxtel offers an Essentials plan at $25 which include Game Of Thrones and Pop & Lifestyle channels. It also offers a trial period of 10 days. Foxtel Now supports PCs, Macs, gaming consoles, smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Telstra TV, and mobile devices.


In France, GoT fans can use OCS by phone carrier Orange to stream Game Of Thrones. OCS offers a monthly on-demand plan at €9.99-a-month with which you can stream on 2 screens simultaneously. It broadcasts all the American TV shows a few days after US release along with French subtitles. You can try one-month trial before subscribing if you want to.


HBO España is the home platform for the on-demand subscription for live streaming service in Spain which is priced at €7.99 ($8.99) per month. It offers the longest free trial period of 1 month using which you can rewatch almost full Game of Thrones Season 7 which had only 7 episodes. You can buy the paid plan if you want to continue the service.


HBO Nordic was launched in 2012 as an experimental predecessor to US HBO Now on-demand service. It offers a no-subscription plan at 89 SEK ($9.60) per month. You can watch Game of Thrones on-demand in Nordic countries.


In Netherlands Game of Thrones becomes available to air 24-hours after US broadcast. Netherlands fan can stream GoT by buying Ziggo Movies & Series XL monthly plan through on-demand TV and online using Ziggo GO. You can subscribe to this plan at a cost of €11.95 per month. The limitation of Ziggo is that it is available for VofdafoneZiggo network customers only. Most of the areas are covered by the network but not all of them.


Sorry, you guys! Okay, I was kidding. GoT fans from any country can download US iTunes and add money to your account using iTunes gift cards then sign up to HBO Now by paying through iTunes at $14.99 per month. You can also use some top VPN services which can change your IP address to any other country of your choice which circumvents the geo-restriction on the streaming content. Using a VPN is not illegal in most of the countries but I would suggest you should check laws in your country before using VPN.


So using the above services you can support and watch Game of Thrones in any country legally. Also, you can download all the seasons/episodes of Game of Thrones through most of the services I mentioned, so you can watch them even when there is no network. I hope you will give these services a try when Season 8 releases before going for the pirated episodes. You may not regret the decision. Thanks for reading through all of it. I really hope that the above article was helpful for you. One small thing I need to ask from you is to spread the word!

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