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How to Create an Affordable Logo Online – DesignEvo

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As a central component in identifying a brand. The logo appears on every company communication material as a graphic representation or symbol for the company. It will be presented on the stationery, website, business card, letterhead or other advertisement materials. For this reason, it is imperative that your company logo is designed properly, conveying reliability and professionalism.

A well-designed logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, adequate and versatile but at the same time evoke the feeling you want your audience to associate with your business. Keep these principles in mind and you will be one step closer to success.

A great online tool to create the custom logo and make your brand stronger

DesignEvo is an online service that allows you to create a logo with text, graphics, and colors. The preset templates, icons, fonts and other elements ensure that you can create a logo for your company, blog, online shop, or YouTube channel in 30 seconds.

DesignEvo was developed by PearlMountain, the software company that has been publishing image editing programs since 2006 and has already been able to attract several million users with its products.

Best features of DesignEvo

  • To access free version, the registration is not required
  • The free logos will be downloaded without a watermark of DesignEvo service
  • The online service free you from downloading or installing any additional software
  • The workflow is fast and interactive
  • It has an easy-to-understand graphical interface
  • All elements are fully customizable


How to create a logo in simple steps

First of all, you are faced with over 5,000 professional grade logos. In addition to search with keywords, you can choose from several categories like abstract, animal, art, automobile, finance, children, fashion, food, industry, law, letter, lifestyle, sports, travel, hotel and much more.

How to Create an Affordable Logo Online - DesignEvo

If you have chosen a logo and would like to customize it to your own taste, you can enter a company name and a slogan right at the beginning, so that these data are taken over directly.

How to Create an Affordable Logo Online - DesignEvo

Then it’s time to adjust. The good thing about it: everything is pretty self-explanatory and very user-friendly. Simply add icons and text, set colors or gradients and align everything nicely.

How to Create an Affordable Logo Online - DesignEvo

If you are satisfied with your creation, then you should first click on the “Preview” button at the top of the menu bar. It will show how this logo would look like on the business card, letterhead, notebook, website, T-shirt, etc. Unsatisfied? Then adjust again! You can also save your logo in the cloud and then return to edit at any time you want.How to Create an Affordable Logo Online - DesignEvo

Lastly, when you click “Download” button, you will get a price overview. If you choose the free plan, you can download a 500 x 500 pixels logo. The created graphic will be downloaded as .jpg and .png in a ZIP-file.How to Create an Affordable Logo Online - DesignEvo

For the Plus package, which includes the copyrights for the image, downloadable fonts for the corporate identity, vector graphics and a transparent .png file with up to 5,000 x 5,000 pixels, you need to pay 39.99 USD. If the logo is intended for a start-up, a blog, an association or a company that is just going online, that’s definitely worth it.

What can you create with DesignEvo

  • Company & Organization Logo
  • Software & App Logo
  • Brand Logo
  • Social Media Profile Logo
  • Website & Blog Logo
  • Wedding Logo


We would like to see more accessible features in the future:

  1. Upload our own photos from computer to use
  2. The capability of downloading AI and EPS files
  3. The ability to use local fonts
  4. All more shapes and lines

Anyone wishing to create a unique and custom logo should use the service. For a free logo, you do not even have to register for that. DesignEvo’s vast built-in database gives you millions of high-quality icons and hundreds of fonts for selection. Even if you are a design novice without advanced graphical skills, you can create professional logos without difficulty.

No matter you need a company logo, a software/app logo, a website favicon, or a social media profile, you have easy to use templates and DesignEvo has covered every aspect of it.


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