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The 7 Best Alternatives to Cable TV

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Are you weary of churning out monthly cable tv bill and feel it is time to look for a better alternative? If the answer is yes, you are not the sole person to feel so! In the last 2-3 years, a huge number of cable TV subscribers in the USA, in LA and other regions ditched cable TV service and switched to newer, digital technology powered substitutes. If you analyze the available data, the shift is very much noticeable.

The US Cable and satellite TV agencies lost almost 1.1 million cable tv subscribers in the third quarter of 2018. Dish Network alone lost about 341,000 subscribers during this period. At the same time, the user base of web-based streaming and on-demand content services is growing steadily. To make it easy for you to select the best on-demand streaming service I am going to list the best alternatives to cable TV from which you can choose.

Best Cable TV Alternatives You Should Try – #CutTheCord

Given the fact there are several alternatives to typical cable TV service, you need to pick cautiously. Aspects like device compatibility and region restriction have to be assessed. After analyzing your priorities and budget, you can pick the best alternative to cable from this list:

1. Hulu

Top 7 Alternatives to Cable TV
Hulu started operating as an online on-demand streaming service but later the company started offering live TV service too, making it a worthy alternative to cable TV service. For a monthly fee you can access a traditional catalogue of Hulu’s streaming shows, movies and on top of these get access to over 50 live channels. The UI is intuitive and the only downer is plenty of ads.

Price: $40

Channels: 50+

Visit and Try: Hulu


2. Sling TV

The 7 Best Alternatives to Cable TV

If you are thinking of trying other options besides cable TV service without spending a whopping amount, Sling TV is a worthy contender. In fact, after its inception, the cable replacement trend gained momentum. It starts cheaper than most segment rivals and add-ons are available. It covers sports, kids’ programming, comedy and other genres. The DVR features of Sling TV are not bad either.

Price: $25 and up (depending on package)

Channels: Approx. 30 ($25 package)

Visit and Try: Sling TV


3. PlayStation VUE

The 7 Best Alternatives to Cable TV

The name can be a tad confusing, but Sony’s cable TV-replacement service is not exclusive to PlayStation device users any more. There are 4 packages to pick from and they are not very cheap. The plan pricing also varies based on where you live. You can record programs too and store them for 28 days. The Interface is sleek and it has good DVR features as well. The best thing is there is no annual fee or contract.

Price: $45 & up (depending on package)

Channels: 50 ($45 package)

Visit and Try: PlayStation Vue


4. DirecTV Now

direct now tv

DirecTV Now is among the tv options besides cable that you can check out. The streaming service is offered through AT&T in a way that resembles the operating mechanism of many cable TV service providers. You can access a generous number of channels in 4 different packages. If you want a wallet-friendly alternative to typical cable TV service- this can fit the bill. However, the downers include inconsistent video quality, lackluster UI and DVR options that are still at the nascent stage.

Price: $40 & up (depending on package)

Channels: 65+ ($40 package)

Visit and Try: DirecTV Now


5. Amazon Instant Video

The 7 Best Alternatives to Cable TV

Amazon Instant Video is a streaming service that becomes free when you buy Amazon Prime. It is also available separately for purchase for non-Prime users. However, paying for the Prime package makes more sense. Amazon Instant Video packs in offers plenty of TV watching options including popular movies, Documentaries, Popular TV shows, Classic movies, Kids TV and movies etc. The database is quite huge and it keeps getting bigger. It is now Apple device compatible too.

Price: $8.99

Channel: 100

Visit and Try: Amazon Videos


6. YouTube TV

youtube tv

YouTube TV is among the top cable tv substitutes you can consider. For a monthly fee, you can access over 60 cable networks and regional sports networks. After its inception in April 2017, its user base has shot up significantly. The channel lineup is good though it misses out on HGTV, Food Network. The navigation is fluid and its cloud DVR function works smoothly too. The recordings have no upper limit and the storage is offered for 9 months. Its device support range is also pretty good.

Price: $40/monthly

Channels: 40

Visit and Try: Youtube TV


7. Philo

philo tv app

Philo is the new kid on the block as far as tv options besides cable are concerned. It is quite good but the downer is you do not get any sports channels. The entry-level package is quite pocket-friendly and that covers 37 channels now. You can opt for a trial valid for a week.

Price: $16 & up

Channels: 43 ($16 package)

Visit and Try: Philo


Other options to Cable TV

There are some other cable tv substitute services you can check out too. Netflix is a popular option and it is light on the wallet too. There are a few hybrid streaming services like Fubo TV and Showtime. All of these services offer a short trial period for the users to assess the viability of the service.



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  1. Puja Singla

    I’m from India and with these new TRAI rules, I’m really sick. Our government services big corporations not citizens. For JIO’s sake, they are making our pockets more and more lighter every day. I will surely switch to these new cable alternates and join this #cutthecord movement.

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