Amazon IRL button is also the “Do whatever button”. Amazon is extending the reach of their AWS in a new fashion. The Amazon Dash buttons are the new kid in the town and the best part is that they are customizable. Enough with Amazon selling 100 different buttons, now they will be selling a button which has the capability to 100 different tasks.

Amazon IRL button : 5 cool Things you can do.

  1. Call a cab
  2. Brew a cafe.
  3. Open your garage door
  4. Unlock or start a car
  5.  Call a customer service representative

There are many more things that can do with the brand new Amazon Dash Irl button that can simplify your life and make our world a better place to live in. The AWS IoT Buttons take the company’s “one-click” ordering offline by letting you let you order products such as pet food and more stuff by pressing an internet-connected physical button.

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Amazon IRL button : Why you need it?

The main idea behind this button is you can teach this button to work according to your need. The idea is that you’ll stick the little buttons wherever you store the product, so that when you’re running low, you need only tap the button and the order will be placed for you. Where all goes to the cloud and AWS does its magic.

Update 9:05 PM ET 5/13/2016: Amazon has removed the pricing and availability date from the AWS IoT Button listing, and Amazon CTO Warner Vergels has tweeted that the buttons are already sold out.

Amazon IRL button : Price

The new irl amazon button which cost %19.95 and will be in stock from May 15, so hurry to get you won customizable button today and do all the amazing things you want. Amazon doesn’t indicate any plans to expand its platform to enable non-programmers could make their own buttons. Hope to hear something in their favor soon.

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