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You Can Crash Anyone’s iPhone or iPad With A Simple Text Emoji- Here Is How To Fix It

You Can Crash Anyone’s iPhone or iPad With A Simple Text Emoji: If you are using an Apple device, you need to beware of a specific combination of Emoji in the Received Messages because a simple combination of Emojis can crash your iPhone or iPad. There are several reports which suggest that there is a new threat around for the Apple’s iPhone and iPad users, that is coming your way in the form of a simple emoji-filled iMessage. Experts may call it a bug in the iPhone operating system but it is nothing less than a trouble for all iPhone users. This bug allows to crash anyone’s iPhone or iPad with a simple text emoji group. Here we will also share the easy method to mitigate this bug threat.

Just the combination of three characters with Emoji can crash your iPhone and iPad

Everything started with the release of a new video by the popular YouTube Channel ‘EverythingApplePro’ and The video clearly demonstrates how a particular sequence of three characters sent to any iPhone or iPad can freeze it. It also causes it to restart. Any iPhone user can send this message to their iPhone buddies and watch their device crash.

Emoji can crash your iPhone or iPad

It was hard to believe even for us until we watched the video that Emoji can crash your iPhone or iPad. You just need to put a white flag emoji first, “O” in the middle, and a Rainbow emoji.  This unique combination of white flag and rainbow emojis with a character makes Apple’s iOS operating system to believe that it is a rainbow flag (which is not an official Emoji yet) and that is where all the trouble starts.

The guys at EverythingApplePro discovered this order of characters as a workaround to exploit iOS. The iOS operating system becomes unable to resolute into any meaningful emoji and crashes. The worst part of this message is that there is absolutely no way to avoid this event. The message automatically triggers the crash even when you are not even trying to open the message.

There is another way in which this particular sequence of characters can leave your iPhone in trouble. If the same combination of emojis is saved as a contact file and shared with anyone via iCloud, it has the same effect. Again, the user does not even need to open the file.

Emoji can crash your iPhone or iPod even if you have the latest iOS 10.2

Emoji can crash your iPhone or iPad

Even though this simple string leaves no way to avoid as anybody can send you a message with this group. In an event of receiving this unique string in the form of iMessage, iPhones running on OS higher than iOS 10.1 versions do not get affected. If you are having iOS 10.1 or higher, you do not need to worry about the string as long as it is coming via iMessage. The trouble continues if you receive the string in the form of a contact card irrespective of the operating system. Even if you are running the latest iOS 10.2, you are still vulnerable.

All eyes are now on Apple to release a patch to take care of this issue and offer some relief to the users. Apple, however, has declined to speak on this issue which suggests that there is not going to be any respite to the iPhone and iPad users in the near future.

If you have already received a vCard or message with above-mentioned emoji group then it is possible that your iPhone starts rebooting itself, as it won’t be able to handle the load even if you are interacting with the message. So you can try to block the person, who is sending you these messages.

You Can Crash Anyone’s iPhone or iPad With A Simple Text Emoji- Here Is How To Fix It

The best solution right now to resolve this issue is to open Vincedes3 on the Safari browser of your mobile. It will trigger a procedure to fix the problem by restoring the iMessage app. After successful resolution of the problem, you will receive a message in iMessage saying- “I have just saved your iPhone bro ;)”.


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