Beware The Scammers! Here we are going to tell you 5 quick tips to spot scam messages on WhatsApp. There is no such thing as free lunch. Don’t be greedy. It’s just a scam message on your WhatsApp, the mobile application topping the list of hackers. You just need to beat the itch to click on the links these hackers send to you because it’s a scam. These messages are generally forwarded messages and people do not know the origin or source of the message. Such messages are a hoax and should not be passed and immediately deleted from your system.

Here is a List of 5 Quick Tips to Spot Scam Messages on WhatsApp

  1. Check the spellings. Fake messages have wrong spellings. One or too many words can be misspelled. Always check the language of the message, most of the times, the message is useless and has bad grammar. Don’t click on the links attached to the message.
  2. Beware of links. If you have a link in a message which seems doubtful to you, do not click. Do not send the link to anyone else too. These links extract all the personal information from your phone and can harm you with your money or privacy.
  3. Free and unlimited messages are generally hoaxed. They are sent from a fake id and should never be trusted upon.
  4. Stay away from messages where a company or a person promises you to provide a product or a service for good deals. They are fake messages and you should never fall prey to such malicious sources.
  5. Confirm from the official sources if you receive messages from companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart etc. or your bank asking for your personal information. Do not reply them at all. Talk to official sources and avoid sending any message even if the officials are asking for it (although, no genuine person or a company will ever ask for your bank details or other personal information on WhatsApp).

Image Courtesies: PC Advisor, Portal Hoy

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