Who are we?

We are the bunch of tech geeks learning new things every day and doing “a private job” with practically no level or position of satisfaction. We liked to learn more and more every day, so thought why not spread this information to others while making a “satisfactory career” out of it. So we put together our like-minded band (pff…not actual band) and started this from fun to life-changer portal. Now Mobiviki is growing and getting bigger & better every day.Amit is a gaming freak, Anshul like gadgets (will introduce them later) and I am into technology updates but more but into online security and privacy. So we are the founding fathers of Mobviki – The budding tech & gaming blog.

Parveen Gupta

I am an Engineer by “the job”. I love to learn new things every day. An entrepreneur, boaster, technology enthusiast (how many times will I say that!) with good knowledge of security & privacy protocols. I am one of the founding member, Chief Editor, and SEO manager for Mobiviki. I always tell my guys – “Anything you put online is at risk, ALWAYS!” So stay precautious what you put online. Visit My FacebookVisit My Twitter

Amit Samaiyar

Mobiviki – Technology News, tips, tricks,

A gamer/enthusiast, engineer, entrepreneur and animal rights activist. You will find me most of the time either on Reddit or be playing, surfing through gaming stuff. I am the huge fan of Elon Musk, the person who is really doing a commendable job with its contribution towards the sustainable future for everyone. My favorite movies are South-park, Godfather, Interstellar and many more. OK bye now, my friend is calling to play the game. 

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Anshul Samaiyar 

Valar Morghulis, Still waiting for the last season of GOT. An engineer and loves to learn new thing, finding my way to financial freedom. I am a big time dog lover, how can anyone say no to those eyes. If you don’t find me here, then probably I will be doing something with coding part or be reading books or learning about new gadgets.  Visit My Facebook We can be contacted through email – admin[at]mobiviki.comHave a great visit!