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Apple mirror reflects a working iPhone style touch screen

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Apple mirror reflects a working iPhone style touch screen: “Apple Mirror “ is a giant sized mirror fitted on the wall disguised as a smart phone. However, the mirror is not a product that was launched by Apple. The Apple Mirror was created by a New York based Web Developer and Graphic designer, Rafael Dymek. Its external look just resembles a mirror doing its work perfectly reflecting the things around it. What is extraordinary about the mirror is that along with reflecting an image, it can also be used as a smartphone.

Apple mirror reflects a working iPhone style touch screen

The Concept of Smart Mirror is not new and was already in place. Previously released mirrors were Powered by Raspberry Pi-Powered Magic Mirror. But Rafael’s invention gave the mirror a look that people relate to an Apple device.

Rafael Dymek’s Apple Mirror is developed on the platform of iOS 10 to augment the interface which appears to run off the back of a modified desktop touchscreen OS. It is running independently on Rafael’s custom designed software and hardware.

Sick or bored of using iPhone or iPad, Apple Mirror is a good option to use and gives the user an exact exceptional feel that is provided by a device straight from the Apple manufacturing plant.

Features Of Apple Mirror

  • A touch or tap on anywhere in the mirror screen makes the icons appear. The icons are neatly arranged on the left and right side of the mirror.
  • Drag and Drop options enable the possibility of arranging the icons in the apple mirror and the possibility of re-arranging them anywhere on the screen.
  • The Date and Time is displayed on the top right corner of the Apple Mirror.
  • The Weather forecast is displayed on the top left corner of the Apple Mirror. It displays rain chances and temperature forecasts for the next couple of days.
  • Inactivity of 45 seconds will switch the Interface to SLEEP mode and again a touch on the screen will resume it .
  • The Touch screen just reflects like a usual mirror.
  • The Apple Mirror has the ability to read news, send messages through Facebook Messenger, Twitter, request an Uber, watch Netflix, control a Nest thermostat, and even control the smart light bulbs in your home or office.
  • The Apple Mirror can control output to a Sonos speaker system.
  • The mirror works as a desktop, the programs appear in separate windows, this makes multitasking a feasible task.
  • With the device, it is possible for a user to use the internet by connecting the mirror to their Wi-Fi.
  • Apple Mirror was not released to be sold as a portable device. Customers can hang the Apple mirror in place of their actual, boring mirror.
  • Apple Mirror can be used to connect with friends and family through a phone call.
  • Apple Mirror allows the user to customise the view and allows the user to download new apps to the device.


This invention is definitely the next step when it comes to technological advance. The wide array of features that it provides is definitely something that every Apple loyalist would love and cherish.


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