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5 Best Mobile Network In India With Largest Network Coverage

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A diversified nation that witnesses people living in varied places.  Few thrive in cities, few belong to towns and others hail from villages. And staying in different corners of the country, staying connected is an important concern. This is a major challenge for all teleservice providers. Often it so happens that while you are travelling from one city to city,  suddenly the network losses it’s connectivity. Could be that you were just having a conversation over your smartphones and then:



Hel. Ll…. Ooo…


Finding one network that would function beyond boundaries and across borders is somewhat difficult. Recently, the telemarketing companies have gone through a tremendous failure due to the Telecom Revolution Of India. Owing to the advancement in technology, there has been a remarkable competition to provide prolific services at considerable rates.  Companies are seen having a tough time attracting customers also luring them to ensure their retainment.

Where at one end their companies are introducing new schemes every day, the telecom usage has risen sharply.  And this is attributed by the multifold increase in smartphone usage and likewise production. It is not more than a decade and technology has hit the telecom industry by storm.  An array of features deck up smartphones each day enticing customers.  Users continuously look up for better plans and altering network is no longer a mess.  While there are many networking companies, not all manage to rank among the best mobile network in India. Here, we have some of the most reliable and trustworthy network operators to count on.

5 Best Mobile Network In India For Internet and Coverage

#1 Airtel

Airtel Plans

With age-old popularity, Airtel is one of the best mobile phone networks in India.  Not to forget it’s a huge consumer count of 300 million, one in three-person having mobile connectivity uses Airtel. It not only offers a range of services but at competitive prices. No matter which plans you opt for, Airtel would not disappoint you.  They have an optimal speed and does not gets tempered while you travel places.

Airtel has an excellent network coverage no matter where you. Whether it’s the hilly regions or in low alleys, Airtel network spans across the remotest area. Earlier, Airtel plans were largely expensive and not suitable for all.  But with rising competition and the entry of multiple new networks,  Airtel has cut down its profit margin and now includes voice and data plans at considerable rates.  This has leveraged user subscription and it is expected that this drift would continue as Airtel has acquired Telenor

This is a major step taken by Airtel and with this, it aims to provide cheaper services across the nation. Where BSNL connectivity has been the best since long,  Airtel is second best and after the incorporation of 4g services, it has managed to slide up and be the fastest 4g network in India.

Plus (+)
  • Competitive Prices
  • Most Reliable Network
  • Better coverage and strong network
  • Addon facilities such as Airtel pay and Airtel Money
  • 4G services
  • Customers Support
  • A bit high in price
  • Not the fastest


#2 JIO

JIO plans

Rewind four years back and you might not have heard of this company, but today Reliance Jio is one of the fastest growing mobile network operators nationwide. With an initial investment of Rs 1.5 Lakh Crore, the network gained immense popularity within a few days after the launch. With promising plans and free data services for the first three months, Reliance Jio emerged successful in gaining customer trust and faith. Offering freebies and keeping the plans at lesser rates compelled all the other operators to reduce their plan rates.  No doubt, Reliance Jio has revolutionized the entire telecom industry.

The Telecom Revolution is the gift by reliance JIO to all the users across the country. Free voice calls, unlimited night surfing, eliminated roaming charges, and a free subscription to a range of app services, Jio hit the industry hard with the fastest 4g network in India. Additionally,  Jio has the exclusive premium option that has added a list of benefits to the users. Using all of this has worked well for the telecom company as it has led to leveraged retention rate.

Plus (+)
  • Free Calls
  • Extremely high 4G speed.
  • Free Subscription for several apps
  • Low Rate Plans
  • Poor Network
  • Call drops
  • Does not support on 3g mobiles
  • Tampered Connectivity


#3 Vodafone

Vodafone plans

Vodafone is India’s best telecom operator and after being merged with the idea, it has emerged victorious. Surfacing over the cons the idea network, Vodafone is India’s most popular sim card provider. While Airtel and JIO have their own slot of advantages, Vodafone offers a stable network with considerable plan charges. And yes, offering call and data plans at lesser rates do not comprise on the network quality given by Vodafone.

Where Vodafone nails in metro cities, idea network scam through the remotest area and their combination covers the entire nation. With excellent voice, quality and buffer free data connectivity, Vodafone is one of the best mobile phone networks in India. Though there was a time when Vodafone was deemed to be the weakest of all networks, today the potential of the carrier has multiplied in its quality and figuring out strategies to occupy the top spot.

Whether it’s 3g or 4g, Vodafone has a strong network but sometimes fail in rural connectivity.

  • Stable network
  • Good speed of internet
  • 4g services
  • Customer Support
  • Poor connectivity in rural areas
  • Does not stand efficient countrywide
  • Highly Priced



5 Best Mobile Phone Network In India

Another in our list of the best mobile phone network in India is BSNL or the much popular Cellone. Also, BSNL is one of the oldest mobile phone operators with worldwide coverage and consistency that spans from coast to coast. No matter where you travel across the country, you will never fall on network connectivity. Where it offers both 2g and 3g services at the same price, yet the network connectivity is largely poor and not reliable. Also, it has failed to acquire rights for 4g services across PAN India.

True that the data connectivity of BSNL is not a satisfactory bit when it comes to calling coverage they are the best and yes, the cheapest. BSNL is one of those network operators that are always on toes with new schemes and offers enticing users to opt for a connection. Users also get 1-year free subscription to Amazon Plan with a few recharge plans.


  • Nationwide coverage
  • One year free Amazon Prime service with few plans
  • Less rate of data connectivity
  • 2g and 3g offered at the same price


  • Poor data connectivity
  • Not an efficient customer support
  • No 4g assistance


#5 Tata DoCoMo

5 Best Mobile Phone Network In India

Coming down to the list of the fastest network in India, Tata DoCoMo finds its place. A few years back, Tata services merged with the DoCoMo operators of Japan to form an alliance and name it as Tata DoCoMo. While the connectivity is pretty good in high profile cities, if you drift towards the suburban areas, you would have a tough time calling. Currently, Tata Docomo is available in 18 states of India. The fact that it offers 3g services at cheaper rates, it is still found in the market. Additionally, it offers value-added services at considerable prices. Tata DoCoMo is a cheap option if you are in an urban city.

  • Cheaper rates
  • Good speed
  • Enticing offers
  • Not for remote areas
  • Unstable network
  • Poor coverage


Note: The above is based on multiple surveys done nationwide.

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