AI-Enabled Guess Store Helps You Create An Ensemble: Future is going to be AI based, that we already know now. Now, AI is almost there to talk on behalf of you to another person or another AI, make and manage your schedules, recognize your moods etc. Another such sci-fi movie like technology has been developed by Guess and Alibaba collaboration. Where you can use AI to decide whether your selected top will go with those jeans while wondering around in cloth store.

AI-Enabled Guess Store Helps You Create An Ensemble

If you are at home you can use Amazon Echo Look to decide on your outfits but while looking around in real store it all halts at hmm and haw. Why not let AI help you out in selecting match a perfect dress for you. Guess and Alibaba has been working on same and developed an AI system which helps you create an outfit utilizing computer vision. They have named it FashionAI. A smart mirror will recognize the style, color, and trait of what you have already selected and cue other items that would be a good complement to your selected cloth or the item you have already purchased online days before. But of course, you have to shortlist and pick one up for yourself as FashionAI can only make best suggestions.

The technology behind the scene is also interesting as the FashionAI itself. We already know all the items in the store carries RFID, Bluetooth or motion sensors, which this new technology uses to recognizes the item model and displays on the screen. You just have to take the selected item which you want to try on near this mirror. If you hate to carry a ton of clothes in changing room and come out with nothing but confusion then this AI is your dream come true. It will recognize the top you have selected and then cue the best complement matches for your ensemble a whole dress.

If you want to try this latest future technology hands-on and you are in Honk-Kong then you have to make a short-notice trip in near future. Guess and Alibaba are showcasing FashionAI in their new concept store on Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s campus between now and July 7th. The AI is currently tied to Alibaba’s own services so to be useful in other countries it would need a lot of more work. Still, it would be a great experience at future AI that can reduce your shopping time from hours to minutes.