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A Polished Parenting Guide that is truly inspirational

A Polished Parenting Guide that is truly inspirational Posted On
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A Polished Parenting Guide that is truly inspirational: A father and a mother become parents only when they learn the art of understanding the needs of kids. Kids have spoken and unspoken emotional, social and materialistic needs.

Kids are delicate with extremely fragile mind and techniques of parenting go a long way in giving the best nurture to your children. No one is perfect and to master the art of parenting, one needs to have patience and meticulous way of thinking.

A polished parenting guide that is truly inspirational

  • Praise the efforts but intelligence: The biggest mistake the parents keep on doing is praising the kids for not scoring better than someone else. The expert Psychologists at Columbia University have researched and found that children are highly motivated and inspired when praised for their efforts into any work rather than their academic results. A simple word “Congratulations” work like a charm.
  • Infuse the desire to be happy: Happiness is a broader term which is not confined to materialistic satisfaction. A person with all the luxuries may fail to achieve the required peace of mind. As parents, it is best you inculcate in your kids the art of being happy as you can learn to be happier doing that.
  • Sticks, a strict no no: What do you do when your kids don’t comply with what you say? Most of you have the habit of showing sticks instilling fear. This doesn’t help you in shaping a child’s mind. Good parenting needs subtle ways of handling children. Use any vegetable preferably carrot as an alternative to using sticks. Another thing to keep in mind is not over-rewarding your child. Once you do that, they will develop the greed in them which means for every necessary task which they must do, they want to be bribed. Excellent parenting uses recognition rather than material bribes.
  • Activities: As per child psychologist across the globe, a child should have enough time for self-entertainment, for constructive activities and some activities pertaining to putting study to practice. These activities can help a child learn how to structure things and analyze the need of the hour. Planning activities for kids is an important aspect of inspirational parenting.
  • Sex Education: It is a myth that talking about sex with kids is not a great idea. It is, in fact, one of the most important lessons you can give to your child. Children who have received a proper sex education are less likely to fall prey to any incidents related to teenage pregnancy or sexual assault. Time to let your kids grow the right way!
  • Boredom will teach creativity: Have you heard that a person who is the laziest is the most creative? They find out more ways of doing things the smarter way so that not much energy and time is invested. In a similar manner, a child is idle will find ways to do something that can give pleasure. To your surprise, the child will come up with some creative ways of being busy.

Now that you know the trick of the traits, apply them and see the wonder happening. If you trap a bird, it will never learn to fly. Let it free with an eye on it so that you are there in times of leaps and bounds.

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