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4 Best Ways To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously Anywhere In The World

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Posted By Swati Pandey

4 Best Ways To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously Anywhere In The World: Whenever newbie of online trading sector asks about ways to buy bitcoins in an anonymous way, most of the users might suggest them few popular services to get Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the actual currency of the internet. It is a distributed and worldwide digital money. Unlike any other online wallet, it doesn’t make any bank, company, or government in charge. You can keep your identity secret and stay anonymous while transacting online. There are LocalBitcoins or Wall of Coins providing individuals with the almost similar level of privacy during transactions. However, you will also find various other ways to buy bitcoins anonymously anywhere in the world.  In this article, experienced online traders have discussed few such websites available for bitcoin traders.

Here Are 4 Best Ways To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously Anywhere In The World

Video Platform-WatchMyBit

WatchMyBit is a type of ad-free video platform. It allows videographers or content creators to establish Bitcoin micropayment for a single view of created videos. The website may mark videos either as free or charge amounts for a single view, like 16 or 20 US cents. Here, videographers and content creators may receive 75% of all bitcoins earned from videos.

The website may even be able to send payments to more than one Bitcoin address. Furthermore, it eliminates the designation of a trustworthy payroll manager for the creation of contents by more than one individual.

Escrow Service of Purse.io

Purse.io is a type of escrow service that connects with people willing to spend their earned bitcoins on various Amazon products and to buyers willing to buy such bitcoins. In simple words, Purse is an easy Bitcoin exchange that has wish lists of Amazon, as its prime vehicle.

The main role of Wish List is to provide protection to the shipping address of any shopper according to the opinions and views of bidders. Bidders always remain ready to pay a suitable premium amount for maintenance of privacy. Thus, shoppers get about 8 percent discounts on their first placed order on Amazon. In addition, after you complete each purchase, you will expect to get further high discount rates even to maximum 50 percent.

Hong Kong Website Brawker

Brawker or broker is another reputed Hong Kong website that allows users to buy bitcoins anonymously everywhere worldwide. The best thing about purchasing bitcoins from this website is that you do not have to limit your purchases to product offers available in Amazon. Instead, you may opt to buy anything available anywhere across the internet, while Brawker website would help in your placed order. On the other side, if you were a shopper, you would also get discount usually to 10 percent. If this is not enough, Brawker provides excellent offers to multiple numbers of bidders available.

Encrypted Message Provider Gliph Marketplace

Gliph marketplace is a type of encrypted message service provider launched in the internet marketing sector. It is one of the simplest mediums to buy bitcoins anonymously across the world. It allows users to sell and buy products from each other for Bitcoins or for fiat currencies.

Here, the website allows for pseudonymous account holders, who may connect to the website either by using Coinbase wallet or Blockchain.info. After you claim a permanent username, you will be able to upload your products into the respective marketplace and opt for acceptable payment method. Only you have to activate the option of Password Lockdown in your account settings to make sure about avoiding decryption of your messages by staff members of Gliph.


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