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How To Record A Webinar On PC For Later Viewing

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Today, time is one of the crucial aspects of everyone’s life. We cut down on the smallest possible things to schedule our everyday task. But sometimes we find ourselves amidst the turmoil of prioritizing our work. You might have been waiting for a webinar from long and today is the scheduled date but to your surprise, an urgent work pops up. The work is important and also you do not want to skip a webinar of your interest. So, how do you solve this?

The word ‘webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. This distinguishes it from a webcast, which also includes the presence of a physical audience. 

No doubt your webinar replay is one solution but that’s limited. Every website restricts the replay option to a certain time period after which it lapses and you are left with no other option to view your webinar again. Well, don’t worry.  We have a solution for you. The current age technology trends enable you to record a webinar on any PC so that you can easily view it later.

Figuring how?

Ohk, there are multiple ways to record a webinar on PC after its session has lapsed. Let’s walk through each of them and see how they help watch a webinar later on:

Save Webinar Using Web Browser

To start with, we will see how to save an online webinar on your desktop using your web browser.  This is one of the most convenient and quick processes. The major element you need here is a web browser. Where you can use any of Chrome,  Mozilla, Edge or Safari, the ones largely recommended is Firefox. While playing a webinar on the Firefox browser, you have the option to download the webinar video too. So, sounds interesting. If you are up with urgent work and seeking ways to record a webinar, follow the given steps:

  1. Open the browser window and then replay the webinar.
  2. Either press F12 or right click and press on inspecting.  This opens the developer tools
  3. Choose the network tab and then click on the Media tag. Press F5 for a page reload.How To Record A Webinar On PC For Later Viewing
  4. Once the page gets, reloaded, you can see the list of all the webinar filed stacked in mp3 format.  Open one on a different tab.
  5. Here, as the video plays, you can then right click and save the video enabling later viewing.

So, the process is simple and can be done with a matter of minutes. However, sometimes while you are in the process of saving the online webinar, you would notice that there isn’t any option available under the media tag. This can be justified by the fact that many times, webinars consist of embedded videos and not an original file. And this is where the next method becomes handy.


Download Webinar Which Has YouTube Embedded Videos

As said above, some times webinars are a bunch of embedded videos and then saving them using a browser isn’t effective. This kind of webinars would have been first uploaded on the YouTube channel and then shared on the webinar page. To record webinar embedded as above, you would first need to URL of the video and then with the help of a downloader, save it in your device.

See the steps you would need to do while downloading a YouTube video embedded webinar:

  • Visit the main website and replay the online webinar.
  • Next, you need to copy the URL of the video playing. You can either right and copy the URL or in case this option isn’t available, right click and inspect.

    How To Record A Webinar On PC For Later Viewing
    P.C. – Makeuseof
  • The new window would then have the video URL which you can select and copy.
  • Navigate through the various downloaders and click on the free YouTube video downloader.
  • Paste the link there and click on enter.
  • A list of links pops up with the video quality. Choose one that suits your purpose best. The video would be downloaded and saved in the selected drive of your desktop.

    How To Record A Webinar On PC For Later Viewing
    P.C: Daily Dot


Record A Webinar

While the above two methods were undoubtedly helpful, you might at sometimes want to record a webinar and save it for future reference. In such a case, neither of the above-mentioned steps are useful.  You would then need to follow a different approach;

  • Download a screen recorder. Such software enables you to capture both image and video. Snagit is one the best screen recorders used worldwide.
  • Next, you need to set up the recording process. No matter which software you use, the process is apparently similar.
Record A Webinar
P.C.: Techsmith
  • Open your browser window and click on the online webinar. Minimize this window and then open your screen recording software (here, we take Snagit as the reference).
  • Click on the video tab and then press on the red coloured capture button.
  • Next using the reticle, select the area you want to record. Simply use the edges to drag across the area you want to be recorded.
  • You can choose the option of the entire screen if you wish to record the whole page.
  • Be sure that the system audio icon flashes green because only then will your recording have sound enabled.
  • To record your voice along with, click on the microphone icon until it flashes green.
  • Once the online webinar starts, click on the record button and with a time lapse of three seconds, the software would start recording the webinar.
  • Be cautious that you don’t move the browser or switch between tabs while recording. This hinders the recording process.
  • In order to end the video recording, click on stop.
  • Once the video stops, you can view them in the Snagit editor. Here, you can now edit the video, cut unwanted section.
    • For cutting down the section you don’t require, scroll to the start of the section and then flag the entire placing the red handle at the end of the section. Next, click cut.
    • To save an image, scroll to the frame and click png.

  • Finally, share the file to either any social media or in case you want a local copy, share it to files.

    Record A Webinar
    P.C.- Techsmith

So, these were the best ways to save or download or record a webinar for later viewing. Choose the one that suits best your needs. Please share your thoughts on the tutorial in the comment section below!

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