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69 Top Alternative Apps To Popular Android Apps Available On Google Play and F-Droid Market

69 Top Alternatives Apps To Popular Android Apps Available On Google Play and F-Droid Market Posted On
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Here is the list of list of alternate Android apps that you can use instead of using the popular Android apps which provide restricted features in free versions and paid version of them is not practical. Some of these apps are only available on the open app market so you won’t find them on Google Play Store. Most of these apps won’t need your smartphone or tablet to be rooted unless stated otherwise. Let us have a look at my own favourite alternate Android apps list:

69 Top Alternatives Apps To Popular Android Apps Available On Google Play and F-Droid Market

AdAwayBlocks ads, FOSS, root, basic
ADMVideo Downloader. Can download literally any video on the web. A (better) alternative is Xposed One Tap Video Download (see below), but it requires root.basic
Advanced Power Menu [ROOT]A neat looking app that replaces the power menu when you long hold the power button. It adds the option to reboot your phone and to enter, root, basic
AnkiDroidAmazing flashcard app to go along with the pc program. Stuff you forget will be presented more, while stuff you remember will be presented later.FOSS, basic
AugustIt’s free, but the lock is not. I need this app to unlock my, paid, daily, basic
Awesome Pop-up VideoSo I accidentally bought this one, but it’s great! You can have a floating window for any video, very useful on Reddit apps to browse Reddit comments while watching the video. Also great on tablets!tools, paid, basic
AwSMSMy favourite texting app. It’s probably the best competitor of Textra, with similar features and options but also lets you quick reply in the iOS fashion: straight from the heads up display. Like how Hangouts is now doing it.paid, daily, basic
BusyBox FreeNo idea what this app is for, but Titanium needs it.root, basic
CALCUVery nice looking calculator. It can do more than just add if you swipe up to reveal functions like log, etc.basic
CF.lumenPretty much flux for Android, works amazing. You do need root for this one to work perfectly, as in if you need to approve permissions or something you don’t need to disable CF first. Nonroot works great as well. Another non-root alternative is Twilighttools, root, paid, basic
ClearFocusThis is a great pomodoro app. Simple to use, keeps track of your record, unobtrusive, and has a widget.paid, basic
CPU-ZApp that gives the hardware and OS info of your phone. Handy when looking for ROMs or trying to compare newer phones to your current, basic
DropboxI use Dropbox to backup photos, but mainly to sync files between pc and laptop. The app makes it easy to access those files and documents on my phone or tablet.basic
EtarA free calendar, it’s simple with no ads or anything. Has a good looking widget, and the all itself is not crowded with features. Plus you can actually read the events in the month view without clicking each day.FOSS, daily, basic
Event Flow WidgetA very cool calendar widget app that you can customize to be in a variety of ways. Agenda, week, month views.paid, basic, daily
ForestMy wallpaper. It’s a live wallpaper of a forest. The trick is, the conditions that the forest is under is the same as the weather currently in your area. It shows when it’s raining, windy, sunny, snowing, etc.paid, basic, daily
F-DroidRequired for AdAway, it’s an app store that lists only free open source apps. Root not needed, but you do need to enable this settingtools, FOSS, basic
FirefoxMy browser. I sync it to Firefox on PC to access open tabs, history, etc everywhere.FOSS, daily, basic
FleksySimply the best keyboard. It’s a tap keyboard, no silly cursive, basic, daily
HangoutsI use AwSMS for texting, but hangouts for group texting. Hangout is convenient for my family who has different types of phone. My dad can participate even though he has a dumb phone, just goes either on Gmail where the chatbox opens or to
Insight TimerMy meditation timer. A simple app without ads, a nice gong sound. No distractions.basic, health
LastPassMy password manager. Syncs between pc and tablet and phone and laptop.paid, daily, basic
LeafPicMy QuickPix replacement. Free, open source, a basic gallery with all the features an average user would want.FOSS, basic
List My AppsThe app that helped me format and create this table!tools, FOSS, basic
Moon+ Reader ProEbook and pdf reader. Great on my tablet to read textbooks on.paid, basic
MoonshineMy default icon set. Looks neat.paid, basic
Music BossUse to control music from my pebble watch.paid, daily, basic
MX PlayerVideo app I use instead of VLC. Nice looking, handles almost all file formats, and you can swipe on the screen while the video plays to adjust volume or brightness. The only disadvantage is the ads if you are using the free version.basic
My Effectiveness ProTo-do app that implements the ideas from “7 habits of highly effective people” book. You can check out the basic philosophy, which you need to know to figure out how the app works, at this image. It’s also further detailed on the app page, and especially in the help button inside the app.basic, daily
Nav MeUse to get Google maps directions on my pebble watch.paid, basic
News DigestProbably my favourite news app for a quick glance on today’s top headlines. Provides a brief summary, and if you’re interested it gives more information at the end.daily, news, basic
NFC TasksNeeded for NFC Tools app to work perfectly. Root needed for advanced features, basic
NFC ToolsI set up Sleep as Android to only let me mute the alarm when I swipe at the NFC tag in my bathroom. I also set up the tag with this app to remove Airplane Mode. Plus another tag by my bed to put the phone in Airplane Mode, turn NFC and Bluetooth back on, and open Sleep as, basic
Nova LauncherMost customizable launcher. I try out all kinds of launchers but always end up back with Nova. Swipe on the app to open a different app, rename apps, change grid sizes, swipe up on the Home screen to open the drawer and swipe down to open notifications, these are some of my customizations. You don’t need root except to get around some Android bugs, like the agonizingly slow opening of the notification drawer when using the swipe down Nova gesture.root, daily, basic
Nova Launcher PrimeProbably the number 1 recommended launcher on /r/android and /r/androidapps, I bought it to support the developer. It also unlocks gestures and stuff.paid, basic
NPR NewsThe least biased news station in the US.FOSS, basic, news
OneNoteI use OneNote to sync my notes from pc to other devices. Sometimes I just want to look something up real quick, this way my class notes are with me even while doing groceries.basic
OpengurOpen source app to upload images to Imgur. Good for quick sharing of screenshots.basic
OutlookSince mailbox app is discontinued, I migrated to outlook. Swipe left to archive, right to delete functionality that is a mist for me. You can customize what swipes do.daily, basic
PebbleApp is required to get benefits of my pebble watch. It’s free but obviously, need the smartwatch.paid, basic
Pocket CastsProbably the best looking, most feature-packed podcast player out there. You can subscribe to podcasts, have it download them, or you can just stream them. Syncs with Google so your devices should work similarly.paid, basic
Popup WidgetThis app is beyond useful. It basically lets you create widgets inside folders. I set up Nova so that when I swipe up on my to-do app (My Effectiveness) it brings up the to-do, paid, basic, daily
PortalMost reliable app to transfer files directly to my phone from pc via WiFi. No size, basic
PreyApp to track where my phone is, to shut it down, send a message to it, reformat it remotely. I use this over googles device manager since I can track non-android devices as, basic
PushbulletApp to mirror to and send texts from a pc or tablet. Also to send links and files and messages between, basic
RelaySimply the cleanest, smoothest, most beautiful Reddit client out there. I bought the pro version in the app to get rid of apps and support the dev.paid, daily, basic
seNotes PlusSimplest sticky note widget around, use it in lieu of a to-do app since there are no simple to-do apps that mimic this widget. You just type, back out, and it’s on your home screendaily, basic
SleepTracks my sleep so I can check sleeping pattern, wakes me up when I’m not groggy. I set it up to track sleep through my pebble and to wake me up by causing my pebble to vibrate. No more annoying alarms.daily, basic
Sleep UnlockThis is the prime version of Sleep as Android, my sleep tracker. I turn off the alarm via the NFC tag in my bathroom, track my sleep via my pebble watch. Worth every penny.paid, basic
SleepCloudUsed by Sleep as Android to backup my sleep data to Google Fit, Google Documents, Google Calendar, Dropbox, or their own cloud depending on my choice.basic
Slide for RedditHas completely replaced Relay for me, it is a wonderful app. Looks clean, has a ton of options, very smooth, and the dev is absolutely amazing. Worth the pro version ($4.00)basic
SnapchatSend temporary pic updates on what you’re doing at the moment. I rarely use it, but keep it because my friends and siblings use it extensively.basic
Solid ExplorerA great file explorer. Easier to switch between windows than in fxExplorer. Can browse cloud drives and samba, paid, basic
SpotifyMusic streaming and saving. $4.99/month with a student discount.paid, daily, basic
StackPretty fun game, simple and beautiful. The goal is to stack the blocks, but each time you don’t stack it perfectly a bit gets chipped off. Nice waiting, paid, daily, basic
StrongLiftsWorkout app for the StrongLifts routine that is highly recommended in /r/fitness and by me. Use it 3x each week.paid, daily, basic
SuperSU ProRequired for root.paid, tools, basic, root
TaskerI didn’t use Tasker for a long time, but /u/takkuso gave me some neat ideas. Now I have many annoyances fixed: I can start Sleep as Android tracking my sleep by pressing a button on my watch; Once the Sleep as Android app opens, Airplane Mode is automatically turned on, and Bluetooth and NFC turned back on; if my battery gets below 10%, Pushbullet sends a notification to all my devices and browser. Same thing once my phone is charged; if my phone connects to my car Bluetooth then it automatically turns off WiFi, and presents me with 4 huge buttons I can press to open Spotify, pocket casts, audible, or Google Maps; I can then on my computer by bumping my phone against and NFC tag by my bed; with a nova gesture, I can shrink my screen area to be more convenient for one-handed use. Other ideas still in progress!tools, paid, basic
TimelyMost beautiful time app. Great for impromptu quick alarms, countdowns, or timers.basic
Titanium BackupThe only worthwhile backup app as far as I’m concerned. I have it set up to back up new apps and data twice a week. You can also batch uninstall, freeze apps, delete backups and so on. Really the ultimate app manager for root. It’s free, but the features most people want (multiple backups) is, root, basic
Titanium Backup PROI think this was the first app I bought, not sure why. But Titanium Backup is the most useful app I ever bought. Backs up all my apps and data to my SD card, including contacts and texts. Definitely saved my butt more than a few times.paid, root, basic, tools
TorchieDoes not require root, it lets you turn on the flashlight just by pressing both volume buttons at the same time. You can set it to work when the screen is only on, only unlocked, or at any time even if the screen is off.basic, tools
wallsplashThe only wallpaper app I found that looks good, doesn’t lag, doesn’t nag, and has great photos and drawings.basic
Weather TimelinePrettiest looking weather app with the prettiest clock and weather widgets.paid, daily, basic
Wikipedia BetaWikipedia app. Beta version because I once read if you highlight a word anywhere on your phone, the wiki bets adds an option next to copy/paste to search that word in Wiki. I do not see this happening. It’s a ton better than the mobile website, I have it set as a default for all Wikipedia links.basic
XDA Premium 5To check up on the latest mods, ROMs, and news of my phone and tablet.basic
Xposed InstallerRequired for gravity box and YouTube AdAway below. Root needed. Android Pay does not work if this is installed.basic, root
Xposed One Tap Video DownloadAn easy way to download any video you are streaming. It shows a notification in the notification drawer when it detects a video being played, tapping it will let you download. A non-root alternative is ADM (see above).basic, root
YNAB ClassicSyncs with the YNAB pc program. Every time I purchase something it gets recorded in YNAB. It’s a budget program, great for getting a grasp on your actual money situation and for keeping yourself accountable. The basic principle is that you assign every dollar you have to some thing, no lazy dollars allowed. Relieves anxiety on whether you have enough money for bills. The app is free, the pc software is $60 with a free 34-day trial. For students, it’s free completely. The new cloud-based version was just released, that is $5/month.daily

I hope you like my list of alternatives apps to Popular Android Apps that you can try! If you have your own favourite apps that you would like to share with other readers then do it in the comment section.

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