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Best 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Of 2016 | To Free Download Movies And Software

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Best 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Of 2016 To Download Movies & Software: You might be looking for the best websites to download free content including movies, software, videos etc. and torrent is the best platform to download all movies and programs for free. In last few months government of India has banned many best Torrent sites and propositions are being made to illegalize them in other countries too. Here we are going to give you the list of world’s most visited and best torrenting sites.

During 2016 start, KickassTorrents pulled most of the traffic followed by The Pirate Bay. But over the past year, a number of worldwide favorite Torrent websites disappeared from the scene and others have taken their place. Now users are moving on to some dubious newcomers for data sharing and downloading free stuff. Which made it necessary for us to provide you with the updated list of best 10 most popular Torrent sites of 2016. 

Some of the biggest changes in the Torrent world are the hostile takeover of the popular TV-Torrent site EZTV and YIFY official website YTS’s shutdown & its replacement with the unofficial Now has become one of the most used Torrent websites in only two months. Until the Kickass Torrents (KAT) went down it had been the most visited torrent website with the continued growing user base. 

It’s worth mentioning that we would have included Rutracker in our top 10 list based on the number of visitors and moreover, it might have taken place in the top five best Torrent sites, but we decided to keep only English language content websites on our list of best 10 most popular Torrent sites of 2016.

Let us have a look at the best 10 most popular Torrent sites of 2016 based on the stats during year start. In the below list, we have ranked these websites based on various traffic reports and also included the Alexa rank even if it’s not our ranking parameter.

Best 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Of 2016

Let us have a look at top 10 best torrent sites to download free movies, videos, and applications:


The Pirate Bay is one of the most visited websites with most pirated content available online even it has become the piracy icon. During the beginning of 2016, the website went down due to staff conflict. However, soon after its comeback they gained millions of new users and operated from a hydra of domain names. It has torrent files for almost everything on the internet but please don’t take it literally because no site can have that!

Alexa rank: NA / Complete Rank: NA / Last Year #4

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 50,000,000

2. KICKASSTORRENTS (KAT is currently down)

KAT was initially launched in November 2008 with the domain name and surpassed The Pirate Bay in traffic last year. Despite its claims to be complying with DMCA, it had to face various censorship hits and burned through different domain names over the lifetime. The most recent changeover of KAT was to Costa Rican(.cr) domain when it lost its Somalian(.so) domain. In June 2016, KAT added an official TOR network .onion address. In July 2016, the United States Department of Justice identified and arrested the owner of and seized the KickassTorrents site.

Alexa Rank: 85 / Last Year #1

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors:30,000,000


ExtraTorrent has got a huge advantage after the ban of KickassTorrents and gained huge traffic over the past years. It has become one of the most active torrent community. It  has become the most popular platform for ETTV and ETRG release groups. 

Alexa Rank: 342 / Last Year #3

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 6,000,000 

4. TORRENTZ (Torrentz is down)

Torrentz is another popular torrenting platform and has been leading BitTorrent meta search engine for many years. This website doesn’t have torrent files or magnet links rather it redirects users to other sites on the internet to download free stuff. This website has many official and unofficial domain names with .eu being the most popularly used.

Alexa rank: 351 / Last Year #2

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 15,000,000 


RARBG started last year and in its initial days worked as a Bulgarian tracker. I don’t know what kind of trick they are using but are continually gaining more and more users by every day. But the site got blocked by UK ISPs last year due to which brought it par with most of the popular torrent sites. 

Alexa Rank: 1,101 / Last Year #7

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 1,750,000

6. 1337X

1337X has been a community-driven torrent platform but over the past year, most of the administrators and moderators have abandoned the site due to security concerns. As torrents had been one of the most competitive markets on the web so until next year’s end it might become clear whether going to stay popular in the market or will vanish. 

Alexa Rank: 1,249 / Last Year #9

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 1,600,000


As we have already mentioned EZTV’s hostile takeover and leading to shut down earlier this year, but the site continues to operate now under new ownership. They now launch their own new torrents, which doesn’t attract many publishers. Before the takeover, the site was the biggest platform for downloading TV-torrents but now with new owners, most of the torrent sites have blocked these ‘new’ releases from their websites. 

Alexa Rank: 1,373 / Last Year #NA

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 1,900,000

8. TORRENTHOUND (TorrentHound is gone: Updated Sep. 2016)

TorrentHound was introduced almost 10 years back but included in the top 10 torrent site list only this year. It has been under monitoring by copyright holders from last year. Due to which TorrentHound has got blocked in many countries and tagged as piracy haven in the US alongside other torrent sites. 

Alexa Rank: 2,239 / Last Year#NA

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 1,500,000


YIFY’s official YTS went down and its place was taken over by, which has nothing to do with original one. But still gaining popularity among users because of the simple platform. As with new EZTV, many numbers of big torrent sites are not allowing the new owners to use YIFY or YTS brands on their websites.

Alexa rank: 740 / Compete Rank: 4,271 / Last year #NA

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 9,25000


TorrentDownloads is one of the oldest torrent sites and provided millions of users without tricky ads and smooth index of free content. TorrentDownloads has regained its place in the best 10 most popular Torrent sites of 2016 after losing it to other players in 2012.

Alexa Rank: 2,969 / Last Year #NA

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 2,000,000


This would the end of our ‘Best 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Of 2016’. If you have any suggestions and want to vote for other torrent sites that we have not included here then please suggest in the comment section below. We will consider them and update above list. 

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