Battle Royale: PUBG vs Fortnite in most popular countries

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Battle Royale: PUBG vs Fortnite in most popular countries: If you are a PC gamer, then the chances are that you would be familiar with Battle Royale’s PlayerUnknows’s Battleground and Fortnite as they are the game of the moment. They are just wildly successful games with over five million concurrent players at any one time between the two. According to Newzoo’s PC Game Tracker, the both Battle Royale’s games are currently the most played ‘new’ PC releases (2017).

As of August 2018, PUBG’s player base has already hit its all-time peak but Fortnite has more concurrent players than PUBG. Last month, Newzoo say that out of 12 million ‘PC gaming enthusiasts’ 16.3 percent of them played Fortnite, compared to 14.6 percent for PUBG. This is probably to due to the fact that PUBG players are migrating to Fortnite as it is newer. The other reason is that PUBG is available only on the Xbox One consoles while Fortnite has been already available on PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG is popular in Asia

But in some countries, PUBG outruns the Fortnite in terms of players playing the game. This is confirmed by the infographics which clearly depicts that PUBG is clearly leading the way with a huge margin in Asia. 52% of the core PC gamers in China alone play PUBG, followed by 32% in South Korea, 31% in Hong Kong and 30% in Japan. Fortnite has really struggled to get a foothold in these countries.

Fortnite is mostly played in Europe

But it’s a different scenario in Europe, as it is Fortnite vs PUBG. Here Fortnite is played by over quarter of all players in France, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden. As far as the Americans are concerned, 29.7% of the gamers switched to Fortnite from PUBG in last two months. On the other hand, only 24.3% of gamers switched from Fortnite to PUBG in US.

Battle Royale: PUBG vs Fortnite


Source: Newzoo

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