5 Top Reasons Why You Must Choose Apple iPhone 7 Plus over Google Pixel XL

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5 Top Reasons Why You Must Choose Apple iPhone 7 Plus over Google Pixel XL: Well, I have no hesitation calling this, Clash of the Titans. Agreeable as it seems, it takes a hell of a gadget to compete with the ‘maverick’ Apple iPhone 7 Plus, but another tech giant Google is no joke. We have already done a comparison between Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20. Yes, the mobile phone market worldwide also encounters a clash between Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL for being the best phone so far, as of now. Though, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android ‘iPhone’ will be grilled against each other by the geeks and tech savvies, still, the prospective buyers of two will be more than hesitant on which one to go for.

The Common ‘BIG’ Features

Both the phablets are bigger variants of their parent version. This implies for power user’s device with higher screen resolutions, bigger batteries, unlimited storage, excellent camera and bigger ‘swag’ (Wow! you look cool with one of those in your hand). Both the phones definitely mean business, but are Google’s latest smartphones good enough to steal the sheen away from Apple’s iPhone 7 plus? Let us find out more.

5 Top Reasons Why You Must Choose Apple iPhone 7 Plus over Google Pixel XL


No one can match the speed of Usain Bolt (well, as of now). Similarly, Apple’s iPhone 7 plus’s speed is unparalleled. With iOS 10.0.1, upgradable to 10.2 operating systems, Quadcore 2.34 GHz CPU and Power VR Series 7XT Plus GPU, iPhone’s speed is unmatchable. Google Pixel XL comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which most of the android phones of 2017 carry. Still, a few miles to go for Google.

Stereo Speakers

We use smartphones for music, games, and videos, hence the stereo matters. Google’s stereo sounds good, but good is not enough. iPhone has BoomSound Hi-Fi, bass speaker at the bottom with an ear piece that increases two times as a ‘tweeter’, just above the display. Apple phone sounds crisp, loud and full.

Battery Life

According to Benchmark, Apple iPhone 7 plus’s battery last about two hours more than its Google counterpart (yes, they are counterparts here since we are comparing them). Plus, iOS is good at saving the battery when the phone is in standby mode. Also, a smart argument says that if a person is worthy of buying a $800-$1000 phablet, can’t he spend another $30 to get a battery case to extend the battery life of any good phone. Think! Again, iPhone is a ‘two-day batter’ phone. Period.

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Telephoto Lens

iPhone’s telephoto lens is not a wide-angle camera. The phone clicks the picture without distorting the subject. Google, on the other hand, has Blur Mode to click pictures as clear as picture mode, but the images are somewhat distorted. Google is certainly not an honest phone when it comes to the camera.


Simple. You can take your iPhone to Niagara Falls or Sahara Deserts. I mean literally. But don’t overdo. iPhone 7 plus is officially certified IP 67 for water resistance and dust resistance whereas Google remains silent on this feature.

Apart from these, iPhone has excellent apps, greater longevity and ultimate security options which Google still needs to match. No doubt, Apple iPhone 7 plus stands like a boss.

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